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10% off Already Discounted Watches @ Creation Watches - Seiko Quartz Chronograph SKS563 $86 - Seiko 5 Automatic SNKL84 $92


Original watches posted sold out. There are a lot of deals to be had on the website under the "holidaydeals" section but here are some more great deals as an example to use your HOLIDAYDEALS code on :

(YOU CAN ALSO USE THE HOLIDAYS code for 5% off sitewide)

Seiko Quartz Chronograph SKS563 SKS563P1 SKS563P Men's Watch SOLD OUT

$86 shipped after HOLIDAYDEALS code. This is the cheapest chrono watch available from Seiko.

Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made SNKL84 SNKL84J1 SNKL84J Men's Watch SOLD OUT

Use code HOLIDAYDEALS to bring price down to $92. This is the cheapest Seiko automatic watch.

Seiko Quartz Alarm Chronograph Tachymeter SNAC91 SNAC91P1 SNAC91P Men's Watch

Great Deal if you fancy a black chrono. Cheapest price for this model anywhere by far. $116 after HOLYDAYDEALS coupon.

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 24 Jewels Japan Made SRP739 $141AUD SOLD OUT

I was looking for an affordable automatic watch to start off my collection. This is by far the best price available on this japanese made watch.

Use code HOLIDAYDEALS to bring price down to $141. Comes with free DHL shipping.


Made In Japan
Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Automatic Movement
24 Jewels
Caliber: 4R36
Mineral Crystal
Black Dial
Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
Luminous Hands And Markers
Day And Date Display
See Through Case Back
Deployment Clasp
100M Water Resistance

Approximate Case Diameter: 45mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 13mm

Seiko Military Chronograph SNDA19 SNDA19P1 SNDA19P Men's Watch SOLD OUT


Also cheap as chips for a seiko quartz with chrono.

$71 after using coupon code HOLIDAYS. Free registered shipping. Only comes in a bag, no box.


Japan Seiko Chronograph 7T92 Movement
Deployment clasp
Stainless Steel case
Scratch resistant mineral crystal
Dark Grey dial
Luminous hands and markers.
Date display at 4 o'clock position
Chronograph functions
100m Water Resistant

Case Diameter 43.5 mm
Case Thickness 12 mm

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  • +1

    Excellent price for a Seiko Automatic.

    • +4

      I swore to myself no more watches:( I failed miserably!

      • +5

        Me too :(

        We've got the dreaded WatchNerd syndrome.

        • +1

          i think i’m developing it too …have to resist for at
          least a year.

        • +2

          @kamoy: Good thing that next year is only a few weeks away!

      • +4

        By the power vested in me I hereby absolve you of all blame and any residual guilt concerning the essential acquisition of this premium automatic horological masterpiece.

  • +1

    Do they need battery change or are like eco-drive?

    • shake it ! no batt i believe

    • +1

      There is no form of battery. Automatics work on movement and generally have a power reserve around 36 hours.

      • +1

        What happens if there is no movement for 36 hours? Does the time need to be reset?

        • +4

          Yes. Some people use a winder box to avoid that.

        • @PJC:

          Whats your opinion on these? Do you think it's better or worse for the lifespan of the watch? I've seen differing opinions.

          I've got 4 automatics now, I don't mind winding them, but I also wouldn't mind not winding them either. It'll be especially handy whenever I eventually get a nice moonphase.

        • +2

          @EARLOBE: With 4 + automatics you should either enjoy the re-setting ritual or treat yourself to a winder box or two. As for lifespan, having an automatic serviced often costs over $150 which is irksome if half the price of the next watch. It may not need a service for 20 years, but the inevitable is coming with or without the convenience of winder boxes.

    • The automatic doesn't need a battery, the quartz chronograph runs on battery.

  • Argh.

    Want, but shouldn't, but want.

  • i’m all watched for myself with all the invicta and citizen deals we’ve had ….next watch will be for my 11 year old ..200m WR not too big so he has a watch he can use in the pool and surf.

  • but wow made in japan and
    auto very cheap for this …wonder why they price low ?

    • Designed in Japan, made in China?

      • +1

        Casual googling shows only “J” SKU is Made in Japan.

        • +7

          More intense googling shows it's not as simple as that and the watch industry as a whole isn't very upfront about what is exactly made where.

          It's not the 80's anymore and just like Australia, labour costs have risen, so a lot of companies have had to move offshore to keep costs down. Do you really think a watch that costs this much is made in Japan?

          Regardless you shouldn't get hung up on the issue as Seiko make great watches for what you pay. Their offshore factories will have the same high standard that Seiko is known for.
          Just don't go out of your way to pay more for a J model instead of K, as many people in the watch community have said there is no difference. Others will say there is a difference.

        • +2

          Just to back up WatchNerd, 'J' doesn't always insuate that the watch is Japanese made.

          Also, I think it's 'bro science' that people can definitively tell the differences between K and J versions of the same model (e.g. Seiko SKX007/9) apart from font colours and lines of writing.

          Just get the watch you like and the cheaper K version.

        • -2


          .. watch industry as a whole isn't very upfront about what is exactly made where.

          Not sure who you mean by "watch industry".. Vendors are very upfront - if it has "Made in Japan", then it's made in Japan. The finer print is only for the pedantic enthusiast.

          The problem here is with this obnoxious re-seller - what SKU is "SRP739 SRP739J1 SRP739J"? This re-seller is obfuscating the fact that the priced watch is not SRP739J and isn't made in Japan.

          Whether the product is made in Japan or Mars is irrelevant as long is its advertised honestly.

        • +1

          @WatchNerd: I hear what you are saying about not knowing where the watch is coming from and I totally agree, but it is my understanding that there are some finishing differences between the two models.

          Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGA6lsSmX4U

          It may just be that different watches from the same factory but different batches have different qualities, but there is a notable difference between the J and K models in this videos (for better or worse).

          This is why I love video reviews on youtube.

        • +3

          @AlexF: This comment you made is a simplistic view. "Vendors are very upfront - if it has "Made in Japan", then it's made in Japan. The finer print is only for the pedantic enthusiast."

          That's not true. For example, as defined by a Swiss watch: "a) its movement is Swiss, b) its movement is cased up in Switzerland and c) the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland. A movement is Swiss if at least 50% of its value (excluding cost for assembly) has been realized in Switzerland and if it has been assembled and "inspected" by the manufacturer in Switzerland."

          It's easy to abuse.

          Many parts are manufactured in Asia - very cheaply. After shipment to Switzerland, a small amount of Swiss parts are added. However, the value of these parts are much higher and so is the labour.

          The German company Steinhart, makers of Swiss watches, use Swiss ETA, Sellita or Soprod movements, assemble their watches in Switzerland, but use parts from China. The movement and labour value easily costs more than the imported components. Also, I have seen the receipt from an Omega bracelet that was made in China.

          It's much like HSV manufacturing made in Australia cars…with crated engines made in the USA.

          I agree with what you are saying about the sellers though. They will often advertise Seiko SKX watches in mutliple variants (007, 009, bracelet, J model, K model) but also include a completely different model such as an SNZ 'sea urchin.' This effectively makes an SKX watch appear significantly cheaper in a search, since the price of the cheaper SNZ will show.

          …from a pedantic enthusiast. :)

        • +1

          @ilikeit: For Swiss Made the percentage has been 60% this year.

        • +2

          @PJC: I knew it had changed, but had pretty sketchy reception so played it safe. Can't see too much changing though, Asia is too damn cheap.

        • +2

          @ilikeit: True, and all the Swiss Made bargains I find were made under the 50% rule. You have to take a long, long walk to find any new watch without any Chinese parts whatsoever. Even at $20,000 it may not be possible.

  • Not many womens designs. I bought a watch for my mum but it didn't say Made in Japan. Lets hope it's 2-4 days delivery as stated. Thank you!

    • +3

      If it's a Seiko, I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Saved by low stock, that chronograph was a nice deal.

  • I really really really tried but nope..

  • Where does CreationWatches ship from? Looking at purchasing an SRP775 J version through them but worried that it wont arrive before the holiday season.

    • +1


    • +1

      Mine came by DHL which I thought they included in the purchase price? Took 3 days.
      Location… Singapore.

    • Most of the grey market sellers, including Creation, are based in Singapore.

  • +5

    Terrible company do not do business with them.

    Bought a skx007j early this year at approx 280 dollars which had dust underneath the glass as a factory fault, Seiko Australia said they are not an authorised dealer and I would not be covered warranty to have it removed. The customer service from creation wasd terrible, it was a week of back and forth emails to finally have an unsatisfying resolution. I would avoid creation as there is also plenty of bad reviews online.

    If the product has no faults you are good. If it is not you are on your own.

    • +1

      I haven't dealt with Creation, but you were very unlucky to have a fault with Seiko. I have 4 or 5 automatics and have had digital and quartz watches from them all with impeccable quality.
      I see they do factory servicing out of Sydney and will replace damaged glass for $50, so perhaps consider paying to get the dust out by their service team, just so you don't have a bitter taste every time you look at the time!

      • Just pay with PayPal and use their return policy thing (https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns) and they'll cover return costs and get a refund if it happens.

        • I paid with PayPal, it was before the free return service was a thing

      • My old man was happy to take it.

        Ended up buying a srp77j (turtle) From sky watch's had them check it before sending. It isn't common to get misaligned dials on seikos.

        • +1

          Seiko SKX007/9 and Turtles probably have the worst reputation for dial, chapter ring and bezel issues. Luckily they are easily corrected. Although consider that these are high volume watches, so you will definitely hear about more issues than more obscure model lines.

    • +1

      My SRP775 Turtle had a a dust spec and two hairs on the chapter ring. When I placed my order I specifically wrote 'please check for dust and hairs on the dial.' Creations response was 'All watches are authentic.'

      Basically, don't buy grey market unless you are willing to take a gamble that you will get a perfect watch for less than Australian prices. For me the discount includes the price of a watch smith to service any errors. This is a well known perspective on watch forums and hence why I don't kick up a massive stink about it. If you want less risk, go to an AD and pay more.

      Seikos have quite poor quality control, especially misaligned chapter rings and bezels on dive watches.

      Having bought several watches on the grey market, the turtle is the only one with issues.

      • I think it's just poor service from creation watches, the skx007j is Japan made instead of K (Malaysian version) you would think that paying a premium would warrant better care when skx007k go for like 180-190.

        Buying from sky watches I had no issue, no generic response and assured that it was checked. My sarb033 from seiya Japan has been running well and doesn't have widespread issues and is pretty popular in the watch community it's nick named baby grand seiko

        • +1

          Yeah it's a nice watch. Everyone's going nuts over the new SARY models, but I love the 'automatic' and font on the SARBs over the text on the Presage.

        • Oh damn they are nice, bug Seiko using a lower tier movement? The 4r36 instead of the 6r15 but charging the same price? What is the community saying about that

  • +3

    Nice find Op. It should be noted that there are other classic Seiko 5 models available for around this price, including -

    Seiko SNZG13K1 US$110.71 - 5% = $105.17 shipped (~AU$139.50) Use code P5OZZIE
    Seiko SNZH55K1 US$129.11 - 5% = $122.65 shipped (~AU$162.50) Use code P5OZZIE

    • Hi WatchNerd, Thanks for this. any other great finds?

      • +2

        Ooooh you're definitely barking up the right tree here.

  • Would love one with a Leather band. I prefer lighter watches. Any recommendations.

    • +5

      You know you can swap the bracelet to whatever you want? Otherwise here is a lighter watch.

      • Haha, nice one!

  • What is the actual amount that code takes off the price?

    • The HOLIDAYDEALS is 10% off (only applicable on select watches, while the HOLIDAYS code takes 5% off any watches.

  • all gone

  • +1

    I have added more watches that I think are good deals and updated title.

    • +1

      Well done.

  • Is it applicable to 'certain' watches/models only ? Tried using the code on 2 watches in my cart, HOLIDAYDEALS did not work and HOLIDAYS took off just 5%

    • Yes, that code only work in the holidaydeals section.

  • I got the watch Seiko 5 SRP739J1 . Good condition but the "Days" are in Arabic. (!?)

    Anyone else got the watch yet?

    • You need to manually flip the day wheel to show English.

      • oops my bad… All good..