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Event Cinemas - 4 Gold Class Evouchers for $100*


A limited time only, we are offering 4x Gold Class eVouchers for just $100* for use over the next six months.

There are lots of great films releasing to choose from, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Fifty Shades Freed, The Avengers: Infinity War and plenty more.

These eVouchers can be redeemed to see any movie in Gold Class, at any of our cinemas (excluding after 5PM Friday and Saturday nights, not valid in VIC/ TAS). For a bigger experience you can also upgrade to see movies 3D – which is very worthwhile!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: *Each $100 ePackage consists of 4 x Gold Class eVouchers. These eVouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Not valid from 5pm on Friday or Saturday. Not valid for Moonlight Cinemas 'Gold Grass'. Not valid at Village Cinemas. Not valid in Victoria or Tasmania. The onus is on the holder to use the eVoucher on or before the specified expiry date. After this period the barcode becomes void and cannot be used. This eVoucher does not guarantee a seat - seating is subject to availability. Book your seats online at www.eventcinemas.com.au (booking fees apply) or take a printed copy of the emailed eVoucher to, or display emailed eVoucher on your smartphone at, cinema box office. Once the barcode has been used it becomes void. Barcodes cannot be used more than once. Treat the eVoucher barcode and PIN details like you would cash. Surcharges apply to 3D and must be paid at the same time as redeeming the eVoucher. Glasses sold separately. Not valid for use for group bookings, Movie Marathons, Chicks At The Flicks or any sessions classified as festivals, alternate content or special events including but not limited to foreign films. Not valid with any other promotion or offer. The Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd (GUO) takes no responsibility for the information entered by the purchaser or for incorrect details such as email address, by the purchaser. eVouchers are sold with the understanding that they will not be replaced or exchanged. No refunds given except those required by law. No date extensions available. No change will be given if the session is of lesser value. This eVoucher cannot be transferred or sold without the prior written permission of GUO. Any use of the company name, images or logos must have the prior written consent of GUO. Standard classifications apply. Valid for use in Australia only. eVouchers will be void and will not be redeemable if they are defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way, or if the eVoucher Barcode is illegible. GUO may subject eVouchers to verification and security checks in its absolute discretion. GUO reserves the right to cancel any eVoucher purchased or on sold fraudulently. A maximum of 10 ePackages can be purchased per transaction. While stocks last.

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  • Not bad price if you can't go on a Tuesday night (approx $25 per ticket). Other nights (in Qld) are approx $39.50 per ticket.

  • +2

    great films

    Fifty Shades Freed

  • +4

    This is probably the first deal I've seen with a dreaded '*'

  • Are these 4 individual tickets with different barcodes or has to be used together.

  • +2

    4 separate bar codes with PINS, mine expires 19/06/18

  • +18

    Just putting it here for emphasis for those who get lost in big blocks of T&Cs text:
    Not valid from 5pm on Friday or Saturday.

    • +1

      Ouch. Thank you!

  • Got it

  • +1

    If you go Gold Class you know you're going to end up with a meal on top of the price.

    • +3

      Yeah, you are right, ended up spending another $35 + 2*(25tix) so $85. Can't believe they slug you another $3 for each ticket and on top of that the booking fees

      • +5

        I have done Gold Class exactly once. I didn't like the distraction of the food. Popcorn, lollies, chips can all be eaten without having to concentrate on the food. Eating distracted might not be good for you but fine for a treat. But burgers in the dark at the movies? It's not like you can just hit pause. A larger, comfier seat, a bigger screen or better audio I can appreciate. But I'd rather a full meal before or after the film.

      • In the early days it included popcorn and softdrink which changes the economics dramatically. I believe this might still be the case with Reading Cinemas.

        • .. and Hoyts Lux is still doing this too, I believe.

        • @scrypton:

          LUX is $35 including booking fee. And free popcorn and drink is only available in 3 of the 4 cinemas that do it in NSW.

          Considering I saw Last Jedi for $11.50 (standard cinema) and didn't bother with the snack bar, I'm not sure any of these are good value. They're a treat rather than a bargain, if you like this sort of thing.

        • Reading recently stopped including popcorn and a drink, at least at Rouse Hill NSW, when they introduced two new levels of cinemas experience: premium and titan luxe.

    • +3

      I just Star Wars in Gold Class and used the force to avoid buying anything extra.

      • +1

        That's NOT how the force works

  • Looking at THe Last Jedi at Carindale QLD, it seems that standard pricing on weekdays in the morning is $25, in early afternoon is $28, nights $39.50, and $42 on weekends before 5pm.

    Plus there is a standard booking fee for online of $3.25 per ticket.

    • -1

      I hate to break it to you…

      But The Last Jedi really sucks!!!

  • Cant use it on Friday and Saturday after 5pm WTF??

    • I'm not quite sure it is WTF, perhaps a reflection that after 5 pm on Friday and Saturday is their most lucrative time, so they would rather fill it with full paying customers rather than part paying customers.

      • Oh my heart bleeds for them.

  • +2

    Hot dog and fries = $24 yikes!!!! might just head to ikea for the hot dog before hand. Does hoyts still do the free popcorn for gold class?

  • +1

    Event cinemas are puss.

    High Booking fees

    Big queues, slow to get tickets

    No staff around to serve and when they do turn up they are all kids

    Food is rubbish and rediculous expensive. Slurpies are are like $7 but maccas normally closeby is $1. Their ice creams are cheap crap and for the same price you buy from coles or woolies a whole bucket of their latest and greatest ice cream.

    If anyone has been overseas to almost any other country like China, USA, uk, Thailand or even hong kong it’s cheaper and the theatres in better condition.

  • Just grab the cinebuzz $8 movie tickets at selected cinemas if you are nearby, they're awesome and if you select a large cinema you always get a relatively good experience for your money. I see all the latest films i'm interested in at $8 an adult ticket, and you accrue points and get your 7th ticket free (to spend at a bigger better cinema like chermside muahaha).
    Otherwise the cinemas are just a rort, and how depressing is it to come out of a mediocre movie after paying $20 something a ticket? And as @Powderhound303 said, grab yourself a $1 maccas slurpee on your way in, win win m8

  • When does offer end?

  • I can't figure out how to buy a pack. The link takes me to a page with the same description of the pack, but no buy button.

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