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Xiaomi Wi-Fi Remote Control Outlet Power Strip CN Plug 6 Outlets USD $14.99 / $20.15 AU Delivered @ GearBest



Original Xiaomi Wifi Remote Control Outlet Power Strip CN Plug Powerful 6 Outlets - WHITE
coupon: AULurvin09
PS:Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

I tend to forget at times (when I'm in a rush) whether I had switched off my electric cooker and induction cooker. Bought one of these previously and I was able to remotely check (and switch off) any appliances hooked onto this power board. Another useful feature (although I am unsure how accurate it is) is the ability to see how much power the appliances are drawing.

Gotten another one for the old folks. Hope you might find this deal useful. As usual, this power board is not compliant with Aus standards so use at your own risk.

Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

~ spiel from their webpage

Main Features:
• Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
• Wifi connection for remote control, setting the turn on and turn off time through mobile phones or Pad
• With self-study function, record the regulation of using electricity, and auto-power on in period of power consumption time and auto-power off in sleeping time
• APP timing and delay
• Household appliances power detection for power saving
• Flexible charging, it is very convenient to use
• Overload protection, electric leakage detection, safe to use
• Capacitive touch switch, perfect hand feeling
• High temperature resistant, 750 degree flame retardant level
• 6 outlets to meet your different needs
• 75N security resistance Avoid the finger or metal objects touch jack and cause accident
• LED indicator: Hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
• Easy to set up and use, saving energy
• PC material, durable and reliable
• Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.
• Power strip cable length: 1.8m

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      was updated before your comment.

  • FYI 15USD

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    Another useful feature (although I am unsure how accurate it is) is the ability to see how much power the appliances are drawing.

    Agree. Tempted to get it just to check that out.

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    have one with all my pi's plugged into it. handy way to hard-reset them all at once.
    Had some wemo insights to do this before but they are so bulky that they take both sides of a double wall gang outlet.

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      Out of curiosity, what are all the pi's for?

      • One is hassio that I need stable to run the house
        Another is a fedora box that I use as a mini NAS / always available download/upload machine.

        Another dev pi with a Griffin power mate that may someday control Chromecast group audio and lifx group light brightness - if I can ever figure it out. It'll merge it with the hassio pi

        Another is a prototype pi for a presentation project that I'm working on - idea being that it syncs when on a work network and serves a library of offline presentations with a USB remote

        • Oh wow, so mega pi enthusiast!

          Interesting range of projects going there.

          I'm going to head down the Hass.io path on pi soon, but the Nas sounds intriguing also. Thanks for sharing

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          They don't have to be separate pi's at all but it helps to keep the breakable stuff away from the things you actually use

          Nothing more annoying than not being able to abandon a project because you needed a piece you broke while building it.

        • So many pi and emulation station?

        • @bluemeanie23:

          haha nope I keep the pi's in a cable tidy box and they are unseen in the house.

          I'd love a mame cabinet or table top but i'm afraid my wife would murder me.

  • its only 3 AUS plugs…

    "•perfect hand feeling" well….

    • well its 6 depending on the plug size

      two of the aussie arlo chargers fits in the above/below points

      • How do you put anything Australian on the other 3?

        • Two pronged plug works

        • @ndftz: US prongs?

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    Are the ports individually controllable via WiFi or just the whole board?

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      Whole board according to my app.

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    From the Q & A:

    How can I switch the plugs separately? There are 6 plugs.. so for example 2 plugs on and 4 off. thank you!
    By JanosFeb-10/2017 08:02:39
    Hello Janos,
    You can't switch the plugs separately.

    Can I use the plugs separately? There are 6 plugs.. so for example 2 plugs on and 4 off. thank you
    By HHFeb-06/2017 07:02:49
    Hello HH,
    Yes, you can.

    Well that certainly clears that question up!

    • There is only 1 button on the board that switches the board on/ off.

      The 2nd set of question (most likely) was interpreted "6 plugs; plug in 2 plugs and remainder 4 plugs not plugged in, will the power board still work. Answer: yes.

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        No both are same question but opposite answers.

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          No both are same question but interpreted differently

      • Can you control all the plugs separately through the app ??

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      The internal pics, (mocked up though they are), show only a single busbar for each of neutral and active which indicates the sockets are not individually switchable.

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    Wonder how hot this unit can get to?
    The small plug version of the WIFI Power Outlet maxes at 40 degrees then it shuts down all connected devices :(

    • wouldnt have a clue. its plugged with my 2.1kw induction cooker and the rice cooker 24/7. simultaneously used (induction cooker maxed out) for an hour or so and it never tripped. that said, most local power boards state a max of 2400w. I assumed when its hot, the draw is high, hence my relation to the appliances plugged in.

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        2400 watts is the maximum that a normal (10 amp) Australian power point can safely deliver (10A x 240V = 2400W). When locally sold powerboards trip, it's to stop them trying to exceed the socket's capacity. The Xiaomi says 10A @ 250V is the trip point, which is a bit higher - 2500 watts. Rice cookers tend to be somewhere between 200 and 600 watts max, but that's peak - so you might have just been scraping under the 2500ish watt trip point.

        If your powerboard (or anton1o's wifi plug) is getting hot, that could definitely be a sign that it's struggling to handle the current; perhaps some internal wiring is not quite thick enough for the amperage being drawn. That would cause a fire (or melt the case off, exposing electrical contacts) if it got hot enough.

        • My Xiaomi power plug (the mini version of this) is connected to some computer devices using about 1600w 24/7, At this kind of wattage the unit casing sits at 35 degrees(i put a probe onto it)

  • • Overload protection, electric leakage detection, safe to use

    So built-in RCD?
    Plus power meter, power board, wifi switch for $20. Not bad.

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    Is the power monitoring also a single measurement? Not per socket?

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    Darn it. Expired.

    • new code, see edit

  • Expired but still a good price. I got it for $15 with my free gearbest monies

  • I think this is way too expensive. The price should be better for a bulky chunky powerboard with only 3 useful sockets that is not Australian compliant.
    Thanks OP, passed.

    For those interested; I coupled a Xiaomi Zigbee/normal wifi socket with their normal skinny powerboard which has 3 multifunctional sockets and 3 quick charge USB ports. Ends up similar/cheaper and more versatile. Just grab each of those for around $10 or less when they are next up.

    Having said that, if the price was cheaper AND the powerboard was smaller OR had more Australian sockets AND had electricity usage per socket I might buy one, just to see what has to offer.

  • since they're not individually switched, just get a Xiaomi smart plug & a local powerboard (like the 6 way arlec ones $4 from bunnings). I use it for our Chrissy lights, as I can turn them on/off with the Mi home app, or a smart button via the Xiaomi gateway.

  • Does this connect to the Mi Home app, or the Xiaomi Gateway?

  • Dammit! missed out again :(

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      new code, see edit

      • Great Thanks!

  • OP or StoreRep : Any luck with another batch of discount codes?

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      new code, see edit

      • Cheers!

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    i think because of posting limitations (cant do a new post as its similar post/ price), many will miss out on this deal even though you can now buy 2 quantity instead of one.

    oh well, life is as such.

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      Thank you, put in my order.. it'll be my new year present.

  • I've changed my wifi password once and now I can't reconnect to the power no matter what I do (reset the board, change wifi password back, made a new xiaomi account, etc.).

    At wit's end here! Anyone was in a similar situation?

    Edit: Thank god for Russian reviews on gearbest's site, it was the location setting for some stupid reason.

  • noob question, where/what do I search for to get the app?, instructions are all Chinese

    • ios store search mihome —> choose the chinese app —> setup as per normal —> choose china region

      if i can remember correctly, on the board there is a QR code. so when u add device, it will ask to use your phone camera to scan the QR code.

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    Starting to dislike this. I have my yeelights on the Singapore locale. Now I set the mi home app to Singapore, can't find the strip. Only when I go into China locale it works but I lose my yeelights.

    Also can't set the power rate at all and not in dollars.

    App is a piece of s¢¥©

  • anyone manage to get this working with their google home? (looking for advice, doesn't seem easy)