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Avira Phantom VPN Pro 1 Year Licence FREE $0


A whole year licence for avira Phantom pro VPN. Not the best but probably the cheapest at the moment.

Link is to a German page. Direct download is here https://www.avira.com/de/phantom-vpn-xmas-bzd?x-c-channel=le...

If you like it get it, if not don't nobody forces you to get it.

JV take it or leave it but don't annoy me

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    Can anyone confirm you can access the US Netflix library with this VPN?

    • According to this, http://au.pcmag.com/avira-phantom-vpn it does.

    • Not working on US Netflix for me using a PC

      • Secureline VPN allows me to access US Netflix (among other countries) and for the android version it is only $2 per month.

        Else TorGuard works.

  • Not working on Android Netflix

  • Got the below in email after signing up PRO is free only for 30 days.


    Thank you for selecting Avira Phantom VPN Pro. You can now use it free for 30 days. Thereafter, you can renew the premium license or allow it to be automatically downgraded to the free version.

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      Try a different email address.
      The first time I entered my email address it was a Yahoo address with .au at the end.
      It did the same offered me a 30 period.

      I tried again with a Gmail address and got the 1 Year offer.

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        thanks! It worked on 2nd attempt

  • Only 30 days also

  • I got a year.

  • Got 1 year, thanks OP https://i.imgur.com/NCcab0M.jpg

    Works great on Android

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    anyone know how to change the client to english if possible?

    • Did you find a solution as I cant find it, if indeed it has that option

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      After you login to avira, click your pic on top to go into your profile to change your language to english.

      • I get an arror saying I cant loool

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        Thanks. To Clarify:
        1. Click the red umbrella icon and load up the desktop app
        2. Click the icon at the top right of the window and it will launch a webpage
        3. Click the grey circle at the top right and it will load up a profile page
        4. Enter a "Vorname" (first name)
        5. Change language in the drop down menu (next to "vorname")
        6. And click the green button

        The desktop app seems to remain in German though
        Mobile app works via play store (download free version and login)

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          Thanks for the step by step guide!

        • Well in the end I think everything is okay, the VPN app and desktop app is in English but the online account won't change to English but don't need it so guess its fine. Thanks for the help :)

        • @Jollystacker: Ok dw I retried it and it worked. Its all in English!

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      Re-download from English website:


      • Can confirm this converts the german desktop app to the english desktop app!

      • Thanks that worked

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    Would seem that those who've used avira services with a primary email account will get the 30 days offer

  • Got a year using a gmail account thanks :)

  • Will I need to enter debit details?

    • +1


      • Cheers.

  • Hopefully I can get Pandora back with this…

    • Pandora music works… :)

  • So I have expiry December 2018
    Installed windows client

    Says I have 500MB left - is that all you get monthly?

    No idea how to what to do from there.
    registration wants a new password, so don't think thats it

    anybody got past the client, is it unlimited?

    • Try a new registration with a Gmail address

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      Free version is capped at 500Mb/month. Pro version through this deal is unlimited. Did you install the Pro client? Did you receive the email confirming 360 days subscription?

      • Yes I have a full year.
        I just used the download link so not sure which version I selected.
        Can't log in now, just spins after entering password, been like it for a day or two
        I'll try again, thanks for advice, worth chasing up if unlimited

    • Definately installed pro this time
      Sure I went through same steps, but maybe it dosconnected and I just went and downloaded wrong client or something.
      Connected to Aus (best ping times), download speed was zero !!
      Anyway unlimited so all good in that respect


      • Nice. I'm connected to Aus server and getting around 40Mb down and 10Mb up, so not sure why u got download speed of zero.

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    Upvoting just for the JV comment :P

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      So far it has worked.

  • Thanks dosada, Im sure it is good for some users. Im new to VPN and was after BBC iplayer and it doesn`t have that (I tried).
    This review may help some people: https://www.top10vpn.com/avira-phantom-vpn/
    Anyone know good BBC iplayer vpns?

    • Express VPN works for the Iplayer (sadly my internet speed is so slow its of little use for watching Match of the Day)

  • I just get a blank page when I click the green button in the email.

    • Same, all you have to do is go incognito and go to http://my.avira.com and click "forget password" then you can reset password and the green button in the email is no longer needed.

  • No Linux client :( just moved to Deepin from Windows.

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