expired Business Camp: Brisbane and Sydney Tickets - Late Discount Tickets for AU $390


Your child can start their very own business in just 3 days. In just 72 hours, your child will experience the highs, lows, love, and pressure that make up the ever changing world of business. They will meet the most amazing friends and mentors, along the way building their very own business or social change movement.

We've got LAST MINUTE tickets for Business Camp in Brisbane and Sydney in January 2018. Was $450. Purchase this week for just $390.

Business Camp

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    will it stick?

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    The highs and lows of business? You want to float our children's businesses and then bankrupt them in 72 hours?


      There's love and pressure on day 2.

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        On night 2 they get to experience sleeping on the street after VC investors run the company into the ground while sucking every last bit of profit out of it and the bank repossess their home and $80,000 BMW. But on Day 3 they get to bootstrap a book startup, using the money and connections they made from begging on the street, which then releases a book detailing their VC betrayal, roughing it on the streets, subsequent return to profitability and their super awesome plan to start a camp where they mentor children on how to become successful business brats for the low low price of $450 $390.


    Your child can start their very own business in just 3 days.

    Probably sooner if you don't buy a ticket and give them the $390 instead.

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      No Scab - you don't give these tycoons in the making anything. You need to make them hungry for business success🙅

      They have to impress you with their business plan, sales protections, market research. You are the venture capitalist in this scenario - so screw them for a 51% share of their start up in return for the $390. "Shark Tank" & "Dragon's Den" are just training videos😱

      A generous dose of business-love never hurt me😵

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    Do these jokers seriously think they can command the attention of petulant 21st century brats for 3 whole days?!

    I immediately thought of this when I read the (rather vague and dubious) description.

    Edit: And this too.


    Why are business camps in Australia promoted on an Aussie site, listed with AU$ price rather than usual $? Seems strange they chose to do that. Set off my suspicion-sonar.

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    With inspirational segments on Skase, Bondie, and Ansett.