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Samsung Galaxy S8 / iPhone 8 20GB $59 Per Month with Optus


iPhone 8 64GB EXPIRED

$1 cheaper then with virgin, plus includes 20gb of data, streaming of Optus sport (football and cricket), national geographic and tv/music data free.

Confirmed no student discount. Looks like students can save an extra 10% on plans, but someone would have to confirm.

Edit: Appears to be available for both new and existing customers.

Customers who are still in-contract with Optus may be eligible to upgrade. Confirmed possible on SIM-only plan.

Edit edit: various other phones appear to be included in this $59 deal
From comments:
*Huawei Mate10 Pro
*Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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      • Here you go fam https://imgur.com/a/IdvmL

        Reads like an FBI document from the 70's but the critical info is there.

        • Awesome. Isn't 64GB less for iPhone, more so since you can't extend the memory?

      • What do you plan to say? I'm going into HN and going to try this as well.

    • Would like a copy of the receipt too please!

    • Annoying, HN Gepps Cross SA said the $200 eftpos card does not apply for these $59 plan deals. Apparently some people managed to get it before but staff have now been told not to hand out the eftpos cards.

    • Is there any invoice that any one has that shows the gift card as the store rep said I can’t give you accessories with the gift card.

  • Does anyone know what the delivery time frame is for online orders?

    • The Live Chat rep said I'd receive my phone in 2-3 business days, but no RL experience to base off.

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    I am currently on $89 S8 Optus 24mo plan that i signed up in April when it came out, will i be able to jump into this deal ? thanks

  • Guys I did online chat and wanted to upgrade my current S7 plan to the S8 plan using the $99 Trade up.

    The sales rep told me I can't do that and have to pay my plan off in full then re-sign for the $59 plan?

    He said the $99 Trade up is for stores only and they won't offer me the $59 deal instore.

    • this is too bad. this is what I was planning

      • I just went in store and spoke to manager there. He said go back online and tell them to provide the deal. If they do not he said speak to telesales and they should process it.

        • were you able get in store?
          what do you mean by "tell them to provide the deal."

          EDIT : Called up TeleSales… they cannot do it for me. they can only do new contract. my hope is doing down… :(

        • @mheloy:

          Instore would not do it. They said online only. I have done 4 webchats and they all will not do it and tell me go instore. My last hope is to call on the phone and complain.

        • @GerrardLFC:

          Thanks Gerrard… I've tried two stores today. Same deal… they said to do it online.

          I hope they would include stores soon.

    • I'll be honest, I had eight months on my S7 contract to go, and I bored them to tears for two and a half hours on chat and they waived the remaining handset fee ($360 but in the contract it said $0 ;) so I pulled out a quote about misleading and deceptive conduct) and they eventually caved.

      I keep my S7, and have a Huawei Mate 10 Pro on the way for $59/month. Don't give up.

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        Hey, can you provide more detail how you talked to them? (Also what do you mean by in the contract is $0?)
        I have 6 months left for S7 and would really like the deal as well, but my last three tries got no straight away.

        • When I signed onto the deal, it advertised $0 handset repayments.

          Obviously they charge an early termination handset fee (in my case 45 pm) but I called it shady. Just kept quoting passages from ACCC and saying I felt misled… that clause isn't prominent… been a loyal customer etc.

          Just have patience, refuse to call when they say that call centre will provide better help, stay with chat and complain about the wait. I was never rude, just firm. For two hours.

          Good luck.

        • @thrillho:

          Just did webchat for ages and they would not offer to drop handset charges :(

        • @GerrardLFC:
          Damn, you must have had some hardasses :(

  • Ahh stuck deciding between s8 and mate 10 pro!
    I know the S8 is a well known and proven to be good. But mate looks very good to!

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    anyone noticed that they removed the Roaming 1gb data and roaming international calls?

  • nothing on virgin or voda beats this on iphone

  • Does anyone know if I port out from Amysim (also Optus network) is eligible for HN $200 gift card?

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      Yes, any other provider is fine to port from regardless of their network.

      • Thanks Doweyy

        • Not a problem :)

        • @doweyy: Yeah but expires 11-Dec did I read?

        • @spillmill:

          Yep that’s correct from what I’ve heard.

        • @doweyy: Tight for port out, as per @Shoppingisfun below

        • @spillmill:

          I think porting to Optus doesn’t take long, usually on the spot, just porting out of Optus then back in might be an issue.

        • @spillmill:
          You don't need wait to be ported! deal is done at spot.

  • Is there anyway you could get the HN deal if you're on Optus now? Thinking there's not enough time to port out?

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      Weekend could be tough, any insiders know if any telcos process ports on a Sunday?

      • Isn't it all done overseas?

      • Ports occur :)

        Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm

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        If you port across networks (optus to voda, voda to teltsra, ect) its automatic. You got time :)

    • Can we port to Telstra without recharging any credit on prepaid ($2 sim) then port back to Optus at Harvey Norman ? Online sources suggest 2-3 hour transfer time for most ports so if it goes through in the morning can go later in the day to Harvey Norman to get the bonus sign up.

      • Wait 24 hours to be safe

      • UPDATE:

        Looking like a fail right now. Submitted the transfer to vodafone on Sunday and processed 8am this morning. Service now active with vodafone but account still active with optus as well (without a mobile number) - called and this can take 24 - 48 hours to get cancelled. I tried to sign up instores at HN but they can't process it if the account is still active on the account, hoping for it to be processed before 5pm tonight so I can rush over and get it.

        Sure wasn't worth it lol

    • In that case, wouldn't you lose 1 bill cycle's charges to Optus (on your current plan) if you abruptly move to another provider? I guess they have some 7 days or 30 days notice?

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    I want the S8+ though

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    Has anyone had any success in getting the Mate 10 Pro from HN with this deal?

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      From HN and with this deal? What do you mean? HN and Optus are two different vendors for Mate 10. No? I am probably missing some info.

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      HN dont even sell Mate 10 Pro

  • Assuming the Harvey Norman deal is a no go for existing Optus customers?

  • just a quick question. am i able to get the HN deal if the store does not have iphone8 in stock. i've checked on the website, seems all stores near my location are unavailavle of any color iphone 8.

    • I think this is an issue, I called beforehand

    • Tried it today, staff confirmed that I would get the voucher when they get new stock and I pick up my order.

      • well, good to hear that. hope local HN have the same policy

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    Don't even touch Optus. Their infrastructure has become incapable of handling all the customers that have joined after all these 30 dollar a month sim only deals. Their broadband is the same. Worst customer service too.

    • It really depends on your locality and where you travel with the clostest mobile towers. I found Vodafone to be poor out in the burbs but once i head into central of my town. Vodafone is awesome but most of the time I'm on the outer areas of Vodafone tower. This is the same as Telstra having less towers than optus, So your experience will vary on locations.

      • The point I'm making is that they are hardly investing further in infrastructure. My service used to be great, haven't changed locations. They've been doing these mad sales and now a lot of areas are way too congested and when you call support they say they don't have an ETA for when the service isn't going to be congested.

        Their customer service is now much worse than Telstra's. They have deferred to these online chats and their support number is impossible to find.

    • ive been with optus for years and can't fault their service. As for customer service, i've had issues with both telstra and optus, neither age good and as bad as each other.

  • Is 64GB memory of iPhone 8 enough? Advantage of S8 is that you can extend the memory by SD card.

    • I have an iPhone 7 with 256. However will all the free data you can constantly backup, so I don’t see it being an issue imo.

  • Can you stack the Harvey Norman purchase of Optus phone with Amex offer too (i.e. $100 back on $400 spend)?

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      I don't see how - for one you're only paying $59 up front and as far as I understand, that $59 goes straight to Optus.

  • I'm on Optus with an expired contract. Would it be possible to get the eftops card from HN if I got a new number and cancelled the old plan? I'm guessing no but someone might know more.

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    One thing I noticed, this appears to be marketed as $59 plan with $0 phone. So you'd want to be upgrading early or switching to a new plan on day 1 after the two year period as it will remain at $59 per month even after you've finished contract (very expensive). Especially given you can get $30 SIM only plans with approx 15gb of data.

    With a lot of other plans, the monthly fee drops after the two year contract as it'll switch to the plan component only (eg. marketed as 65 plan which is 45 plan with 20 phone)

    So I think that's how they'll get you!

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      Well not the ozbargain crew, I am sure they won’t fall for that

    • After 2 yrs, you can always change the provider.

  • This deal is insane especially if you manage to get the HN $200. In that case the overall cost is $1216. If you calculate that a similar sim only @$30 will cost you $720 the phone is costing less than $500! I don’t need it as I recently bought a 256gb Iphone 7, husband has IPhone 6+ (which still works well for him), otherwise I would be definitely buy!

    • I am thinking the same, after 25% employee discount, S8 will cost just $360 to me (Currently on $30 sim only). My only concern is reduction in international mins from 300 to 150 which I need it.
      Also my Galaxy S6 is still working fine. Not sure if I should still upgrade. If I sell S6 I may not get even $150.

      • Well for International minutes there are many cheap voip plans (line for example). Yes if don’t need it don’t upgrade, but with 25 per cent discount is insane!!!!!

        • +1

          As always, ozbargain is tempting me to save money (or I should save spend) :) when I dont need a new phone.

        • @amsaini15: as an optus employee?

        • @pyro love bird:

          Yes employees get 25% off.

      • -2

        Haha.. That's a great deal! I'll happily take the S8 from you for $360-$400 if you don't need it ;-) I still have a galaxy s4.. its 4.5yrs now.. It's just a bit laggy and not working super well with android auto in the car. So if you feel like just having the plan, and want to keep your S6, i'll happily pay you :-) I'm trying to get the deal, but i just signed up in September to a sim only plan :-(

        • Gees the negative votes.. there was a little winky face there..

  • I wish it wasn't Optus though. I have tried using them several times for mobile. My area says its full 4g reception but it was basically unusable. Could have been the house but still annoying. I have tried several times the last being Dec 2015 after coming back from Vodafone. One of the reasons was that watching cricket was data free.

    I had to use their reception network guarantee to back out. They still tried to charge me a back fee later, but just a little bit of calling rectified that.

    I went right back to Vodafone.

    Optus at the time still did not have visual voice mail. I wonder if that has changed?

    • Optus still no VVM

      • Yep. I found several post from this year at Optus forum. Apparently a poster said he had a chance to speak with some of the excutive team and they don’t see the point of it.

        I won’t be using trying Optus again until they have it.

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      There is Voice over WiFi support on some phones on Optus. I sometimes had reception issues in my house but since I got this functionality after a phone software upgrade, it switches to VoWiFi when there is low signal so no issues at all!

  • any uber driver here. as i am currently on optus plan. i think i am not able to take HN deal. plus no stock in my area. i realize uber have a deal with optus for 10% 24 month plan. i tried my invite code. but it says invalid. however i am 100% sure it was working about couple months ago. anyone could try and see if it apply to the $59 deal? otherwise save my time to find out why my code does not work. thanks

  • Harvey Norman flagship store in Auburn already has a line which is rapidly building. Still had plenty of stock. Shop assistant is saying they are preparing for a massive day because of this deal.

    • Thanks for the heads up, was gonna go there today

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    Can we get mate 10 pro, from Harvey Norman?

    • I'd also like to know

      • +1

        Yes, the mate 10 Pro is available for this deal through Harvey Norman; however, you will need to collect the phone in a few days as it is not in stock at HN. Optus had the phone available and will deliver to your store. I just ordered one myself. $200 gift card was included, but needs to be collected with the phone at time of pick up.

        • Yes, i went to get the Mate 10 Pro, but they couldnot port the number. i am from woolworths right now and I need to go there again tomorrow. I dont know why woolies have problem in porting, they could not find the number.

        • Did you receive any update regarding your phone?

        • Sorry, did u order from optus or HN? And how do you ask for the gift card? Is it automatically included? Thx

        • Ordered from HN. Didn't ask for the card, staff mentioned the deal as soon as we told them what we were after. It was just part of the promo. I haven't gotten the card as yet since the phone is on order… I'll pick both up at the same time.

        • No reply from HN though I'm not surprised. It was ordered on Sunday morning, so Thursday/Friday is probably already pretty optimistic. I was told a couple of days… But that timeline wasn't firm.

  • Im currently on optus $40 data plan. Could i upgrade to this plan and the phone?

    • Upgrade yes but no gift card.

      • thanks,I'll try it tomorrow

  • Just stepped out from a HN store in regional NSW. They told me that they cannot combine this plan with 200$ gift card. It seems it is not available in regional areas.

  • Amazingly great deal for TODAY, but seeing how plans and particularly data are getting cheaper, this deal might not hold as great for 24 months from now.

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      True but you can only go by what's available today. Procrastination is not good

  • Will I have any luck getting a phone plan if I only been prepaid since I arrived in Australia 5 years ago? Haven't had any credit cards either…

  • I'm not sure if it's worth it for me ><

    I have a S7E so I can upgrade to the S8 for $60/ month OR I can wait for S9 in March but pay close to $100/month+

  • what fees are payable if cancelling the plan given that optus have no more cancellation fees anymore? RRP of phone?

    • i suggest to check with optus. i am on a plan orginally 85+0 with promotion 20 off. comes to 65/month. however if i want to cancel, still have to payoff the handset fee. dependon the contract length.

  • got myself a samsung s8 + $200 eftpos card at harvey norman brisbane today. looks like nationwide

  • Is today the last day to get $200 eftpos from hn?

    • +1

      tomorrow i believe

  • I was sure I saw iphone 7 plus 64gb in this plan this morning but now only 256gb is available :(

    Edit: realised you have to touch on the phone's photo to see its options just sliding the phones' photos don't change the writing underneath.