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[Expired] Free Optislim Starter Pack


You Get

1 Shaker,
1 Vanilla Shake
1 Choc Mint Shake
1 Honeycomb Shake
1 Royal Chocolate Shake
1 Low Cal Chocolate Bar

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  • Nice find :)

  • gunna give this ago so i can be even more anno.

  • Gonna give this a go :o)


  • Cheers

  • thanks man!

  • Nice one :)

  • cheers just signed on. wouldnt mind giving this a go.

  • thanks OP great work, just wondering if the starter pack is any effective for shedding weight…lol

  • Just FYI

    1. Personal Information and further communication

    <b>Personal Information entered knowingly and voluntarily submitted, will be forwarded to the supplier of the offer selected thus granting permission for that supplier or TV Choice Pty Ltd to contact you in the future either via mail, phone or email. </b>To opt out of receiving any further email contact from TV Choice, email us at [email protected] and in the message section simply include the word "stop" along with your correct email.

    • +15 votes

      Do you yell stop and your phone number down the line if they call you?

  • Thanks
    Free is good.
    I appreciate.

  • cool beans

  • Free Cadbury bars, now free optislim, oh the irony! lol.


    Or do they call you first and give you a 10 minute phone-spiel with details of their range of products, costs, features, benefits, recommendations from sports stars, and other crap?

    • we'll see in the morning..

    • +1 vote

      I've used Optifast in the past, damn good stuff… but not as cheap as Optislim, so I'll give these guys a go.
      Gunna be hard to top the choc shake from Optifast though…. but lets see how we go.

      After registering, it just says thanks- you'll get the freebie in a few days.

      I gave a valid email and postal, but a bogus home number. I'm happy to try their product (and purchase more if its good), but I dont want people calling me.

    • do what I do - put the phone number as 0 :)

  • Why do you have to give a real phone number? I never do, because mine is silent.

  • +1 for Shaker :)

  • yeah just in time when i need a shaker

  • yes! new shaker!!!

  • I tried this a year ago. Bought optislim from mychemist when they had 2 boxes for 35 bucks. (I think it's 2 for 50 bucks now)
    My diet was a little extreme. Not as extreme as in the optislim instruction though. The instruction tells you to drink this shake 3 times a day and eat very little portion and be very selective to what you eat.

    I chose to drink once a day and have vegies and meat with no rice. You can eat carbs if you want but little amount. In 1 month, you could lose 3-5 KGs but you feel like crap. In 3 months, I lost about 8-9 KGs and that was the max I could go for. So from 96, I went down about 87 KGs. I recommend those who take this diet shake seriously to carry breath mint because you'll have bad breath. Also, don't do extreme diet and don't follow Optislim instruction. Just limit your carbs and sugar intake and junk food and you'll lose weight even without exercise. Oh…by the way, I lost weight without exercise but I worked six days a week (not a desk job). It helped. Just get your butt off the chair and walk around.

    • See, I limited my carbs and sugar and junk and food intake and I dropped 10 kilos in a month - with no exercise. And without a diet plan or shakes and things. Heartbreak works wonders, people!!!!!

  • Sqall-everyone knows that- but this is FREE! Can't knock back a freebie ;)

  • I really needed a shaker! Perfect!

  • i hope this actually arrives, unlike the 'free' globe tshirt..

  • This offer is now closed, according to the website.

  • closed, fail :(

  • closed and withdrawn, or closed accepting no further entries?

  • closed, but not withdrawn - I received my pack today.

  • Received mine today.

    I happily gave them my mobile number, which they thought would be a good idea to print on the front of the package, Great, now anyone could have intercepted my mail ad read my phone number >_>

    Also the name on the front was wrong, My first name was printed as my surname, and a completely unrelated name as my first name… odd. I swear I filled out the form correctly.

  • Yeah I also had that issue, completely random name as my first name. But still, happy to have gotten the pack today - lots of freebies inside :)

  • i didnt get mine yet. hopefully on monday. any of you guys in sydney?

  • I'm from Sydney, just got mine :)

  • hmm seems like the mail hasn't come yet. been out this morning but the letterbox was empty. hopefully they are just running late.

    well, nothing in the letterbox..

    Got a card in the doorstep to pick something up but it's a headset from catchofheday.

    How big was this Optislim package? Would they put it in the mailbox or try to give it to you at the door?

    hopefully it comes tomorrow, i was one of the first to sign up.

  • I just received mine & it came in a Aust post 500g satchel bag

  • Just got mine, really nice freebie indeed~

  • well.. still havent got it. might send em an email.

  • Just got back from checking my PO Box but nothing yet & I'm also in Syd.

  • Mine was delivered this morning, I have so far lost 6 kilos.

  • I have lost 8kg just from the worry of when it will arrive :)

  • I got mine today. what an awesome freebie

  • still nothing.

  • got mine today too =) Thumbs up!

  • Mine arrived today :D

    Unfortunately the one I registered my girlfriend for has not arrived. But that may just be due to their system and duplicate addresses.

    Pretty damn good for a starter pack, I was very impressed.

  • i has! thanks muchly :)

  • got mine in WA Monday

  • got mine today , sydney cbd, also with wrong first name

  • strange that I was one of the first to sign up yet still havent received it. but people seem to be receiving it every day, so maybe tomorrow..

  • Received mine yesterday morning. Excellent freebie. Thanks for the original post OP!

  • Still nothing

  • Got mine today

  • Received mine today as well, great find. Only thing is I got different flavours to what was mentioned. I think instead of chocolate and honeycomb I got french vanilla and strawberry.

  • Mine arrived today, no questions asked. I estimate the samples + shaker to be valued at around $15, very generous of the company = A+ from me!!

  • lol still nothing for me..

    I hope Auspost is doing weekend deliveries now because im waiting on a few things.


    I received mine today. Many thanks for posting this.

  • got mine today too! thanks optislim!
    personally, i think we should really support the companies who actually DELIVER the freebies and not those who make excuses!

  • you got it today? its saturday??

    they didnt do any weekend deliviers in my suburb today :(

  • I received mine today (yes on a Sunday). Thanks a lot OP!

  • got mine today. the shaker cup is pretty crud. but im very happy receiving everything for free

    my flavours were vanilla, choc mint, cafe latte and strawberry

  • Yeah got mine on Monday! Will try the choc bar tomorrow morning as brekkie.

  • still bloody nothing. what is their email so i can check whats going on

  • Got my pack yesterday. Good stuff but it is sooo expensive with a month worth of product costing $290!

  • I got mine on Saturday too. I think I was probably one of the last to request this freebie - I went online to show someone else the site an hour or so later and the offer was expired.

  • i just got mine today!

  • still nothing!


    The Low cal Chocolate bar tastes funny.

    • got mine earlier in the week, thanks OP.

      Yeah the choc bar tastes like a denser, weirder texture space food stick but it went down a treat when I was starving post run and couldnt find anything in the house!

  • Received mine late last week. Not a fan at all of the shakes (to me they have a soy taste to them, and i dont like soy drinks), the bar is ok, i had it today in sections as i dont think i could eat the whole bar in one sitting, as one of the above comments mentions, it is like a dense space food stick. Nice though, but when you take it out of the packet and break it in half all you can see is the colour of 'chocolate' on the inside and out… but can't taste chocolate at all (which is good i guess)

  • well i never got it, very dissapointed.

  • Got mine other week! thumbs up