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Corsair T1 Black Gaming Chair, $299 + Shipping at Mwave


Hi guys first time post.

Been looking for a nice gaming chair but couldn't justify the Corsair at $499 rrp.

Shipping to Melbourne cost me just under $40 still making it cheaper than other places I've looked.

Full specs can be found here https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Corsair/T1_Race_Chair/

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  • No idea why i'm stressing over a chair.. but i've been googling since xmas trying to work out which one to get..


        If you're like me you spend anywhere from 2 to 12 hours a day in front of a computer. A comfy chair is pretty important imo. I bought an Akracer a couple of years ago and am loving it. I'm heavy too so the fact that i fit in it comfortably and it doesn't break is important. Gaming chairs get a bad rap from some people but i can honestly say mine was worth every cent.

    • My advice as an old is to buy expensive chairs with decade or longer warranties.

      Or you can do what I did and waste (low) thousands of dollars on buying many cheap chairs over time.

      People balk at paying a grand for a chair and instead pay two or three or ten times that amount over a decade or two of chair using.

      If you do this you want to be looking for task seating (rather than gaming chairs) made by Steelcase or Hermann Miller or I'm sure there's other brands. I got a Steelcase Leap for $1,000 after being quoted $1200.

    • Same here, all the foam from my crap gaming chair from officeworks has gone flat 😡

      • I got one of these on an ebay sale. I really like the neck support. Much better than crappy "gaming" chairs.

    • I've been looking around everywhere as well and trying whatever I can from the computer shops. I then took the risk and purchased one from Secret Lab. Honestly, it is the most comfortable and very well built gaming chair by far! even the sales guy from the computer shop recommended it over the ones he was selling.

      https://au.secretlab.co/collections - I bought the Omega. It is worth the money. Good reviews overall as well.

  • Is this leather?

  • Can anyone recommend a good pc chair for the same or preferably less than this?

  • I’ve been looking for a chair for the past year or so, and I’ve tried most of the “gaming” ones at showcases and stuff. I would recommend going to Mwave store or Scorptec and test out the models they have on display.

    Out of all the chairs I’ve tried, The Corsair T1 was one of the absolute worst it felt so cheap and uncomfortable af compared to the others that were even cheaper.

    I ended up getting myself a noblechairs EPIC series and couldn’t be happier about it, I had some issues with a damaged backrest when I got it but the customer support is pre good and was able to get the entire chair replaced the next day. Honestly think its the best “gaming” chair you can get, most of the chairs suffer from firm back lumbar support/headrest but this chair comes with really soft ones.
    Bit pricey but worth it

  • I sat on the corsair chair today in JB Hi-Fi and didn't find it that comfortable and the build quality was only average. If you are looking for a comfy computer chair on the cheap with excellent build quality check out any office liquidation sales at a auction house. I've picked up a couple of 'Fat Cat' executive chairs with all metal frames and leather. None of that shite PU leather flakey business either. They are usually in excellent condition too as the 'Fat Cats' were never in the office and probably rooting the nanny in the back of the Bentley.

  • Devil's advocate here }:-)

    Why not stand up! Save you hundreds on chairs and chiro appointments.

    • So stand up for 8 hours and get a new desk instead?

      • There's a whole standing desk movement. Try it for a week and you'll see the difference in your back and general well being. We were not designed to sit for long periods.

        You should also have meetings at work standing up. Turn the board room into a stand up bar!

    • Save you hundreds on chairs and chiro appointments.

      You mean funnel it into knee replacements and painkillers.

      • Knees need replacing from underuse which leads to injuries when they are used. It's the whole antifragile thing.

    • 90% sure your suppose to rotate ever couple hours between sitting and standing so a good chair is still important.

      • "Five or more hours of sedentary sitting, according to Dr. David Agus, is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes."

        Read more here.

  • Love how you can market anything as 'gaming' then sell it for buttloads. I <3 capitalism.

  • Its now priced at $400 :c

  • Do any of these uber expensive gaming chairs make models for people 6'5" or 6'6"? Most chairs are horrific for my posture..

    • Honestly if you are after a chair with decent posture, I'd steer clear away from any of these "gaming" chairs. They are more about aesthetics than anything, and that's what you're mostly paying for.

    • I'm almost as tall as you, and I recommend you try some car seats. You can go to the car wreckers and try lots of different types, but go after a week of no rain, because sadly most wreckers leave the windows open.

      Once you have found the seat you like, you can hunt around for one in good condition. I got one for $50. Then you'll have to build a base for it, there are plenty of webpages showing how other people did it.