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Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Water Sensor - WHITE $10.99 USD ($14.23 AUD) @ GearBest


I asked for coupon for Aqara Water Sensor since I never saw any discount for it.
I am sure it's not the best price. But still a bit better than regular price.

Aqara smart water sensor can detect water.
This sensor requires Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway https://www.gearbest.com/living-appliances/pp_344667.html

Main Features:
● Immersion monitoring, timely alarm by App
● IP67 waterproof grade, high-quality and durable
● No installation, place on the ground, small and exquisite
● Note: the CR2032 battery is included

Package Contents: 1 x Water Sensor

PS:Limited to first 50 stock, 1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

Update - you can try to get it for $9.99 USD

Short after purchasing this sensor (coincidence?) I received an email with Gearbest "Goodbye 2017" deals with a link for this sensor for $9.99 USD
I don't know if link is unique and if it's going to work for everyone.
Either way you can check your email to see if Gearbest sent you similar link.

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  • in what scenario would someone need this for?

    • I can guess two
      1. Flood water detection in the basement
      2. Water pipe leak detection in the kitchen cabinet

    • +2

      If someone is allergic to water I assume

    • Put in on the washing line. Alert you when it starts raining?

    • Laundry, mine doesn't have a floor drain and rain also blows in under the door sometimes.

    • If your washing machine bursts a pipe. If your vanity bursts a pipe

      You will be alerted before you come home to a flooded house

      • +3

        My vanity burst its pipes years ago and now the world is so dry.

  • Thanks OP. I'll add this in to Home Assistant and set up an alert for my dish washer.

  • This is decent coupon price - have gotten two for a little more in the past.

  • +5

    Use it in the shower to tell when the shower is on.

  • +2

    Use this link and get it for US$9.99 AU$13.29 http://e3ai.gearbest.com/r/link/1c80aII7de46f082II2886II87f2...

  • I have this sitting in my cart on Gearbest trying to think of a reason why I need it.

    Any reason…

    • +4

      it appeared on ozbargain with positive votes, thats enough reason.

      • +1

        You think it could be used to detect the tears of gratitude?

        The best reason I can think of to buy it right now is to see if it works.

    • +1

      so you can run out to the clothes line to grab the dry washing, put the car/motorbike in the garage or call yourself Rainbow and frolic like a Nimbin hippie.

    • If you don't want to receive an expensive bill for flooding, you better get one just for in case.

  • The Chinglish is strong with this one.
    The product description is meaningless. I know it's "small and exquisite" but don't know what it does.

    Does this product warn when something that's supposed to be wet becomes dry, or when something that's supposed to be dry becomes wet, or both? Can it monitor water level or only detect presence/absence of water? Does it only provide a single notification when something changes, or is it a persistent notification? Does it signal when the battery level gets low, or does it just die without warning?

    A team of very talented people probably spent months developing this product, but people won't buy it because nobody spent five minutes asking a competent English speaker to help write the description. Pity. Quite sure I'd buy hundreds more products every year if the descriptions weren't so terrible.

    • it just detects the presence of water, for example, put it under your washing machine and if your washing machine starts leaking, and the water wets the sensor it sends you a notification.

    • +1

      The alarm threshold condition is a fixed water level of 0.5mm - it reports both state changes like other binary sensors. I don't use the xiaomi app but battery level is visible from home assistant.

      • What device do you run home assistant on? I was thinking of setting up a Pi based server with it

        • +1

          Started off with a first gen pi which did run it but started to get maxed out after adding a few dozen sensors/extra components so i just upgraded to a pi3. That handles everything a lot better, restarts so much faster for testing new configs/etc as well. The complexity is a headache at times but can't beat it for the price :)

    • +3

      A team of very talented people probably spent months developing this product, but people won't buy it because nobody spent five minutes asking a competent English speaker to help write the description.

      I'm guessing their target market is the 1.3 billion people who don't need English descriptions. They don't officially sell it overseas after all.

      • Home Assistant doesn't care about the language of the app

  • +2

    I just had my hot water pipe burst in my apartment flooding the whole apartment while I wasn’t home
    This would of been useful then. Now I’m so worried I turn off the water before I leave.
    This device will be so useful for me

    • It only tells you that your pipes burst, but doesn't stop it, so if you are away from home for a considerable amount of time, I would turn your pipes off anyway.

      • +2

        If he was at work and the pipes burst, if he knew about it he could rush home to turn the water off. 30 minutes of water would be much better than 8 hours of water.

        I have a friend whose flexi hose under the sink upstairs burst while he was away. It flooded the whole room upstairs, dripped through the wooden floor onto the home office below, soaked the plasterboard ceiling, which then collapsed into the room. Those flexi hoses need to be replaced every few years!

      • We just stayed one night at my parents house. If I knew that the water was leaking I could of easily told my neighbour to go in and stop it. My front door has electronic number keypad.

  • Where do I get the smart gateway from
    You link says discontinued

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