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DJI Spark Fly More Combo (White) for $751.20 (Delivered, AU Stock) @ dcexpert eBay


A good deal on the DJI Spark Fly More Combo at $751.20 delivered (delivered from Melbourne - AU stock). Comes down to a cheaper price than the greyimports.
I bought the last white one but looks like they restock instantly and it's again some available.

(They also available in red, green and blue for the same price)

Original 20% off Selected Tech Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Lowest price ever seen for Spark Fly More !! I got mine in $802 from OW :)

    • My Visuo was less than $50 though… easier to accept the loss when you accidentally fly into something solid or wet.

      These are better.

  • +1

    i wonder how many people who bought one actually use them

    • +2

      I have one
      I use it

    • i have two, i use it

    • No regrets? Do you use it for anything other than on holidays

      • +1

        go somewhere and bring it together. fly it. check out the aerial view of the place. appreciate the nature. repeat.

      • I head out one or twice a week after work (depending on weather)

      • no ragrats

    • +2

      Precisely the reason I add to cart, and then close the browser :(

    • Dont buy one if you goto places that are slightly windy, such as by the sea in the afternoon. It wont be able to handle pushing anything more than a slight wind.

      • Use sport mode for the high wind

        • Sport mode basically cuts your battery time by at least 50% and given the spark has barely 15 mins in regular mode, that doesnt leave much time.

        • @ninetyNineCents: I get about 10mins in sport mode, fullstick forward most of the time.

      • Theres a guy on youtube who chases ocean liners as they leave port for open Sea. He uses both the spark and the 4k model. Looks quite windy and a long distance too!

        • The sea would have been very calm the days those vids were shot.

          I have many drones including the larger mavic and a few phantoms, parrots and numerous planes. The mavic which is nearly twice as large as a spark cannot handle flying INTO winds over 20kms, even if you switch to sport mode. Often winds have gusts and when those gusts randomly blow, your drone will be pushed backwards. In 20km headwinds, your drone will be barely doing a walking pace.

          Your progress back home in those conditions will be very slow and given the limited battery time you are really pushing your luck. I would not like to have 5 mins of battery time left, and try and fly home when your drone is only managing a walking pace and it has a significant distance to home.

  • I got just the drone for around 500ish using jbhifi giftcards. This is great price.

  • +3

    got one and still sitting in the garage….this post remind me to fly it now. thanks

    • +2

      I really want one but this what I’m afraid I’ll end up doing. Ah first world problems. How fortunate we are

    • +3

      You need to “fly more”

  • +1

    What are people using their drones for? If I bought one I would probably use it once somewhere scenic and then get sick of carrying it around - straight to Gumtree it would go.

    • Spying on my neighbours

      • You cant spy on neighbours with a drone. For starters a regular camera with zoom is far more useful. THe detail you would get from a drone is actually very ordinary and worthless.

        • Im happy with ordinary and at least I get to see what theyre up to next door.

        • @Heybargain:

          You can also see that by simply walking up to the fench and saying hello. If you do that you can "grasp", speak to them and they might talk back.

  • Got mine standalone spark for $503.20, cheapest I have seen so far.

    • Got mine delivered this morning. Such a good service.

  • Thanks OP, been eyeing one for a while and finally pulled the trigger.

  • Is there current regulation for this kind of drones in Australia? This thing can fly as far as 13km, 5km high in sky. It's fun but can be a hazard if not controlled properly.

    • +2

      This thing can’t fly that far.

      • one of the drawbacks unfortunately.

    • +1

      13KM? 2KM if your lucky.

  • +1

    Out of stock

    • Actually gone now.

      • Wait a bit - they usually restock … (but a bit of a gamble with the colours when it is really sold out).

        • Just checked. Back in stock!

  • Back in stock - at least the white is

  • Apparently you’re not allowed to fly in any national parks in NSW or VIC, in addition to the standard regulations. So that rules out most of the nicest scenery to capture in those states…

    • Is there a link to say that?

      This is what I find http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/parks-reserves-and-...

      Didn't say you're not allowed.

      • for VIC you need a permit in order to use a drone.

        Filming/photography - http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/park-management/applications,-lice...

        Flying in general is a no no - http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/safety/be-safe-plan-ahead/rpas-dro...

        • You're not allowed to launch or land a drone from inside any national park in Victoria, however you can launch your drone from outside the park boundary and fly inside the national park zone.

        • That is for commercial usage?

        • @plumking:

          from the links above, it doesnt say launching, it says use

          "The recreational use of RPAS is not permitted under Parks Victoria "

        • @Kamsi:

          here it is for both rec and commercial.

          Recreational use of RPAS by the general public is prohibited on Parks Victoria managed land. The recreational use of RPAS is not permitted under Parks Victoria regulations and visitors should refrain from flying them or they may receive a penalty infringement notice.

          Commercial filming on Parks Victoria managed land requires a permit, including to use RPAS. Commercial filming permit applications are outlined here.

        • @plumking:

          That's weird :)

          As if your drone can fly that far over the national park.

        • @plumking: They would likely try twice as hard to prosecute if you gave this excuse. The only thing authority dislikes more than an aggressive tools is smart-assed bush lawyers. Secondly, even if that is a legit loophole, most landmarks are 5-10km inside national park boundaries if not further.

  • Thanks OP.. You save $187 for me

  • Mine got already shipped with tracking number .. that is fast :-).

  • Buy 10, start your own army of drones!

  • I got a Spark Fly More Combo at JB Hifi for $902 after showing them this. I wouldn't honor the $751, but I asked for best possible price.

    • Is it possible for you to upload your reciept? They told me they can't do any lower than what they have right now

      • JB never negotiates. Says they can’t do any lower. Next day the item goes on sale for 20% off.

        • Actually managed to get it to $910 then paid with 15% off vouchers and claiming TRS next week bringing the final price to $690.77

  • Back in stock, 8 of them at 4:00pm.

  • So happy with mine after I got the fly more combo for $629 from the Amazon pricing error that they honored :)

  • Not expired … they restocked again …

  • Got a spark flymore at JB for $902 also, tried to match the price error they had on the ‘100 Deals of christmas’ so they offered that as an apology. Paid with the 15% off discounted e gift cards so paid $765

  • Yes I use it had one a week and already making these kinds of vids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzkjvLi2BRE

    Also you can get GST TRS refund if heading OS so add another 9.5% off. I got mine price matched at JB for $879 a couple weeks back. THis is a bargain!

    • I was wondering where the footage came from as I couldn't work out the location. Great work

      • Flown off Enoshima island Japan

  • Mine arrived already this morning … fastest delivery ever.

    • I always buy from DCxpert whenever I can due to their service. Love their super fast delivery.

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