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20% off $50 Gift Cards (Catch, Spa & Wellness, Iconic, Gourmet Traveller) & Rewards Points with Xbox Gift Cards @ Woolworths


The following $50 gift cards for only $40

  • Catch.com.au
  • Spa & Wellness
  • The Iconic
  • Gourmet Traveller Restaurant

Bonus Woolworths Rewards Points when purchasing the following Xbox Gift Cards

  • $29.95 gift card earns 599 points
  • $50 gift card earns 1000 points
  • $100 gift card earns 2000 points

(effectively a 9.1% discount)

Don't forget to purchase with discounted wish cards

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  • +1

    Does anyone know whether we can pay by Catch giftcards in conjunction with a promo code as well as free shipping as part of Catch Club membership?

    • would also like to know this for TheIconic. Will they work with promo codes?

    • +1

      You should be able to. Gift cards are usually regarded as 'cash/credit' not promo codes on most sites. If it was a promo code that was free such as $10 off your order with a code then no.

      • I haven’t tried but I don’t think you can. There’s only one box “add voucher or gift card” and I tried to add both GIFT25 for 25% off and another code for $20 off $79 spend and one would cancel out the other ie only one code allowed.
        I can’t find anywhere else to put in a gift card. Therefore I assume both a code and a gift card wouldn’t work together.

        • They are both codes not a code and gift card though. A gift card isn't a coupon. A gift card you have paid money for It, a code is a free discount. They are just usually redeemed in the same box.

        • @Damannation:

          I understand the difference. My point is that the system does NOT allow both codes to be entered. There are no separate boxes for "gift card" and another one for "coupon". There is only one box.

          Putting one in cancels out the other. Does not allow 2 codes to be applied.

          If you can confirm 100% (ie you have placed an order successfully) that you can enter both a gift card purchased from Woolies and a discount code such as "GIFT25" for 25% off, let me know and I'll go out and buy the Woolies gift card :)

        • -1


          I haven't done it on a Woolie's site because I don't shop on it. You usually put the gift card number in the same 'apply coupon/code' box. I have done it on plenty of sites. As i said it is different to put in 2 discount codes compared to a gift card voucher code. I know it works with Big W online as I have done with them and woolies owns big W.

        • @keekster:

          This should work . It used to work. Just add the gift card to your account. Then the voucher box is free at check out

        • @keekster:

          I can confirm that you could add the gift card to your account beforehand which will be added as store credit.

          You could then use a coupon code e.g. $20 off $79 in the coupon box. I can see both $20 and $50 deducted from the total when I made my purchase.

        • @Mucchan:

          Thanks guys, but I am talking about Iconic not Woolies or Catch. My first reply was in response to first in line who asked if the gift card will work with promo codes, so I assumed everyone knew I was talking about Iconic not Woolies or Catch. Sorry for the confusion.

          Can someone confirm whether this will work with Iconic? As I said, with Iconic, only only 1 box at ICONIC (“add voucher or gift card”).

        • +1


          You can actually redeem The Iconic gift cards from the 'Your Credit' page under your account I've managed to add multiples of these $50 gift card to my Iconic account and they show up as store credit.

        • @Mucchan:

          Thanks Muchan! Oh well, deal has expired, maybe for next time I now know!!

  • +7

    Can you use multiple gift cards in one purchase at catch?

    Nvm found the answer, max 5 gift cards at once.

    • used to be one per transaction unless they recently changed.

    • I too am interested in this, as I want to buy something around the $500 mark.

    • +2

      max 5 gift cards at once.


      • So it does work?…

  • +2

    Can I combine gift cards with promo code at The Iconic?

    • Yes I also want to know this.

  • +1

    Can I combine multiple gift cards for one transaction at iconic?

  • Nintendo?

  • good deals

  • +4

    For those interested in the Catch Gift Cards

    Can I use multiple gift cards towards my purchase?

    Yes, you are able to use a maximum of five gift cards (both digital and physical) to cover the balance of your purchase.

    Please note that if you need to pay for the balance of your order using a different payment method, you will be able to use up to 4 gift cards plus your credit card or PayPal account


    • +1

      Successfully applied eight $25 gift cards today when checking out in one transaction on Catch.com.au today. The $50 gift cards ran out at the last Woolies I visited but the $25 ones were on discount too! Used eWish gift cards at self-check out too.

      • Which Woolies branch?

        • I'm in NSW and you are in VIC so N/A. Tried to DM you too.

        • I see…Thanks mate :)

  • +2

    Does anyone know if you can stack an Iconic gift card with the $20 off 79 spent code for new members? thanks in advance

  • +2

    Does the Iconic credit expire? Can't find the info online.

  • Can you now use Wish gift cards to purchase other gift cards?

    • +1

      Gift card with set denominations can usually be bought at self serve checkout wih wish cards.

      • Great! I'll try that out, last time it didn't work for me.

  • -1

    Can you use these gift cards on Catch's Ebay Store?
    If so is it stackable with current P5OZZIE code?

    • That's like asking if you can use Woolies or Myer Gift Cards on eBay. I'd be surprised if the answer was yes

      • Not experienced at that sort of thing, hence the question. I see Ebay as a marketplace so was simply wondering whether it would depend on how they have their store offers set up. Thought it was worth asking …in the spirit of ozbargaining :)

    • +1


  • Are there any exceptions when using wish gift cards to buy other gift cards? Eg. Limit of 1 gift card per customer or only selected gift voucher denominations? I am keen on getting a few iconic vouchers.

    • Only pre-set denominations as they don't require attendant input. There's possibly a maximum of 5 gift cards per transaction that's regardless of the payment method.

  • +1

    Can you buy these online? I can't seem to find them on their store.

  • +1

    Where can I buy the catch gift card? I have been to 3 wws store none of them selling it.

  • I was able to purchase 3 The Iconic Gift Cards at self serve checkout using a wish egift card. The purchase did require attendant input but they didn't see what payment method I used.

  • -1

    does anyone know when this offer ends?

    • +1

      Tuesday … The same day that all sales at Woolies ends? The expiry date is also listed in the OP …

      • Im so sorry i didnt know the date that all sales at Woolies end!

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