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Down Jackets and Vests 50% off @ Macpac


Massive sale at Mac Pac…take advantage of this sale now and keep warm in winter :)

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  • Crap sale. The Plains Down Men's vest is available only in small. That excludes a fair proportion of the adult male population.

  • I scored https://www.macpac.com.au/mens/jackets-vests/down-jackets-ve... for $130 with the MACPAC20 discount code.

    • OMG, thankyou!

      Was about to place my $350 order, but decided to come back and refresh this page. Then tried the code and it worked. I then had the bright idea to split my order into two and saved $40! $850 RRP for $310 #winning

      I may retain my OzBargain license for now ;)

  • When does this sale end?

  • How does this brand compare with mountain designs as to quality and true to size?

    • it's vegan

      • In case someone actually believes this, the down is sourced from birds through live-plucking (a gruesomely painful process that leaves animals injured, and sometimes dead.)

        • Yeah because I think of those useless things everytime I buy things or eat my food or even breathe in the air around me.

          Those darn humans and the way they're destroying Earth and its inhabitants ey.

        • @ops2000:

          Are these issues not worthy of some thought?

        • Hahahaha I was joking when I said it but they it but they actually are vegan, since they source it ethically, The down is not from live plucking. It's from ducks used for their meat. They get the it from the meat industry, already dead. One and done. It's a byproduct. They are very strict about this and their supplier is Responsive Down Certified. You can also track your down as
          With the tag on your clothes

        • @ZubatRingo:
          I don't think thats the definition of vegan? Correct me if I'm wrong.

        • @Zacsik: it's ethically sourced so it is. It wasn't harmed for the down

        • That's why i chose the jacket with PrimaLoft instead.

        • @Flurogreen: dead ducks feel pain?

        • @ZubatRingo: You said it wan't harmed for the down. I'm pretty sure the duck/goose was harmed. If you want to debate about something like this perhaps head over to https://www.reddit.com/r/DebateAVegan/ they are more than happy to engage in the ethics of all of this.

        • @Flurogreen: it was harmed for the meat, so yes it wasn't harmed for the down. Don't have a Reddit account, invite them here

        • @ZubatRingo: It's free to create an account. I found this post on the ethics of down v synthetic: https://www.reddit.com/r/DebateAVegan/comments/6bc95e/down_v...

        • @ZubatRingo:
          I think a lot of vegans would argue that point with you. Are you vegan to speak with such authority on what defines a vegan?

        • @Zacsik: if I said yes, do my answers become have a higher standing?

        • @ZubatRingo:
          Yes. I would say that most vegans would not consider using down, even if they are meat ducks, 'vegan'.

          Like Flurogreen said, go on reddit and feel free to understand how vegans feel.

          I don't have a problem with these products and own them. But lets not claim they are vegan.

        • @Flurogreen:

          To my mind, if an animal is going to be killed anyway the material should probably not be wasted.

          Seems we're on the same page

        • @Zacsik:
          Then let's say I'm a vegan.
          Read the link posted by flurogreen

        • I agree. Live plucking is inhuman and shouldnt happen in this day and age.

          Having said that, they should kill the animal quickly, and painlessly as possible. Remove the feathers and down, then sell the meat.

          Nothing really should goto waste. Needless suffering is just stupid. But chicken and goose meat is so delicious.

          You don't have to be vegetarian to be mindful. I think the issue is that activists tend to go about it the wrong way and get up in everyone's face when someone as little as farts at an animal

        • @ZubatRingo:

          There are plenty of counter points in the comments of thread linked.

          By the same token, if you happen to drink milk from a beef cow, is it vegan? If you eat the meat of a milk cow?

          Just because one animal is used for one purpose doesn't mean another use of the animals byproduct is considered vegan.

        • @Zacsik: false equivalence. Although what you stated is uncommon, they were raised to be eaten, that includes milk and eggs.

        • @ZubatRingo:

          I don't see how those two things aren't comparable, especially when it comes to what the majority of vegans define as being vegan, which is the use of animal products. But you're entitled to your opinion and I to mine.

        • @Zacsik:I guess we can agree to disagree. Nice talking.

        • @Heracles26: The comment is not for OzBargain as the site is about bargains.

          If I need to consider everything that is harming the planet then I wouldn't be on this website.

          I'm interested in the item, the quality, the price, ease of purchase, shipping time etc. and most importantly the "BARGAIN".

          I don't want to see useless information about how some animal died in making the item. What for?

        • @ops2000: but do you not want to do your part in preserving the environment and reduce suffering of animals? Just a simple reminder isn't so bad.

        • @ops2000:

          I guess it depends how much weight you give to living an ethical life and minimising one's impact on the environment and on non-human animals.

    • equivalent in terms of (good) quality in my experience (though both have some lesser quality items on the lower end). hard to comment on sizing but I've never had a problem with the few jackets I've bought for myself and others

  • Anyone with experience with this brand recommended jacket for hiking in moderately cold weather? (non-alpine)

    • I had a Macpac Sundowner jacket in European winter, went down to minus 2 degrees (ex. wind chill), remained comfortable with a thermal and midlayer underneath

      • Soooooooo, not really for Australia then? Unless you live in the mountains and and it's constantly winter where you are?

      • Sounds a bit overkill for what i want, but ill work back from there. Cheers.

      • So would it be too warm for say 13 degree Melbourne weather?

        • I'd say it depends on how much you "feel" the cold… if you look around and find yourself generally wearing more layers than the people around you… maybe a down jacket in Sydney will work for you?

        • @gavt: I'm more concerned about overheating. Sounds like this jacket is not for me then.

  • Got a size medium, would it fit considering I'm about 177 cm and about 80kg? Heard the sizes were a bit larger than normal fit.

    • I'm 177cm and 76kg and even a S is big, in arm length especially!

      • Is the S size a bit tight on any areas? I'm still young and wanting to grow some muscle mass so at my current weight if I put on some mass do you think the S would still fit comfortably?

        • Not really. I used to train for bodybuilding and am naturally broad across the shoulders/chest but still its not tight.

          Hey if you have purchased a M at least that's give you more motivation to get huge haha ;)