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NetGear Arlo Solar Panel $85.49USD Delivered ($113AUD) @ Amazon US



Cheapest price for the newly released NetGear Arlo Solar Panel.

Only compatible with Arlo Pro and Pro 2 Cameras, as well as Arlo Go.

Cheapest local price I have seen is $129 at CPL. JB selling it for $149 and Amazon AU selling it for $148.

Connects to the Pro cameras via Micro USB.


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    These would be great but at $100 a pop id rather recharge every 3 months.. it needs to come down in price, something closer to $50 me thinks…


      Agreed. I have a Pro camera pointing down my driveway. It's set to not see the footpath so that the battery doesn't waste quickly. If it did see the footpath, it would have caught the person that broke into my car last night :(


        Ohh that sucks, i reduced the recording to 20 seconds and cover the foot path just in case, battery lasts about 3months… I do find that im having issues with the motion sensors, they are not that great.

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          Mine have been flawless, but the system as a whole isn't that great. They do they job but need more smart motion sensing. I don't want to be notified about trees or birds.

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        Lucky they didn't swipe the Arlo as well. That's always been one of my main worries, so the one above my driveway is quite high, only accessible via a ladder. But that also makes it a hassle to change the batteries, so I end up reducing sensitivity and recording time, and then procrastinating on changing them when they go flat.

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          Yeah, they stole my wife's sunnies and my son's nappies. So weird!

          They didn't take my phone mount, phone charger or dashcam. Bizarre.

          My Arlo is out of reach for an average sized person - might put it higher now.

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    Can't you use a standard solar panel from somewhere like SCA and attach a 12v to usb car adapter? Would most likely power multiple arlos?


      I was just about to edit this post to include my findings on that.

      I haven't tried any other solar panel, but I have tried to power the cameras with different micro usb phone chargers it doesn't work. They must have some sort of mechanism that prevents this.

      Only when I used the included wall charger did the camera charge. Even the USB cable with another charger didn't work.

      So your mileage may vary.

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      Keep in mind though that you would likely lose the waterproofing as the Arlo Panel has a plug size that fits snug to create a seal around the port.

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