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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone - $1244.88 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Amazing price for the Platinum and Aus stock too, probably the lowest it's ever been.

Only 10 in stock for the Platinum so better get in quick at 10am…

Also available with more than 10 stock: Mavic Pro Fly More Combo $1439.28 Delivered

Price breakdown

Mavic Pro Platinum
Normal price = $1729
After 20% off coupon = $1383.20
+ bonus 10% off promotion = $1244.88
Current price at DJI: $1699 (saving $454.12)

Mavic Pro Fly More Combo
Normal price = $1999
After 20% off coupon = $1599.20
+ bonus 10% off promotion = $1439.28
Current price at DJI: $1799 (saving $359.72)

Original 20% off Selected Tech Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • This is so bloody tempting as a treat for myself D: but I feel as a first time drone user, this would not be the smartest idea to purchase this :(

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      I bought the standard Mavic as my first drone, it has beginner mode so you don't have to worry too much about crashing it. Just spend 2-3 hours learning the controller settings and watch YouTube tuts to learn the basics, you'll learn to fly in no time! Here's some tips

    • As a first time user and most money already spent, I bought a DJI SPARK. Its a great drone for the price. Good luck

      • As a long time drone user, I agree with this. I have the Spark as well and it’s a great drone to teach people with. It’s small, nimble and super easy to fly in beginner mode.

        That being said, my father owns a Mavic and that too is easy to fly in beginner mode. It’s feels like a bigger version of the Spark to fly.

        For the beginner, almost everything on these drones can be automated to make it easier to fly. The best part of DJI drones is that there is a plethora of information, videos and forums full of helpful information to get anyone flying.

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    Whats this bonus 10% promo??

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      Some stores have a 10% off bonus promo, you'll see it below the listing title and it's automatically applied at checkout

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    Where is the DJI Australian office to send your drone in for warranty repairs?

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      It's located in Burwood VIC. Their repair service is amazing, I crashed my Mavic which I bought from HK and they still replaced it as it was covered under care refresh. Bought the care package from their website though. Took 2.5 weeks for the whole process - submit claim>send drone in package>wait for them to receive it>let them assess damage>repair or replace

      • Did you get your care refresh from

        • +2

          Yes, using the app but it's the same as the website. I just thought it'd make the whole process easier since it's off their store and not another drone site. People avoid buying grey stock for local warranty reasons but it's a myth, DJI do repair overseas drones if covered by care refresh. $139 for first time replacement and second time is $199.

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    I bought the Mavic Pro combo yesterday.. Spent bit more :(

  • Out of stock

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      Looks like they forgot to price jack it before the sale so had no option but to out of stock it. :D

      • Yes I thought so too, but the others items are still available

  • Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.


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      Starts 10am

  • Two days ago, i bought a GoPro 5 and want to get a drone, any recommendations on drone that come without a camera ?

    • You could get the Karma by Gopro, actually all DJI models come with built in camera, except for the high end models.

      • Yes, I did see that and would love to but they are sooo expensive. Plus it's my first time and I think it would be silly putting that much money on it.
        I was thinking around $500 for a drone with stabilization included.
        Are DJIs just the way to go or should I give a go with other brands, all my mates have said DJI.

  • Do these guys provide tax invoice?

  • Out of stock

    • Try other sellers in the sale. I bought thru shopping-express-clearance.

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    Managed to grab the Fly More Combo :)

  • Just got the fly more combo from shopping-express-clearance $1,439.28. Thanks Bargainers!

    • unless theyve jacked the price up, it seems to be totaling $1599.2 after 20%

      • They removed the additional 10%. A handful of us seem to have managed to snag them before it was removed however.

        • They just cancelled my order! Citing no stock. BS!!!

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          @chadszinow: Ahh bugger. I should go check my emails

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          Hi Sir,

          We're sorry to let you know that shopping-express-clearance cancelled your order and mentioned the reason as "Buyer asked to cancel the order".

          The seller refunded back to your original payment method, and you don't need to do anything else.

          i will be reporting this seller to ebay as they essentially lied as to the reason

        • @brettrobo: I didn't read it when they cancelled but yes I got the same thing! I certainly did not ask for the order to be cancelled. I'll report them as well.

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          @chadszinow: they cancel my order also. We need to do something?

        • @Bluekingleiw: Did all of you order from shopping express? I bought from Futu, and so far they haven't cancelled my order (yet)

        • @chartparker: I also bought from Futu, no email as of yet!

        • @Bluekingleiw: I just chatted with eBay and they said they'll look into it. They said if they did something wrong "the seller's account will be sanctioned, consequences could range from a warning to closing their account.".

          This is what I told eBay
          "I made an order of item# 263036753290 from seller shopping-express-clearance. They then cancelled my order saying they had no stock in an email to me but cancelled it with the code "Buyer asked to cancel the order" which I certainly didn't.

          In a forum I have found 2 other eBay users saying the exact same happened to them as well as another that said they started selling the drone for a higher price after I made my order.

          I found this to be a dirty practice for a seller if they indeed did cancel my order then misrepresented the reason to eBay for the cancellation and then sell the items at a higher price to other users.

          I don't know if there is any recourse but if there is I'm reporting this seller."

          So I'm happy for the ones that ordered thru Futu didn't get cancelled. The reason I chose shopping-express-clearance was because they are close to where I live which I thought might be handy.

        • @chadszinow: Yeah I'd be angry if I was in your position too. There's still time though - we'll see if Futu honour it or if they try and cancel. Hopefully I get it!

          Edit: just checked my eBay - looks like Futu gave me positive feedback, so all signs are pointing to them honoring it so far

      • @joeydee2 Did you end up buying one for the higher price? They cancelled my order emailing me they have no stock but on ebay used the description "Buyer asked to cancel the order".
        Wondering if what they really did was cancel all the cheaper priced orders and sold to the higher price buyers.

        • They cancelled my order with the same reason!

        • How'd you go with shopping express? I just got my Mavic today, and after playing with it a bit I'm actually thinking I would've been better off with a spark as I prefer lightweight and portable.

  • Got a flymore combo. Thanks!

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    im trying to purchase the care refresh package but wont let me select anything outside USA

    • +2

      all sorted, you need to do it from a website, not the app, and be able to change county by clicking my account, even when not logged in.. Surely it could auto detect country……

      time to start crashing the drone!

  • A lot of buyers here, but haven't seen them in public. Do I have to get a drone license for flying in public?

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      Drone laws changed recently. It used to be very restrictive and only allow flight in very few areas that clubs were usually using. It's now very free. This app will tell you if you can fly at different locations

      No license needed. From memory you just need to be 30m away from other people/property so if the drone was to fall it wouldn't hurt anyone and also no flying in controlled airspace's which the app will tell you.

      More info can be found here

    $835 after best offer $879 and 5% discount, P5OZZIE. Says they ship from Melbourne. Is this legit?

    • Probably refurbished though

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