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WD 2TB RED HDD $99, Samsung 32" Monitor $199, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB $165 + Post | Samsung 64GB USB $20 or 128GB MicroSD $49 Posted @SE


Some great deals from shopping express to be had spread across the day

Details in the main link


Samsung LS32F351FUEXXY $199 + Post - starts 10pm AEDT
Samsung USB Flash Drive Duo 64GB $19.95 - starts 5pm AEDT
Galax Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB $165 + Post - starts 3pm AEDT
Samsung EVO MicroSD 128GB $49 available now
WD Red 2TB $99 + Post available now

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  • ASUS PG348Q $1199 - cheapest ever? It's cheaper than Acer X34 has ever been I'm pretty certain.

  • Free shipping with the deals would have been nice, $8.95 so I can ship a USB drive…

    • Free shipping is with the usb drives

    • Shipping Asus PG348Q is about $40

    • Last deal you advertised free shipping but I was still charged shipping.
      You sent me an email 1 week ago stating you would refund but nothing yet?

      • Last deal you advertised free shipping but I was still charged shipping.

        Why are you responding to Sanctuary2808? Why don't you contact the company?

        You sent me an email 1 week ago stating you would refund but nothing yet?

        Maybe you emailed some random on the internet?

  • Any deal on 128GB flash drive?

  • Tell me the diff bw a 32 tv and Samsung CF351 32" FHD VA FreeSync Gaming Monitor Samsung CF351 32" FHD

    • The TV has a tuner?

      • You could always use a chromecast or foxtel play box with the monitor

      • Yes I agree but normally i see that the TVs are much costlier(mostly in 32" category) (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-32-inches81cm-fhd-led...)than desktop monitors, If it is only TV Tuner we can buy external TV tuner cards or as most of us have already transitioned to using streaming services that is not really a problem.Is there any refresh rate issues or generally are the TVs better than monitors or vice versa?

        Monitors have more connectivity ports but so are TVs nowadays.

        I think this is a similar branding issue for Camcorders and normal cameras a while back.as the technology progressed and the functionalities for video camcorders and Cameras got blurred one became obsolete(Video camcorders). Nowadays what we see are only digital cameras.Will it be the same case for the TVs and monitors.I think it is better we call TVs or Monitors just displays with smart features or without smart features.

        • The way the screens are designed for viewing distance is another factor. Up close on almost any TV, you will see pixels and whatnot. Monitors look a lot better upclose, but probably not as good from a distance.

        • Has a tuner, speakers, remote control, generally more inputs/outputs. Power management is also more suitable for TV usage.

        • Buy whichever one you primarily want to use it for.

          Jeez, why do you feel the need for monitors/tvs to be recatogorised as "displays" with all their functions listed out? How does that help us consumers? all it will do is add to the confusion

          Monitors have things tailored to their use, and cut out the stuff you absolutely don't need which is why theyre cheaper.

          Tv's are also tailored to their use. Most have some sort of post processing function making them great for playing back media and other stuff like tuners remote etc, which adds to their cost. Most of this is an absolute waste if you use it as a monitor, not to mention the amount of delay it adds.

          Right now, you buy monitors and tv's knowing it's fit for its purpose. Don't know why you'd want to change that

        • @Butt Scratcher: Yep TVs video processing means additional input lag. They usually have higher response time too. Some of the cheaper ones don't even support things like 4:4:4 chroma.

          Majority of consumer TVs are not really made with PC in mind, so if someone is going to be using it for PC only, I would recommend an actual monitor.

        • @Butt Scratcher: Sorry, I meant in future when the good technologies in both amalgamate.

    • the monitor has freesync

    • Just bought a 32" monitor as a TV and the downsides are:
      * No TV tuner (not needed in my case, using Xi Box)
      * No remote
      * Lack of multiple HDMI inputs
      * Crappy built in speakers
      * If you use Chromecast, the monitor never goes to sleep.

      Up side is :
      * Heaps cheaper for FHD
      * Better colours (comparing $ to $)
      * Mine has standard VESA mounting so cheap for 100mm wall mount.

      • Also much faster response time. TVs can have response times of 30+ ms. Monitors are better for gaming.

  • Thanks OP, bought the EVO micro sd card for my S7.

    • +1
      Too good a price to ignore despite already waiting for 2 other cards from other deals to arrive.

      • I'm still deciding if I should wait or buy. I recall the evo plus 128gb for just under $50 from eBay deals. Probably not much of a difference for what I'll be using it for anyway..

  • That Samsung 32" monitor. That screen as a computer monitor is going to look ugly at only 1080p on a screen that size.

    • Even on 27", 1920x1080 is a bit of an eyesore, too low res
      I had a 120hz Samsung 27" before and ended up selling. Went back to my Alienware AW2310 23"

    • I use a 52 inch Sony TV as my computer display and I am fine with its 1080p screen, so horses for courses.

      • It's all relative to the user experience, I'm similar.

        Don't see it as an issue and completely satisfied with my browsing end gaming experience with a big telly

  • What's there standard shipping duration? Few days or few weeks?

    • Sydney 1-2 business days
      NSW / ACT 1-3 business days
      VIC 2-5 business days
      QLD 2-5 business days
      SA 3-5 business days
      WA 3-6 business days
      NT 4-6 business days
      TAS 3-6 business days

      • Thanks mate I'm always confused about this and shopping square. But bit too late, item I wanted were sold out.

  • Bring Mystery 2TB HDD @59 back again .

    • 2TB really isn't worth any more than that in 2017/18. I know it's "RED" here but still. 2TB belongs in the bargain bin today. I last bought that capacity in 2010.

      • Thanks for your purely subjective opinion on what you classify as suitable storage space.

      • +5 votes

        Congratulations @Click_It, your contribution wins the 'Most Pointless Comment' award for 2017.

        Reasons given by the judges are as follows:
        Comment was really really dumb, essentially amounting to the fashion statement "2TB HDD's are so 2010", and seemed to have more to do with commenters ego than anything else of relevance.

        Prize results brought to you by AngryChicken.

    • same here. i saw that yesterday and kicked myself that i didn't see it on the 26th :(

  • The LG 24GM79G-B at $275+shipping is a pretty good deal on a newer 144hz FreeSync 24" monitor (best price I've seen personally). You can get cheaper at 144hz but not with a newer panel with good colours for TN and features like backlight strobing and overdrive.
    The other name brand competitors that sometimes come close to this price like the ASUS VG248QE tend to use an old model panel and not have FreeSync, for example.

    The backlight strobing on the LG isn't the best compared to ULMB and some other modern backlight strobing technologies on more expensive monitors, but still nice to have for the price if it's something you'd use. I personally purchased in this sale to upgrade from an old 144hz with no features whatsoever as 144hz is good, but not as good as with those supporting features. Hopefully FreeSync makes PUBG more playable…

    • Yeah I'm finding the monitor pretty hard to resist… I also am waiting for a cheap Ryzen 5 1600… virtually none around… sigh…

      Here is a review of the LG monitor:


      "If you’re looking for a 144Hz gaming monitor to up your game, check out the LG 24GM79G. Besides the mandatory 144Hz refresh rate for competitive gaming, the display also offers the impeccable 1ms response time speed via the Motion Blur Reduction technology which entirely eliminates ghosting and trailing in the fast-paced games. It’s an ideal monitor for CS: GO and other popular FPS games."

      I think I'm going to have to buy one!

    • It's 5ms gtg though which is a questionable spec for a TN

      • Here's an explanation from BlurBusters about how it's basically just how they measure and market it that changes it between monitors. There are only a few 144Hz TN panels in use and none of them get 1ms GtG 100%, so you could argue that 1ms response time doesn't exist if you wanted to in that sense.

        Upon further research it seems like this monitor is still a variant of an older panel, other research made it sound like a new panel, really sorry to have given some bad information. It does seem like a better implementation though. So yeah, it's using the same panel all other 24" TN 144hz monitors use (the new AUO TN panels are 24.5").

        • Cool thanks for the link. I got a bit lost with all the technical jargon, but is it saying that it's basically the same as other TN monitor's with "1ms gtg" but LG decided to market it differently?

        • @currentfad: Yeah, that's exactly it. There's no reason it would perform any worse in response time than other equivalent monitors, aside any difference in processing lag as mentioned which isn't the panel but the electronics it's paired with.

          The older LG 24GM77-B is listed here as having 10ms total input lag which is identical to almost all 24" 144hz TN panels so that shouldn't be a problem either.

    • I'll be building a budget gaming/allrounder PC soon. Basic games like CS and Dota; would this be a suitable entry level monitor, or can I score something even cheaper than this elsewhere?

      • (TL;DR this is most suitable without compromising)
        Pretty much all 24" TN 144Hz monitors use the same AUO panel and the differences are in the implementation of the panel with things like Overdrive and backlight strobing (also known as motion blur reduction) which make the most of the panel. You can get a monitor cheaper than this, but you lose those additional features and thus lose some performance.

        It used to be the case that you could find cheap barebones 144hz monitors containing lesser grade panels on eBay but it seems supplies have dried up on those. If you got the right ones, you can overclock them to minimize the motion blur gap between the barebones monitors and the more expensive ones with overdrive+backlight strobing.
        The only one I know of that's somewhat competitively priced is the Kogan 144Hz FreeSync at $257.35 with current 10% off eBay coupon but for the ~$30 more for the LG one it's a no brainer with the addition of overdrive and backlight strobing. No idea how well the Kogan one overclocks either as it depends on the electronics used. I have the older Kogan one (which is a rebranded generic barebones one) without FreeSync and it does overclock well but the new model will have different electronics.

        The other option is to buy used from people like me who are planning to sell theirs when they upgrade for FreeSync/GSync or whatever. Personally it's because I mostly play CS on Linux and can't overclock my monitor due to hard coded pixel clock limits in the driver. When overclocked to 180Hz on Windows, I'm happy enough with the amount of motion blur in CS, just not at 144Hz with my barebones monitor.

        I think nowadays used is the only way to get something at a price far enough below this LG to be worth considering. Buying used also gives you the advantage of knowing how good the panel is beforehand whereas if you buy new it could have dead/stuck pixels that may or may not be covered under DOA/warranty as the manufacturers have a set threshold for what they deem an acceptable number of stuck/dead pixels, in addition to backlight bleed with some models that they also don't like to cover.

        So, depends on your budget and patience. If the LG is within your budget it's the best bet at this price by far. If you're really stretching your dollars, you might be able to find something used. It's important to remember that bare 144hz without enhancements is still really nice and a massive upgrade over 60hz, especially in CS, so if something comes up at the right price you're not missing out on all that much.

  • I purchased this 5tb drive instead: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LZP2B23

    • +2 votes

      AUD 168.59

      • $175 shipped, same models costs much more over here so need the extra capacity by paying a little more than this deal for 2tb. Paying 77% more to get 150% more capacity.


          For me when i checked it was as i've shown, for Sydney delivery.
          I went through the whole process using their conversion rate for the red (coloured) version, but didn't buy…

          I personally avoid buying HDD's from Amazon US/UK in case i need to return them - too much hassle and don't especially like having my ID details punched into the Oz Post computers (required for international returns).

        • @AngryChicken:
          Each to their own, I find the 5tb one a much better deal than the 2tb one here.


          @FeZZa21: It may well be.

    • Congratulations?

    • But can it be shucked and could I be bothered and is it optimised for NAS and, and, and…

      • I connect my hard drives to my Asus router and they work great. Can stream 4k Atmos mkvs via wifi with no issues.

      • +1 vote

        Note it's a 2.5" HDD.

        • You can connect any USB drive to an Asus router for SMB/dlna access. Also has torrent downloader, the advantage with 2.5" is that it doesn't need external power supply.

          So not sure about the context of your comment.


          @FeZZa21: I was just seeking to make clear to my fellow beloved OB members that it was different to the 3.5" WD RED that the OP had posted. That is all.

        • @AngryChicken:
          No it isn't, the 2tb red is portable 2.5" as well.


          @FeZZa21: No it wasn't - says 3.5" in the ad. It's all expired now anyway…

  • Any deals on HyperX headsets? Maybe the cloud II or the alpha

  • Dat monitor for an entry level monitor is bloody tempting

    • The LG? Yeah it's very very very tempting.

      Here is a review…


      "If you’re looking for a 144Hz gaming monitor to up your game, check out the LG 24GM79G. Besides the mandatory 144Hz refresh rate for competitive gaming, the display also offers the impeccable 1ms response time speed via the Motion Blur Reduction technology which entirely eliminates ghosting and trailing in the fast-paced games. It’s an ideal monitor for CS: GO and other popular FPS games."

      So bloody tempting!!

  • SD card sold out?

  • Samsung EVO 128GB MicroSDXC Card is "Out of Stock" ….

    I was looking to order 2 cards. Here is 2nd best option for $54 shipped …

  • The 2TB WD used to be cheaper with POWERUP and free shipment too.

  • Some really great deals from these Boxing day sales. I scored myself the D-Link Cobra for only $439

  • Samsung USBs went quick!

  • Waiting for Vega deal!!!!

  • Look for a good monitor mainly for office (lots of reading and writing) along with movies and some light gaming. I'm currently using a 32" FHD TV but I'm looking for something that's going to look a little better for text. Is the Samsung 32" monitor any good, or can anyone recommend something better? I'd prefer a 32" but a 27" may do if it's going to look a lot better.

  • Got the 144hz monitor, cheers OP.

  • Grabbed Asus GT-AC5300 ROG Rapture Tri-band Gaming Router…waited way too long and ebay failed me on the price.

    These guys ARE lowest…even with the shipping. Now lets see how their shipping is…first time buyer on that site…fingers crossed.

  • Thanks for these, grabbed a gtx1060 shipped $50 cheaper than MSY!

  • +2 votes

    Wtf bait advertising. Monitor out of stock 10:03pm

  • Crap, Samsung 32" monitor already out of stock.

  • Bait advertising, actually try to buy the monitor exactly at 10.00pm but out of stock.
    It's either they only have really really small quantity or they don't have the deal at all.

  • Samsung Monitor out of stock!

  • Nobody seem to have gotten it so its likely to be bait advertising.