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Generic Brand Sous Vide Precision Cooker US $87.89 (AU $117.64) @ Zapals


Zapals Rep has confirmed that this is not an Anova product.

Not sure if this is real or not. Title does not specify that it is the Anova brand but the pictures all say it. Just thought I'd post here in case anyone wants to take a chance.

Also, not sure if it is the Wi-fi or Bluetooth version - doesn't even mention either in the description. Might be the BT version as specs say 800W.

Edit: thanks for clarifying that it's not Anova. Sorry everyone - got a bit excited myself!

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  • The brand "Anova" is not mentioned. It may not be an Anova cooker. We're going to find out from the Zapals rep shortly.

  • The warranty is only 6 months, return to base.

    I think when we bought ours it came with and Australian plug, these come with an adapter.

  • If its not Anova, then the pictures straight off the Anova website (in which the brand name can clearly be read) are fraudulent. I'm really tempted in case I can get a real Anova at this price. Even if its their old stock it'd be fantastic. But I'm not sure how much I can trust Zapals…

  • Why would you risk getting a counterfeit(Not sure if this is real or not) or, best case scenario, gray import when you can get it directly from the manufacturer with Australian Plug and Warranty for $151.20?

    • $34 or 1/5th of the price of the device is a lot for most people.
      Quite possible they all come off the same assembly line.

      • 34 for guarantee and warranty … is nothing if you really wanted it.

        • This is OzBargain, $34 is a fair amount of money, considering how often these things are used and failure rate of things in general, id prefer to keep the $34, as im sure many would.

    • Because only financially illiterate people would pay $150 when they can pay $87.

      If you pay 10 to 50% more for every single low value electric item you buy then you have lost a massive amount of money compared to paying grey import prices and replacing as needed. If it's needed. It hardly ever is needed.

      • No offence but please read the description and comments again and adjust your illiterate numbers accordingly :)
        Hint: stick to the same currency and not only to what suits you to prove your point!

  • I got a similar sous vide cooker from another site (unsure if it was gearbest or similar) for about $107AUD delivered. Havent used it, but looks very similar (if not the same), but was no name brand and came with overeas plug.
    I dont think it has any of the wifi/bt extras the anova's have, which doesnt really bother me for the extra $50.

    • have you done any testing with a thermometer? I've anecdotally heard from friends with cheaper knockoffs that they get temperature variances higher than with the name brand ones. It may not be crucial when you're doing something like a hunk of cow, but may be if you're doing something that is very temp sensitive (i.e. eggs)

      • I had a different brand (not sure I should say who), not a grey or dodgy brand just nothing like as good as Anova. I would not go back now I have tried both! But if this is Anova, just without the extra warranty then its a phenomenal price. So anyone who buys one might like to let us know

  • If it is indeed an Anova, they're awesome.

  • Not sure if this is real or not.

    It's not a sex toy if that's what you're thinking?

  • I do 75% of my cooking with anova sous vide. Love it.

    Got it from this. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/347157

  • Please remove the image - it creates a false impression. I actually need to remove my upvote as I thought it was an Anova for that price.

  • Chinese knock off

  • I think i'd buy the official device, as price is not far off.