Approval for post requirement for "L" members

Lately there are more and more spammers and scammers which just register to post some rubbish and disappear. How about a new rule that new "L" members can post deals but they need admin approval?

Should save us from a lot of rubbish post


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    It also means more work for Admin. Also there are few L posts which were helpful or real bargains.

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    Just report the spam. Most of the it's dealt with promptly.

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    Instead of a captcha upon registration, you should have to upload a selfie, holding a packet of eneloops.
    Only then may you join our community.

  • Posts by Ls'. As you can see it's a mixed bag of hot and not so hot deals so we won't be restricting L's sitewide. We do have several countermeasures for SPAM including some temporary L blocks for certain domains.

    If you spot SPAM or a SCAM, just keep using the report link.

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    Power Users can also act on L-Plate posts from the minute it's put up, so if anyone is around, they can edit it to remove any referrals etc.

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    Nay - you want to minimise the initial hurdle for new members to begin contributing on the site (and indeed this applies to all such user-contribution sites), because that's where the content comes from. There are unavoidable ones like learning posting rules, formats, required information, relevance and value, so putting in additional ones is generally a bad idea.

    • Yeah, we used to have a 24 hour submission ban for all new users which helped quite considerably for SPAM as SPAMMERS are pretty lazy. However the downside to that was people who were lurkers and wanted to sign up to share a deal couldn't. So we don't have that anymore for Australian users but overseas users will run into bans. Overseas users are mostly company reps or SPAMMERS albeit we did go viral in Morocco recently.


        Wow, OzBargain, repping Australia internationally! Good work! Though the deal linked in the paragraph as an example from new users (video card deal) was +2 -5…..

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