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Homefront PC FREE @ Steam


In case you missed it free on Humble Bundle last week. This expires in the US at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Friday, December 15, so sometime early in the morning on Saturday 16/12 for Aussies.

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    free for 24hr?

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      Free to keep

  • Is it free to keep or for 24 hours???

  • Looks like I missed it last time. Thanks!

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    The one on humble Bundle was Homefront the Revolution. This is different

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      No it wasn't. It was just Homefront. This is the same.

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        Sorry, must have been mistaken, im pretty sure it said 'The Revolution' under it
        Thanks for the neg (:

        • wasn't me but hey they probably negged you cos it was an incorrect statement. have a plus for your last comment though :)

  • Thanks OP, I missed last one.

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    If anybody wants to know. Deal expires 2am (WA) / 3:30am (NT) / 4am (QLD) / 4:30 (SA) / 5am (NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS) – Saturday 16th December 2017

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    The sequel is also free to play but not free to keep for the same timeframe

    • For the weekend

  • hahahahaah i remmber this let down… the day after it was released it flopped so hard no one played it the next week.. (biggest flop of 2014? maybe 15)

    they lied about how good the gameplay would be and never showed us the final graphics, just trailers, me and 5 others wasted $59

    • I bought it cause the storyline was written by the same guy who wrote the original Red Dawn movie.
      That was one of my favourite movies as a kid.
      This is not one of my favourite games as an adult…

  • What's up with the steam reviews? 🤔

  • Says $4.99US now…

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