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Google Pixel 2 64GB $999 / 128GB $1129, Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB $1299, 128GB $1449 ($80-$100 off) @ JB Hi-FI


JB Hifi are offering a $100 and $80 discount on the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 respectively.

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  • Just wondering, does Google have a 14 days return policy like Apple does? Not sure if I’m happy using Android but wanna give it a try.

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      Yes if you buy direct.

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        Ohhhh. Can you point me to that? I want to try pixel buds but nervous with the average reviews.

        • Google store

  • I bought the Pixel 2 over the weekend, full priced :( good phone though!

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      Really curious if it's really worth the hundreds of dollars premium over say the mid-range Chinese phones, or all other Android phones for that matter. What would you say justifies this for you besides the great camera and fast updates?

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        Probably vanilla Android. Personally don't care about it but some really do for some reason.

        • I'm surprised deals haven't yet shown up here for Android One. Google approved stock Android.

          Ozbargain favourites Xiaomi and Moto both have models based on Snapdragon 625/630 with Oreo and Oreo+1 support from Google.

        • @pcox: Wait… so is this a home app or… how do I get it on my phone?

        • @jaypee06: No, not an app. Just specific models of mid-range phones where manufacturers agree to load raw Android instead of whatever system software they normally put on it.

          Xiaomi Mi A1
          Moto X4
          HTC U11 Life

        • The funny thing is that it's not actually stock/vanilla android. It's running it's own OEM variation essentially, just not as heavily modified as others, since it has OS features not in stock.

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          @pcox: TIL… noice!

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        Hard to overstate just how good the camera is. It's also a zero lag phone.

        • Yep and impossible to overstate how much of a rip off the rest of the phone is

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          Maybe I can put all my high resolution cat photos on the phone and take advantage of the unlimited google photos storage..

          If I can park >35gb worth of photos there it might be worthwhile.

        • @ankor: 100gb Google drive storage for $24 a year which isn't restricted to a single device for a period of time. 😁

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          @ankor: you joke, but that's almost exactly what I did with my pixel v1. I loaded about 300GB of RAW photos from my DSLR taken over the last 10 years or so onto the phone (in stages of course), and backed them up over the last 12 months or so. Unlimited full-res backups ftw. And the phone itself has been absolutely rock solid from day 1. I've owned or for over a year and can't see myself upgrading anytime soon.

        • @OnlinePred: lol that's much better. I'm still rocking an LG g4 anyway. So I won't have too many issues. Also, this pesky business of saving for a place means I need to temper my mobile phone aspirations.

        • @OnlinePred:

          100gb Google drive storage for $24 a year which isn't restricted to a single device for a period of time.

          That's a bit misleading.
          All photos you take on the Pixel 2 (or uploaded through the Pixel 2, seemingly) get unlimited free storage forever.

          In the year 2021, all new photos you upload through the Pixel 2 will be recompressed like usual (16MP, greater compression). All the few hundred gigs of photos and videos you've uploaded in the past will remain there at full quality/resolution forever.

        • @eug: over 5 years of full resolution photos and videos and only used 39gb. Granted a year worth of pixel photos and videos weren't counted. Benefit is more Gmail storage and upload any file not just from photos app. Also as long as I keep paying, can use any phone, tablet or pc.

        • @OnlinePred:

          over 5 years of full resolution photos and videos and only used 39gb.

          You're not a heavy camera user then. There are plenty of people who are. 4K videos take up a lot of storage too.

          Benefit is

          What's a benefit to you might not be much of a benefit to others. This phone and its features isn't for you. People who are heavy camera users will greatly appreciate the fast, excellent quality camera and unlimited storage it offers. You aren't one, so you'll probably never understand the appeal.

          That's why Android is great - you get to choose whatever phone suits your needs.

        • @OnlinePred: It's a premium phone. It is priced at exactly the same price-point as the iPhone in every market globally. Yes, we get ripped off a bit (It's a few hundred dollars cheaper in the USA), but that's a normal Australia tax.

          If you use your phone heavily for work, play and on-the-go, you can justify the price. I just added it up, this is my 15th phone, and is hands-down the best phone experience I've ever had. I don't just mean that it's faster and stores more, I mean it in the "I don't need to worry about it" kind of way. It's honestly a fantastic phone.

          … but it bloody-well should be, because it's also really expensive. I plan to get three years out of it. At that rate, it's about $1 a day. I would absolutely sign a three year contract on this phone at $1 per day.

        • @Wraith: I 100% agree that it is a great phone! Your dollar goes far further elsewhere, but that does not make this any less of a great phone. From experience being in the Nexus and Pixel game, I will not buy another phone from them until they sort their QA out. This may not affect everyone but I got sick of issues after updates, removal of features after updates, lack of built in features, and constant need to factory reset for every tiny issue. It was refreshing to try the Note 8 after my Pixel XL, which has loads of features, amazing screen to view the photos on, a zoom lens which is really fantastic to use and my new must have, actual UI customisation built in! All while I paid almost $300 less than the current cheapest Pixel 2 (not xl) deal.

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        The camera is simply outstanding! Seriously next level. The speed is a delight coming from an S7. And the pure clean android. Oh and the assistant on squeeze is actually very useful. Overall, great phone.

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        What a coincidence, I asked the same question in another Pixel 2 thread!

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        I had the Nexus 4,5 and 5x. Performance was really good while it worked and they didn't slow down over time which I think was due to the pure Android system. Downsides were that there were no expandable storage and they only lasted a couple of years and just stopped working suddenly.

        What made me get the Pixel 2: I was happy with the performance on Nexus phones and with this being a more premium phone, I'm hoping it will last more than a couple of years. Good camera, photos look so crisp. Has Project Treble (which can get the latest updates). I contacted two people who have the Pixel who both came from iPhones - they were both happy with it and one of them has the Pixel 2 now. Dedicated Pixel support line which you can call and speak to someone at anytime of the day/night (and apparently they can remotely access the phone). 2 year warranty. All photos can be backed up online with their unlimited storage which saves on phone storage so if it stops working one day, I'll still have my photos (same feature as 5x). Also, I find writing a message seems really smooth.

        JB hi-fi staff mentioned there were a few returns on the Pixel 2 XL because of some screen issue. Don't know about the Pixel 2 though, it uses a different screen to the XL, and because I was interested in the Pixel 2 he might not have wanted to tell me the issues on that.

        The money spent still hurts a bit so I'm trying to make myself feel better with the positives. I'm hoping it will last for the long term - if I can use it for at least 3 years then that's about $350 per year.

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        I'd pay the premium for the good camera - one thing I've learnt becoming a new dad…

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    As a Nexus fan, I wouldn't be touching these over priced, issue riddled devices.

    Endless stories on Android Police about these.

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      What phone doesn't have issues/would you touch?

      • My Nexus 5 was flawless*

        *Okay, it had a power button issue but that was after 13 months of usage. It is SUCH an easy device to repair. Best phone I have ever owned.

        • Yes, mine was too…until it got a bit wet :(

        • @John Kimble:

          My Nexus 6P was also best phone I ever owned until it boot-looped.

        • My nexus 5 also has power button issue, now using an app to turn on screen automatically, so far so good

        • Nexus 4 here bought in 2013. It still works after I flashed it with a custom ROM running on 7.1.2. I was surprised it could handle Nougat.

        • @fyeahm: Same.

          I got my Nexus 4 off ebay 2 years ago for about $75 and still going strong with LineageOS.

          The main wishlist I'd upgrade for would be 5G and 4K video.

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      as a owner of a Pixel 2 XL, I can tell you most of them are overblown. Pretty happy with mine except for the price.

      • I second this - I was skeptical at first but after getting my hands on one, the user experience was just so good.

      • also, I had the Nexus 5x, 5, and 4. so I know where you're coming from..

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        I don't think they're overblown considering the price tag, which is definitely in the premium flagship territory.

        • I agree but I never had any of those issues at all.

        • @lawyerz:

          The cheapest JB has the Pixel 2 XL for is $1299. The iPhone 8 Plus at JB is $1229. So $70 cheaper to go with Apple. Google really screwed up there.

        • @NuclearWessels: why, do you think Google's pixel is inferior to apple? Because it isn't.

          Coming from Nexus I'm the first to be severely disappointed with the pricetag, don't get me wrong. But comparing it with apple isn't the way to go.

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          Do phones have to be cheaper than an iPhone?

          So $70 cheaper to go with Apple.

          Just like how it's irrelevant to most Apple users how much cheaper Android phones are because they're already established in their ecosystem, it's irrelevant to most Android users if an iPhone is slightly cheaper compared to a flagship Pixel 2, because they're simply not going to switch.

          Of course there'll be people who are on the fence, but someone who's seriously considering a Pixel 2 (which would be serious Android users - everyone else would get an S8) would probably not seriously consider an iPhone.

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          Well I'm still currently using my Samsung S7, but I was seriously considering the Pixel 2 or the iPhone 8 Plus for quite a while. My thoughts were

          1) The iPhone 8 Plus is a pretty standard Apple phone. I know it'll be well supported with updates. The processor is the fastest right now. It has wireless charging which I use a lot. The finger print scanner is on the front. The price is good.
          2) Samsung S8+. Great phone, with some amazing value for the money. Has basically all the same features as the iPhone 8. The fingerprint sensor on the back near the camera which I hate. I'm not a huge fan of the curved edges, but it does look good.
          3) The Pixel 2 XL. High cost. Has known screen issues. Broke fairly easily and materials were rated as cheap in the reviews (it's not aluminium or glass but some sort of plastic paint coating). No wireless charging

          Shave a few hundred off the price tag and I'd be a lot kinder to the Pixel.

        • @NuclearWessels: NO shit, no wireless charging with PIxel?! Well, that kills it for me then…

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          3) The Pixel 2 XL. High cost. Has known screen issues. Broke fairly easily and materials were rated as cheap in the reviews (it's not aluminium or glass but some sort of plastic paint coating). No wireless charging

          High cost is unarguable.
          Screen issues - I think it's a little overblown.

          Broke fairly easily

          In drop tests? Was it consistent between different drop tests?

          materials were rated as cheap in the reviews (it's not aluminium or glass but some sort of plastic paint coating).

          Hmm what reviews have you been reading?
          It's aluminium with a nice non-slip coating. The midframe is a magnesium alloy. Coming from the Essential Phone and S8 (and S7) before that, I think it actually feels really nice. It doesn't show fingerprints too.

          No wireless charging

          I'm a big fan of wireless charging too, but since I bought some magnetic charging cables, I haven't really missed it.

          Shave a few hundred off the price tag and I'd be a lot kinder to the Pixel.

          It'd be fantastic if it was a few hundred bucks cheaper, but I think apart from the bland design, it's worth it. The camera is definitely the best I've used, and it's very zippy and responsive. Software is always the most up-to-date too.

        • @eug:

          Durability and scratch test:

          Anyway, you guys don't have to agree with me. I was personally disappointed with the build quality and the price tag. My personal opinion is that the iPhone or Samsung phones offer better value for money right now.

        • -1


          Durability and scratch test:

          Huh, he says it's an aluminium body, and you can clearly see the aluminium show through after he cuts the coating off with the blade.

          In any case that torture test seems rather unrealistic for day-to-day use.

        • @eug: can you advise which magnetic cables you bought please?

        • -1

          @John Kimble:
          These ones. They're the next best thing to wireless charging, and better in some ways.

        • @eug: Thanks! Although it would make all my recently purchased blitzwolf cables useless :/

        • -1

          @NuclearWessels: incredible arguments, really. Would almost hold up if any of your points were valid like the Pixels using “cheap” parts but I mean guess iPhone and Samsung and other phone that uses aluminium is cheap as well :)

          Oh and well supported comment about Apple, 100% agree, Apple guarantees two years of software updates … just like the Sam- sorry no that’s definitely the Pixe phones here …. hmmmm

          Wait wait yeah ok it really is $70 more! You’re right iPhone and Samsung ARE undeniably the better phones and more value!

        • @clankfan: Samsung are apparently updating S6 to Oreo. That's 3 years support for an over 2 year old phone. Note 8 is still cheaper and offers more. Hard to recommend the pixel mess at this price still.

        • +2

          @Droid11: You know what's better than wireless charging? Not needing to charge the damned thing every few hours. Honestly, I have the regular Pixel 2, and it routinely lasts from wake-up to bedtime. And I count myself a fairly heavy user.

          Couple with this: 30 minutes on the fast charger at any point in the day will put 40% charge on it.

          I've had Wireless charging on Samsung before, and it's pretty neat. But not needing to do it at all is better. It's seriously alien to me even now. I just looked at the phone, it's 2pm and my old phone would ordinarily be charging now. The Pixel 2 still has 84% charge.

        • @Wraith: I'm impressed with the battery life too. It definitely lasts longer than my S8. I used my wireless charger with my S8 all the time at work. I've been meaning to get another magnetic charging cable to leave at work so I can charge my Pixel 2, but haven't really bothered as the battery seems to just keep going and going.

      • Yea the only way stock android is good value, is when the phones are cheap.

    • Oneplus 5T is the new Nexus!

      • +3

        Not in my books.
        Nexus = vanilla Android, fully supported by Google for updates, eligible for the beta program. Oneplus = OxygenOS. It's not a terrible skin, but it's not wonderful either.

        • Stock Android…Yep!

      • Not really, the camera on Nexus phones is miles ahead.

    • As a Nexus fan, I really like my Pixel 2.

      Comment made from Pixel 2.

    • Pixel 2 are fine from what i can see. Yes there are plenty of reports for the Pixel 2 XL blue tint issue but Pixel 2 is working fine unless you've heard otherwise

    • Endless stories on Android Police about these.

      People complain more than they praise.
      I have no complaints about mine. It works great. Therefore I don't seek out a forum to post a message saying "My phone works great!". So you'll be reading far more complaints than praises.

  • I bought the pixel 2 xl 64 GB over the weekend. :(

    • just go back and ask them to give you the difference in gift cards.

      • When I bought it. It came with the mini and some earphones. I haven't opened my phone yet because my case and screen protector hasn't arrived but my mini is opened and being used. How do I do this? I've never done it before. :S

        • +1

          Just go back with the receipt and ask can I get the price difference in gift cards as you just bought this on the weekend and just missed out on this deal etc etc. Goodluck

        • +4

          @bogak: I went and got my 100 back. Thank you :)

        • @jamesyeahh:
          yaay. did they give it to in store credit or in cash?

        • @bogak:they gave in cash wooo

      • How long ago would you have had to have bought the phone? I got mine about a fortnight ago now.

        • +1

          to be honest i don't know. I once did it with my Nexus 5X and it was a week ago before they dropped the price. No harm trying i guess?

        • +1

          I got mine last week. Asked JB about getting back the price difference and apparently there's a 14-day price guarantee. Got $80 refunded back.

        • @Ecr1:
          Yep friend was told about this too but he was in the 15th day but they still gave him credit. Such nice JB staff.

  • +4

    I went from nexus 5x to a nokia 8 (vanilla android also). Pixel was just way too overpriced

  • +7

    Too expensive

  • +5

    man…Android at $1k…Price is probably the biggest reason I stayed away from Apple….

    Why you so greedy Google!?

    • This is one of the most expensive android phones on the market, coincidentally also with the most issues and least features. I would stay away from Google phones if you want to try/stay with android. Pixel phones are for stock fans only or those that only use their phones for the very simple tasks.

      • Why only very simple tasks?

        Least features? What features are missing?

        • -3

          As an example, Pixels out of a box cannot:
          Edit a video, select part of a screen to take a screen shot, keep screen on if user is looking at the screen, apply themes using built in theme manager, adjust navbar theme, global full screen for 18/9 ratio, pin windows, dual messenger for two accounts of the same app, dual audio for BT, Samsung Pay, Secure Folder (which is awesome), hide navbar and many many other things.

        • +1

          @OnlinePred: OK, now what useful features are missing? ;)

        • +1

          @eug: 3.5 headphone jack? @2*oneplus5T @LGV30

        • @stan-C: I haven't really missed it. For casual listening I use bluetooth earphones, for more serious listening I would be using a dedicated player anyway, in my case an LG V20. I never listed to music with the earphone jack on my S8 - the V20 just sounds better.

          Wireless earphones are so much more convenient. I used to run the earphone cable under my shirt, plugged into my phone in my pocket. If I pull the phone out to check something, a trail of wire would follow, which I then have to stuff back into my pocket when I put the phone back in.

          Features are completely subjective. You might find it handy to have two accounts for WhatsApp, while other people won't. OnlinePred loves Secure Folder, while I have no use for it.

        • @eug: haha ;-)

        • +1


          Secure Folder (which is awesome)

          Hmm.. username checks out!

        • @OnlinePred: Why the neg though? These are all valid points. I find that the extras you get with Samsung devices cannot be found on stock Android. For instance, the palm gesture to take a screenshot makes 10 times more sense than engaging in hand acrobatics.I have owned and used an iPad for 16 months and only managed to take a screenshot twice in all that time. I can't for the life of me fathom why Apple is yet to implement a gesture-based method for taking screenshots on iOS.

        • @albert0pia: I got no clue mate. No clue. Sometimes passion overrides all reason.

        • +2


          For instance, the palm gesture to take a screenshot makes 10 times more sense than engaging in hand acrobatics

          Hmm, I've always used the button method rather than palm capture on all my S devices. It seems so much easier to just press 2 buttons rather than rub my palm across the screen.

          On the Pixel you just press the power and vol down buttons. Surely it's not that acrobatic to be able to press 2 buttons at the same time? I can easily do it with my left hand while holding the phone in the same hand.

          The other features are very subjective.

          You're saying anyone who doesn't use features like the above only use their phones for "simple tasks". What about people who:

          • Don't stare at their phone for more than a minute without touching it, apart from watching a video where the phone won't go to sleep anyway?

          • Are happy with the customization possible with Nova or Action Launcher and have no desire to use the Choco Cooky font or change the colour of the menus?

          • Don't have kids so have no use for pinning windows

          • Only need one WhatsApp/whatever messenger account?

          • Don't need to stream music to two different Bluetooth speakers at the same time

          • Have no problems using Android Pay

          Are those people just basic users, simply because they don't find features like the above very useful?

          I missed being able to crop a screenshot… then I realized I normally send cropped screenshots through WhatsApp anyway, which has a built-in cropping tool. WhatsApp can also annotate too.

    • IphoneX

  • +1

    I have just bought a Samsung s8.
    I was using Nexus 5 till last month. I love stock android.
    I'm missing it badly.
    I can definitely say that my Nexus 5 UI is way faster than S8.

    • Did you change scaling to 0.5x on S8?
      I find ui fine on S8 but that is coming from s4

      • I didn't change any of those settings yet.
        AFAIK we need to unlock developer options in android to tweak all those. right?

    • Wait for the oreo update, will fly! The thing is the huge performance increases came from 7.1.1 which s8 never got. It's why the Note 8 is fater than the OG Pixel, because it has 7.1.1. Once you embrace sammy you won't be able to go back.

      • Tried Sammy, then moved to Nexus. After Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and currently Nexus 6P, will soon upgrade to Pixel 2XL.
        You can't beat stock android with lightening fast updates, and beautiful pictures from the camera.
        Actually camera on LG v20 (my younger son's phone is great too).

        • You can beat stock quite easily. Offer faster performance, more features, done. Also keep in mind that by updates, you mean once every year you get software updates, every month you get security updates. Samsung does monthly security updates, it does Android version updates and it does Samsung experience updates. So if you like updates then go Samsung. S8 and note 8 take far better photos than v20 and 6p. It takes far better night shots than both pixel and pixel 2 and it's $500 cheaper than pixel xl 2 which makes anyone wanting a pxl2 crazy. Also take into consideration the screen quality to see the photos, and also software quality and reliability which are both negatives for pixel

        • @OnlinePred: Please try either a pixel or Nexus 6p.
          Camera quality on 6p is absolutely super.
          Edit: Again, the Nexus is already on Android Oreo 8.1.0.

        • @varunpant: yes they really are, I had a pixel xl. The one thing that pixel camera can't do is night time photography

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