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Google Home $121.60 (Pick up) @ The Good Guys eBay


TGG Just price matched everyone else so you can get it a little cheaper through ebay store :)

Google Home $121.60 Pick up @ The Good Guys eBay

Original P5OZZIE 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

Mod 2/1/18: P5OZZIE code is available again, or available for $115.20 for users who have the targeted NEW10 code

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    Upvoting before the tinfoil brigade get in here and start with the quack-pottery..

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      Ah yes, tinfoil.

      The catch-all response from all who fail to recognize how important their data is, and that this data -
      from various sources - is being used to set up an increasingly fascist totalitarian tyranny as we speak…with your profile as its centrpiece. With free speech rights falling under Hate Speech and Anti-Bullying laws and The State's realtime backdoor access to your device written into law as we speak. Little steps…

      Targeting you and your children with profitable highly-profiled ads through every keystroke coming out of their devices becomes the least of your worries. So too sharing your data with the highest bidders and State Schemers.

      But be my guest: Ignore years of NSA collaboration. Ignore the filthy CIA origins of Google. Ignore all the years of product development of https://imgur.com/a/8z1o2 and the increasingly blatant privacy violations that allow Google and its filthy partners to continue raking it in from the spyware devices in your pocket logging every move and sending private data back to HQ. Allowing unparalleled realtime access to cameras and mic too.

      Ignore it all and - why not - go one further & allow a 24/7 listening device into your wifi-infested home. Those tinfoil mutters are clueless. As usual only a tiny percentage of the population see what is happening before their eyes. The rest take what their given with zero protest and zero resistance…loving their slavery. By the time they wake up it's way too late.

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        And there it is…. :D

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          Such insight…

        • The only problem is that its all true.

          Why dont you do yourself a favour and google for "silicon valley google nsa" or other similar terms.

          Google's secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon …
          Nov 16, 2014 - Google's secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state. Inside the …. The government could command the company to turn over that information, and it does as part of the NSA's Prism program, which Google had been participating in for a year by the time it signed the …
          Secret program gives NSA, FBI backdoor access to Apple, Google …

          Jun 6, 2013 - The who's who of Silicon Valley are involved in the NSA's PRISM program. Microsoft was the first company to bow to the government's wishes and join the PRISM program in 2007, while Apple held out for five years before agreeing. Though Google and Facebook are a part of PRISM, Twitter has not yet …

          Julian Assange - Google Is Not What It Seems - WikiLeaks
          In some ways the higher echelons of Google seemed more distant and obscure to me than the halls of Washington. We had been locking horns with senior US officials for years by that point. The mystique had worn off. But the power centers growing up in Silicon Valley were still opaque and I was suddenly conscious of an …

          Is This Mysterious Silicon Valley Company Helping The NSA Spy On …
          Jun 7, 2013 - Last night we learned about PRISM, a classified National Security Agency program that involves huge, wide-ranging data pulls from major tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo. A reader tip sent in to Talking Points Memo this morning alerted us to the possibility that Palantir …

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        The only reason why I haven't downvoted this is that I actually want it to be visible so we can all see what idiocy there is in the world.

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          Step away from the mirror.

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          Ignore the filthy CIA origins of Google.


        • @p1 ama: Poster has said before that they don't care for evidence.

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        I would like to comprehensively mock this comment, but it's just too easy. I think it does a good enough job of mocking itself.

        I wonder how cheepwun can bear to access the internet at all, let alone sign up to an Ozbargain account and "contribute" to forums like this on a regular basis.

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        He says, with a phone equipped with a microphone in his pocket at all times.

  • Can someone explain these things to me? Don't they just connect to your completely portable, pocket-sized mobile device and do the same things you can already do, but with the added "advantage" that they're no longer portable?

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      If you don't see the advantage of smartphone personal assistants, you probably won't be able to understand having a larger, more permanent solution in your home.

    • +3

      There are a few things the homes can do that the phone assistant can't.
      They recently updated homes to be able to take two commands at the same time eg. "Turn the TV on and turn the lights off".

      On the other side, the phone assistant can do stuff like send messages etc.

      It's dependant on where you keep the home. I keep one in the kitchen for cooking conversions, adding to the shopping list and listening to music. And I'm getting another for the tv room to control the theater system.

      I don't carry my phone with me around the house so they come in handy.

    • WARNING:
      Google Support have said that G Suite accounts (paid or legacy) do not have Google Assistant support, and therefore the flagship feature of the Pixel phone and Google Home devices is not available to those accounts. You can only use the full feature set if your Google account ends in @gmail.com.

      My Google Home device cannot access my calendar, email or photos. So basically, it's an average bluetooth speaker with Chromecast support. Glad I only wasted $50 on a mini for testing.

      LOTS of complaints available on the web… just Google it (pun intended).

      IMHO the upcoming Sonos ONE is better value. I’ll wait for Alex + Google Assistant in a better sounding flexible speaker. Patience is a virtue.

      • My google mail does not end in gmail.com but I have the google assistant on my GS7. Is this different?

        • With a G Suite account, the assistant is not able to access your email and calendar. So features related to giving you an overview of your day based on the calendar or reminders about events you have entered there won't be available.

    • Biggest thing is that you need either Spotify or Google Play sub to really get a good use of it. You can also control Stan, Netflix or youtube when sending video to a Chromecast. That said, I pay for Play family sub and you can have 5x others on the one account. Use cases if you have that and some chromecasts / chromecasts audios:
      "Hey Google, play Bohemian Rhapsody in the Loungeroom"
      "Hey Google, play Top Gear from Stan/Netflix on the TV" - (hint - name your main TV just TV)
      "Ok Google, play some relaxing music on all speakers" - can learn your tastes after a while. Also you can make multiple groups with either Google homes or Chromecast Audios.

      Actually a cheap way of getting synced sound right through the whole house. Provided you are happy with the streaming account ($12 individual p/m, $18 p/m family)

      Best parts of the Google Play sub
      - No Ads on Youtube
      - Sync music to phone on wifi to play with no mobile signal / data usage
      - Radio stations - based on artist, song, activity, mood etc. Download a station, will grab new songs in the theme every time you hit a wifi network. Great for discovering new artists.

      Also, most likely use is put it in the kitchen. When you are cooking or washing up etc and your hands are wet / dirty its great to have voice control. Play music, do unit conversions "Hey Google, what is 1/2 a cup in ml" "OK Google, what is 250f in celcius" "Hey Google what is 1.75lb in kgs"

      Negative - NOT a bluetooth system, cant play music off your phone unless its uploaded to Google music.

      • Google assistant is full of surprises. The other day I randomly asked 'hey google what time does Costco Morrabbin close today' and surprisingly got the right answer immediately.

        • Yeah its good for generic questions like "hey Google, what time does the nearest chemist close" "Hey Google, Whats the weather in x town today"

      • +1

        And in the menu now it looks like they do actually support Bluetooth

      • The Google Home DOES support bluetooth and you can play music off your phone

        • -1

          It does now, It didnt when I bought it. See my comment above….

    • It's basically the equivalent of using google assistant on everyones phone at once where only the owner of the phone recognises the voice.

      The point of this is being able to announce a query/question out loud in your living space and have it answered, without having to go and reach for your phone.

      It's pretty much the same as the OK GOOGLE activation on your phone to prompt the assistant, but you don't want everyone using your phone to make random queries.

  • Is this any good as a speaker to play music? How would it compare to say a sonos 1?

    • With my limited knowledge, The Sonos from a sound perspective would be alot better, but dearer. The Play1 is only another $100 more than the Google Home, but the new Sonos One is $300. I was going to go 2 x Play 1 with a Google Home, but from what I can tell they will not "talk" to each other, whereas the Sonos One, will come eventually with Alexa (amazon's voice controlled system) and probably google assistant. Im going to go 2 x Sonos One's as then I will have 2 voice recognition devices instead of 1 that will not talk to the Sonos Play. But really cannot answer the sound quality of Google Home, all I know is the Sonos gear and sound is excellent.

      • Good idea. Seems a waste getting these if they aren't a good sound soeaker

      • +1

        I got the Sonos One for $268 at addicted audio during the Black Friday sale. Awesome device, will be good to have Australian support for Alexa next year and Google Assistant. Hopefully I can call up both assistants in real time (without having to set the Sonos to a specific assistant).

        • +1

          Pretty good price for a brand new product. I have started reading more and it looks like it "might be possible" for older Sonos products to be controlled by a ONE. Excerpt of article from SMH….. "Sonos intends to add a feature that lets any Alexa-enabled device control its range of speakers, even older ones that don't support voice commands themselves. We've been waiting for Google Home to add similar support for controlling Sonos speakers, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out now the two are finally in open competition".

          Full article….. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/gadgets-on-the-go/google-an...

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    I don't think that I would need it nor would I use it, as I have Bixbi and Google Assistant with me all the time.
    But … I just bought it. Hmmm… the cost of being a member of Ozbargain Community!

    • +3

      Anyone actually use Bixby? I've got it on my phone and I ended up disabling it!

      • Bixby is better with phone functions while Google Assistance knowledge outside the phone. I have a very strong Vietnamese accent, and AI has been improving a lot. Ten years ago I would not want to use GA as it would not understand me, now it does!

  • Limit 3 per buyer.

  • Thanks, bought one. I found out it recognises only one person’s voice, I guess depending on who’s signed in. Is it easy to switch between accounts?

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      I think u can set it up with multiple voices/multiple accounts. No need to "switch" accounts

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      Yes, you don't need seperate accounts. My wife and I set ours up today. Both of us are recognised, but I'm only allowed to use it when she's not around.

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      I believe it only lets you access account contextual info if that user is detected, anyone can use it for general information, and you can have multiple accounts set up to use it.

  • damn! I pulled trigger yesterday from JB

    • Russian roulette?

  • +1

    Any other language is supported besides English?

    • currently nope

  • Looks like its out of stock in Melbounre

  • Sure there's not some way to get a dozen of them for $3?

    • Hopefully, the Home Mini "a dozen for $165" deal comes back again soon.

  • Mine arrived having been re-packed by AusPost, as according to the note they were only wrapped in brown paper to begin with which was damaged. Will see if they've been damaged in transit tonight.

  • What does this thing have that Mini don't (apart from the bigger speaker)?

    The price doesn't justify this bigger speaker thing for 4 times the price,there must be something else.

    • 3 speakers instead of 1!

  • Are you concern about your privacy with Google routers?

    • Are you worry the US are listening to your conversation?