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Whatsminer M3 Bitcoin Miner Australian Stock $2999 + Free Shipping @ CCTV Camera Warehouse


On ebay they are going for around $3000-4000 USD and 75 pieces sold. Very hard to find in Australia.

Pays for itself after approx 5-6 months.


Pre-orders are payment upfront and on a first in best dressed basis. There is very limited stock. 1950 of 2000 pieces are already currently sold so please be quick


 High efficiency miner with 11.5TH/S miner but can reach more than 12-13TH/S hash rates
 Compact small design which is smaller than most of popular bitcoin miners
 Controlled fans and high grade aluminum case to keep cool and save power.

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    "Pays for itself after approx 5-6 months.


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    If you're interested in this deal, purchase it from the official site.

    Currently going for $1900USD which converts to around $2400AUD

    • Do they even ship to Australia? Also wouldn't you have to add on import duties since it's over 1k?

    • We could sell for $1850 USD but you would be responsible for GST yourself and you would have to pay your own shipping. We would get our distributor to send you an invoice direct and pay direct. If your interested let us know.

      We have to pay GST being a registered company so for all goods we import we have to do things by the books.

    • I just checked its $2075 USD plus GST on arrival and they only accept payment in Bitcoin. To get the money into Bitcoin must companies charge 5% plus other fees. Coinspot have banned AUD deposits.

      $2700 - 2750 AUD plus GST which is the same price we are offering.

      All warranty is overseas. The failure rate is 5%. We do not mind if you purchase from our USA partner but if you want the support and warranty locally then our prices we believe are pretty good

      • $175 USD delivery

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    These are guaranteed to lose you money.

    • These are not for everyone to purchase we understand

  • That doesn't look at all like it'd cause a house fire.

    • Yes they are noisy like a vacuum cleaner

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    Pays for itself after approx 5-6 months.

    You know the value of bitcoins in 6 months?

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      You know the value of bitcoins in 6 months?

      Intrinsic value, or just what the next person will pay for it?

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    After fruitlessly looking for eons I finally find get rich quick scheme.

    Now I can go on Whirlpool where everyone earns at least $100000.

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    unless you have access to cheap electricity and can enter a sophisticated pool, i wouldnt bother these days mining btc.

    • We can organise for you to mine in China with our distributor for 5 US cents a watt but they will charge 2% commission charge.

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    selling for $1200 usd and new stock in 2 days .

    • I tried to buy some for $1200 USD but not possible. They cost us a lot more than this I would buy 100 units upfront at that price but not possible. They use from $1188USD very deceptive. No phone numbers, addresses. Not even a fixed price with shopping cart. Not accepting paypal just be careful lots of people getting scammed at the moment.

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    It might pay for itself in 6 months but it certainly won't pay for your electricity.

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      Right! 2000w running 24x7 would be hit your electricity bill hard.

      • Yep, you'd be looking at about $150/week just in electricity costs for this.

        • 6 months after electricity costs.

          If coins go up possibly 3-4 months after electricity costs.

          If coins crash maybe 12 months who knows ?

          Price of coins is going up and down so you need to be aware of the risks totally. It is not for everyone

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          There are calculators you can use to work out the time to return profits on hardware. They also factor in difficulty ratings going up and down.

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    Won’t it pay itself off in 4 days ?

    Bitcoin will be 1 million $ next week and 1 billion in a month and and 1 trillion in 3 months ;)

  • Better off to purchase bitcoins direct rather than mining equipment

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      There is pros and cons for both. Yes buying coins is good idea also we agree

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    Pays for itself after approx 5-6 months.

    If that's true, then why are you even bothering to sell this and not just buying them for whatever price you do wholesale and have them all up and running yourself…?

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      We make small profit margins and yes we already have miners in Australia and overseas ourselves. We were mining Litecoin 3 years ago. The 5K I had in Litecoin is worth half a million currently.

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        Then why are you trying to make small profit margins selling these instead of the huge profit margins of mining yourselves? Doesn't make sense now does it?

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          It takes 5-6 months to get a return on hardware. Some people prefer to invest in coins upfront and some people prefer to mine. There is pros and cons to each. There is a number of reports on reddit in relation to mining or buying coins upfront.

          We do have a bricks and mortar stores Australia wide so consumers can feel safe they are dealing with a genuine store.

          Mining is not for everyone we understand that.

    • I wish there is a way to give more than one upvote for this comment.

  • Lol at the live at home kids buying one of these coz 'whats an electricity bill?'

    • Yes be careful if your the parents. If your the children reading this what a great idea LOL :)

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    Unless electricity is free these are a guaranteed loss maker.

    Won't 'pay for itself in 5-6 months'.

    I'm not a lawyer but that kind of misleading statement seems like you are asking for legal trouble.