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Nikon D5600 Single VR Lens Kit $663.20 (after 10% off eBay & $100 Cashback) @ The Good Guys eBay


Nikon D5600 with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit down to $663.20 after 10% off eBay sale and $100 Cashback.
link to cashback

Original 10% off Sitewide ($75 Minimum Spend) on eBay Boxing Day Deal Post

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • This is what I've been looking for. Mic input and flash mount. My steadxp+ is going to be test soon.

  • where is the $100 cash back

  • $649.15 at JB after $100 Nikon cash back and $100 JB voucher


    • Doesn't their website say $749.15 after Nikon cashback?

      • Yes and you'll also get the $100 JB voucher, so effectively $649.15

        • How does one claim the $100 JB voucher, thinking of getting them to price match TGG with the 1300D Canon DSLR

        • @Curkz:
          From the website "In-store purchasers will get a JB Coupon at time of purchase. Online purchasers will receive a JB Gift Card via email 2 weeks from order completion. Offer valid until January 31 2018."

        • Ah, ok. I read your comment as "$649.15 after cashback" plus a $100 voucher. So really a net $14.05 JB HiFi credit then.

        • @bottletop:

          Where on the website does it display what is/isn't applicable for the JB $100 Gift card, I seem to be blinder then a bat

          If I don't make sense I do apologise, working 5am boxing day shifts has made me fuzzy today and I'm still deciding between a 1300D and the D3400 :(

        • @Curkz:
          Not sure of the conditions for the voucher, sorry.

    • Nice, but I rather have cash than gift card.

      Should I upgrade my D5200? Very tempting, let me ask myself first if I need it. LOL

      EDIT: Looks like peoples are having problem connecting the camera to android/ios via Snapbridge app/BT. I guess I would hold a bit longer until new fixes or lower price. Plus I would need a new battery grip as D5200 ver is not compatible. In the mean time I am stuck with WU-1A & a non touch screen camera. :(

      • Have a D5100, updated to D5600. Same battery EN-EL14 works in both. Nikon now supply an EN-EL14a to replace the previous battery, approx 20% more capacity. I thought the D5600 with built-in wifi would alleviate my need for an Eye-Fi card to easily download shots when I got back home, but for some reason it only downloads a lower resolution image to your IOS or android device. I stuck with the 5000 series for the touch-screen — good price/feature point. I also needed to upgrade so I could use some of the newer lenses e.g. 10-20 fisheye, they are incompatible with the old bodies unfortunately. Nice camera, good features, great pictures. I think the connection issues are from the same old problems — lots of wifi interference, overcrowded spectrum and trying to connect over large distances. Mainly problems caused by the user.

        Time to submit my claim for $150 for the price protection on my credit card, I bought mine for $998 only a couple of months ago.

      • Just bought this camera on Gumtree and love it (impulse buy…$700 for 2 lenses, tripod, VideoMic, bag, etc!). The SnapBridge Bluetooth/wifi problems were solved for me by upgrading the firmware. It's still slower than the Panasonic app which I use with my compact but it does the job. You can download full size pictures manually via wifi, it's just the automatic Bluetooth transfers which are low res.

        • Can you wifi it to the phone? Low res BT is a deal breaker.

          Might as well hold it, save money & get a FX model.

        • @Yummy: yep that's what I mean, you can wifi full size pics to phone or tablet or whev.

        • @tezam123:

          Alrighty, I cave in LOL. Not a pro photographer but having a touch screen would be nice. Plus my old 18-55 lens is playing up sometime. Hope I can sells my old D5200.

          And thx OP.