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Seiko Flightmaster Pilot Slide Rule Chronograph SND253P1 Men's Watch $144 AUD (10% Off) Shipped (DHL) @ Creation Watches


Seiko Flightmaster Pilot Slide Rule Chronograph SND253 SND253P1 SND253P Men's Watch
Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Quartz Movement
Calibre 7T92
Scratch Resistant Hardlex Crystal
Black Dial
Chronograph Function
Flight Slide Ruler
Luminous Hands And Markers
Three-Fold Clasp With Push Button
Screw Case Back
100M Water Resistance
Approximate Case Diameter 41mm
Approximate Case Thickness 10mm
Price includes FREE DHL Express Priority Shipping to Australia

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    Certainly better than their eBay pricing: black & blue.

    More info on Calibre 7T92 for the weirdo's.

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    Excellen price; product video here:

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    Am I spoilt by all the Eco-Drives for thinking changing battery is a PITA? I kind of don't want to buy a watch with a battery, as I would like to rotate a few watches and I feel like I wouldn't get all that much use out of one battery!

    • +4

      Extended exposure to Eco-Drive tech has been shown to induce changes in brain chemistry.

    • +2

      It's only about every 4 years. The tools are cheap on eBay and you know the batteries are cheap (get silver oxide - never alkaline).

      • +1

        Please, I am looking at reasons to buy less watches! Haha, I will look into that. How much money and time do I need approx to change this battery?

        • +3

          At the very least $4,850 + GST and 4 years' intensive training. There, now you're cured!

        • +1

          Slight exaggeration. Tools are well under $20, depending on the need, or caseback design. It takes about 5 minutes or less.

        • @PJC: just what I was looking for! I can buy at least 30 decent eco-drives with that money!

      • you need a watch repair kit anyway to adjust stainless steel bands, and they often come with battery replace the tools ….. mine cost $18, bought it to adjust bands, can’t be bothered for battery replacement due to various battery sizes and they last so long.

        • can I ask which one you bought? I am gonna buy one tonight on Ebay and wanted some reccomendation. Thanks

    • it’s more for dive watches where pressure testing after a battery change is a PITA and expensive so dive watches is where eco drive has a real cost advantage…. pressure tests can cost over $50 on top of the battery replacement cost..

      for the normal 100m watches with no lock down crown and so limited water exposure, battery is fine and they last for years and are cheap, many jewellers do a battery change for $10….. you can have several pick one up the time is correct and go,out the door ….. except for daylight savings adjustments.

      auto watches are worse as you need to set the time after they stop.

  • +2

    @PJC ….hahhaahah you forgot the $100,000 mandatory student HEX fee ….bloody goverment.
    @giovannip about $18 which includes dodgy gearbest watch repair kit ..if your in Melb would be glad to help you.

    • It is of course so very wrong to suggest paying that off.

      • +1

        HECS is like no other debt - it doesn't grow in real terms, you only have to make payments if you're above a certain income, and it dies with you. The smart money is on never paying more than you need to as that approach provides maximum flexibility in terms of life/debt choices. Pity i wasn't there in June as i could have shared my awesome insights then.

        • -1

          Fair enough, but a cheaper-than-usual debt is still a debt. Kill a debt early and it won't come back.

          Go on, neg me, you know you want to really.

        • +1

          @PJC: Your word is my command.

        • @AngryChicken: Get plucked! Thank you for sharing your awesome insights.

        • @PJC: A new more oppressive debt can replace the HECS debt. For example, you could pay off the HECS instead of investing the money elsewhere. But then later you want/need to borrow for a car/house, and you need to borrow an additional amount equal to what the HECS debt was as you don't have ready access to that cash anymore. So you end up converting a HECS debt to a high interest debt with an onerous repayment schedule. Suck my socks (i don't know how to do that line delete thingy). You need to be wearing a watch when thinking about this, which is why it's not off-topic.

        • +1

          @AngryChicken: Suck your socks? Never mind that, I'm eating one of your distant relatives right now. My very best watch stopped working a few weeks ago. I may have to get it repaired.

    • Thanks for the offer dude. Much appreciated. I am in Sydney though. I will just go to PJC's house!

  • Amazed this watch still sells for this much. I bought one 15 years ago for that price.

    That being said it still works but has been a long time since it was my daily wear. And for over the last year I have wore an Apple Watch full time.

    • I doubt the same watch was sold 15 years ago. Also the same price 15 years ago would have been more now. So this watch is cheaper now.

      Apple watch won't last you 15 years.

      • Didn't say my Apple watch was. I was making that comment so people knew I hadn't worn the watch recently.

        And yes it may have changed… my point is that it is a watch model that has been around for some time.

    • +1

      You are a traitor.

    • +2

      You are a traitor.

  • Bought this watch a few years ago from Skywatch in Singapore for about $120. Still wear it - best watch I have owned.

    • you mean when AUD:USD = 1:1?

      • Exactly :)

        • :)

  • It will come with official papers or warranty form?

    • Yes it does. Genuine Seiko box, Seiko instruction booklet and genuine warranty card endorsed by the retailer.
      Also delivery is via DHL Express which is included in the price. Usually takes about 3-4 working days.

  • @daven1985 Bahhhhhh Apple watch is an oxymoron like army intelligence.
    No watch should endure the cruelty of batteries….heheheheehehe