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Unlimited Calls/SMS/MMS and Unlimited Internet $1/2/3 Day Potentially $60 Per Month Max


i recently discovered that i can use bluetooth to connect my phone as a modem to my laptop and run the internet on my computer through my phone plan (optus didnt want me to know that you could do it). i was told about this plan for unlimited net and calls so i went on it and its great for me. but please check if its suitable for you. i save myself the home phone and internet package now and just pay for my mobile.

optus $1, $2 or $3 per day happy days prepaid plans, unlimited calls and internet. if you dont use it for the day you dont get charged, plus if your on $3 and use it mon-fri then sat/sun are free. you do have to designate which plan $1/$2/$3 when you sign up so please read carefully coz it was confuseing me

$1 includes calls/mms/sms to optus and landline calls and facebook ebay and a few other websites. but each extra service (sms or call or mms to non optus mobiles, unlimited websites) is $1 each so if you just use net its $1 day + $1 for net = $2/day
be careful though because if you sms non optus thats + $1 day capped, then call non-optus thats + another $1 day capped etc so you can end up paying $5 a day if my maths is correct. but thats still max since you dont get charged per call, just per service

$2 includes above plus calls/sms/mms to anyone but not internet to all websites just facebook ebay and the other few. (good only if you dont use internet and just want to make phone calls)

$3 includes above plus unlimited net to any website - with this sat/sun will be free if you use it mon-fri so possibly $15/week $60/month. - keep in mind, if you use any service you will be charged the $3 for the day.

its complicated but it depends on what type of calls you make. i dont make calls often but i use the net so if i chose the $1 per day, i would pay $2 per day just to use the net which is $14 per week. for $1 more per week i have the freedom of makeing any calls/sms and not getting charged more

please check the details and terms and conditions before you sign up. coles has sim cards for $2 or $29.95 (incl $30 credit) or optus will send you a free sim but it says turbo cap only? you can change which plan everytime you recharge since its prepaid. please let me know if i have not explained something correctly.

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  • wished unlimited mobile internet would be possible, lol… at their average speeds 200kilobytes a second 24/7. That's 17.28gb a day. Damn I'd drawl over that everyday. May as well dump my fixed internet. Lol, but I bet theirs a fair usage policy. Boo-hoo Optus! You'll never get me as a customer you pricks. Only if you offer truly unlimited just for me, make it public and your whole infrastructure will turn into crash of the day. Nobody wants that (:o)

    • it's prepaid, fair usage policy or not, what can they do? threaten to cancel your account? just get a new sim card

  • It is possible. TPG offers it

  • i couldnt find the details for the fair usage policy, only maximum calls can use is 23hours 59 minutes a day

  • I think what you describe with using your mobile phone as a modem is called "tethering" and the Optus T&C's do not permit this.

    From their terms and conditions:

    "All Dollar Days offers: Include free voicemail deposits and retrievals in Australia. Excludes premium SMS and content, international and satellite calling and text, international roaming charges, Zoo content usage charges, video calling, 966 calls, mobile handset tethering and use of non mobile voice devices."

    • if you had a smartphone, you would now downloading files on your mobile isn't that hard

      • I have a smart phone and it is very useful to tether while on the train.
        It would be a dealbreaker if I was not able to do that on my plan.

    • True. I had the same thought with OP when I first saw this 'daily' plan from Optus month ago. then reading T&C just confirmed that Optus isn't that dumb to let you go mobile tethering.

    • they might not permit it but it works

    • So, the work-around might be to install & use your some of fav VoIP systems onto, say, your netbook:

      • Skype (best choice, with an int'l calling subscription)
      • MyNetFone's softphone
      • ham radio VoIP systems (eg, EchoLink - cool, check it out)

      By me, such a netbook is a mobile voice device. :-)

      If it's not, find & install [an old] USB mobile internet modem for it, & keep it handy, just in case they claim you're 'tethering'

      If none of the above works, complain to TIO, that it's an untenable limitation

      …and/or to ACCC, that it's an unfair limit to competition, etc.

  • i used to be able to do that on my nokia 6300 (on optus) and i have the nokia e63 (virgin) and it doesnt work

    • mine is nokia jelly red 7100 and i have a spare one still in the box too. my neighbour has the same phone as me and a different nokia and it works for both of her phones and her son has a different nokia again and it works for him.

      i was told at the optus shop i couldnt do it with my phone, he didnt say that it wasnt allowed. he told me i could do it with an expensive phone or an iphone. he was wrong i have tried and tested it and it only cost me the $3 for that day since i chose the $3 plan.

  • I was thinking to get one and only use for Internet tethering as well. I am using iPhone.

  • Interesting. Full whirlpool thread here:

    Optus confirm that 13/1800 numbers are included.

    This would be great for irregular users, e.g. fly-in/fly-out.
    Or if you have a busy month and are getting near the call or data cap on your regular plan, put $10 on this.

    Doesn't seem such good value if you are using the 'net every day, long term. Remember, postpaid plans include a big handset subsidy.

    I was thinking to get one and only use for Internet tethering as well. I am using iPhone.

    iPhone is the one case they will definitely stop you tethering. Unless you jailbreak it etc.

  • i read that thread but people seem to have the wrong idea.

    if you are on the $1 a day plan and use an extra service your not going up to the $2 a day plan or $3 a day plan.

    you get charged $1 more for each service. eg

    1.sms/mms to non optus
    2. calls to non optus
    3. internet

    so $1 plus options 1,2 & 3 will end up being $4 for that day. so the $3 a day plan will work out better if you use these as its $3 instead of $4.

    i beleive mms and sms are grouped as 1 service but if they are seperate then itll be $5

    i was confused but i spoke to optus to clarify before i signed up and that was what i was told

    • So lets say in a month I make:
      * 1 call. My monthly bill is $1?
      * 10 days of internet use, and 3 days of phone calls. My bill is $13?
      * 30 days of internet flat chat 24/7 use. My bill is $30?

      If so, that sounds like a great plan.

      • no

        1. if you choose the $1 a day plan, and make 1 call then yes your bill will be $1 for the month as long as that call was to an optus mobile, or a landline phone

        2. if you use the iternet (other than included websites) the minimum per day will be $2. and that depends on which plan you choose 1/2/3 and if the calls are made on the same day and if they are optus or not

        3. the monthly bill will be $60 on the $3 plan provided you use it everyday mon-fri and get sat/sun free

        you only get charged on the days you do use your phone. so providing you use your phone everday:

        $3/day = everything included no need to worry, use it mon-fri and sat/sun free = $60 month (max $72)

        $2/day = unlimited calls, if you use the net add $1 for each day you do = $56 month + $1 for each day you use the net (max $96)

        $1/day = unlimited calls to optus and landlines. + $1 sms non optus + $1 call non optus + $1 internet ($4) = ($120 max)

  • As per the Vodafone thread, this is standard pricing and thereby, according to some, is not a bargain.

    • what other companies do unlimited internet?

      • I think it's a bargain, but if you look at other threads they get negged as it's a standard price. This is a standard price. Whatever.

        • i misread what you were saying, i thought you were saying this is standard price as in other companies were offering it for the same price. i couldnt find a better deal but i would love too hear about it if there is one

  • if i buy the 29.95 kit can i use the 30 bucks on the dollar day offer?

    • yes thats what i did, but apparently if you buy the $30 recharge you get freebies so maybe better getting the $2 or free sim then add the $30 recharge. im new to optus though so i dont know if the freebie thing is worth it - if you get free credit its ok but not calls or text

  • So, does RECEIVING calls or SMS's comprise using those services, ie, on days when you don't MAKE calls or SEND SMS's?

    Maybe the answer is obvious, but I'd want to know before I got one for fly-in use.

    • good questions but the asnwer is no. i received sms on a day i didnt make any calls and didnt get charged for that day. but again please read the terms and conditions

  • Being that this is a prepaid account, how long does your credit last for? 'coz if you have to recharge $30 and the credit only lasts 60 days then it works out to be $15 a month regardless of whether you use it or not…?

    • well mr so negative, if you dont like the deal then dont use it. i simply posted this as it is helpful to some 12 people against 1 (you). go figure it out for youself if your just going to attack all the time.

      if your not going to use it then dont buy credit until you are, and if you dont use it why buy it anyway? nearly all credits have expiry dates. and the minimum is not $30 anyway, i didnt make this deal, so you please make a better deal since you think this one is so bad or you can help other people and post a better deal then?

      • shrug it's a free country.

        Firstly, you condone using the plan in the way that violates the T&C's (tethering); second, as somebody else already mentioned this is just a standard product / service, and IMHO doesn't really constitute a "bargain" as it's always going to be this price. That's just my opinion and I voted accordingly.

        As to posting bargains, I usually do - feel free to check my history. I've even had ones which have been negged into oblivion until a mod intervened, so man up sunshine. If you can't take a single bad vote then don't post.

        I stand corrected on the minimum recharge values. Upon reading, the amounts are:

        ^$10, $15 and $20 vouchers expire in 14 days; $30, $40 and $50 vouchers expire in 30 days; $70 and $100 vouchers expire in 60 days.

        So the minimum you can get away with is $20 per month.

        • So what is the $5/5-day revup credit that was mentioned?

        • i accept your neg vote, and i didnt say anything about it at the time you posted it, you just were trying to find another excuse to attack the deal again (and you got it wrong) and again now, maybe you have a problem with optus or when other people post deals, im not sure and i really dont care what your problems with the world are, you could be a bit nicer to people who are trying to help others find the best deals.

          i didnt say anything about your other posts, i said if you find a better deal than this (meaning one with unlimited mobile and internet for cheaper) then post it, your saying its not a good deal so did you have one that is better? obviously not or you surely wouldve have mentioned it in attacking this one

          and i told people to read the t&c's for themselves, just because im useing it doesnt mean im telling them to do it. it might be "standard", but it seems to be the only one this good or atleast that i found and who knows how long its going to be around as optus said to me its just trialing it, they might make the internet limited like everyone else.

          as for the minimum monthly spend, its $0 you dont have to spend anything, dont buy the deal since you seem to hate it so much.