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Sony 55'' KD55X9000E4K HDR TV $1560.60 Delivered @ Video Pro eBay


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  • Decisions decisions! I'm comparing this against the 9300E. Is Dolby Vision worth it?
    What about the Samsung QLEDs? I know they don't fare as well as the Sonys but am I missing anything other than the fancy aluminium remote from Samsung?

    • OS, motion handling and upscaling are better on the Sony.

      Have the 9300D and it's great except for the shitty remote.

      If you game, check input lag, Samsungs are usually better.

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        I checked Rtings and HDTVtest, they seem to be acceptable and recommended for PS4 Pro users. Its around 31-35ms where Samsungs are in the high 20ms range.

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      I bought the 55" 9000E in the Bing Lee Black Friday Ebay sale, for around $1465, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I looked at the 9300E, but went with the 9000E because I didn't want the drawbacks of an edge-lit panel, or to pay the price premium that the 9300E commands.

      HD FTA TV content looks good. PS4 Pro gaming is outstanding - for me, the 30-35ms input lag in Game Mode is undetectable, and I upgraded to this set from an old Samsung LCD with input lag in the 12ms range.

      I streamed The Revenant over Netflix the other night, and even in non-4K HDR format the scenery in that film is breathtaking on this screen.

      I don't love the somewhat chuggy Android interface, but I can happily cope with that small compromise when the picture quality is this good. Highly recommended, but there's probably little risk in waiting to see if it gets even cheaper after Xmas…

    • I bought the 9000 a few months ago.
      We are very happy with OT, Android seems to work well for apps although at first it's a bit overwhelming (me coming for a non smart tv)
      Picture quality is excellent, works great with ps4 people too.
      FTA picture upscale is very good, I have nonHD Foxtel, that just ok.

      Netflix is really good and we only have slow ADSL.
      I really like the remote. A lot of buttons but feels good and works great with tv Android Netflix and videos on a hard drive.

      The 9300 was just way to much for me.

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      Thanks everyone for the great review. I might aim for the 65" 9000E instead. Seems like a very well balanced TV!

  • How’s this vs Hisense

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      The Hisense 55n7 is a good budget tv but you can't really compare it to this tv. The Sony will blow it out of the water.

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      From the reviews I've checked out it looks like the Hisense (at least the N7) is really good for normal content so if you're mainly watching non HDR content the Hisense is really good value. However the 9300E/9400E really shine when it comes to HDR content (which is partly why they also cost more). I'm looking at the 9000E myself just due to $$$.

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    Great TV and decent price but if you're not desperate I'd be waiting until after Xmas for a price <$1500 during sales. It was $1511 delivered from the GG just over a week ago and this wasn't via an eBay promotion either.

  • Guys one question. The new TVs seem to no longer come with a swivel base. Are there any aftermarket options available? I need a swivel base/stand.

    • Can you mount your TV? There are swivel wall mounts available.

      • Not really as we have a large window behind the TV (by design of the apartment unit).

    • +2

      Park it on a lazy Susan

      • Good idea, I'll try to find some elegant ones.

        Actually, I would need a very large one due to the footprint of the Sony stand.

  • Again, not available till mid Jan….

  • I recently purchased the KD65X9000E Sony tv and playing the PS4 Pro on it is amazing graphics and input wise (no lag from what i can see). The major android apps work really good and having Google play store is a big bonus.

    There is a reason why this tv has been voted as one of the best mid range tv's of this year. Highly recommend.

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