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Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank 2: $16.99USD (~ $21.70 AUD) Plus Shipping @ GearBest


Does fast charge both ways. I paid $21.69 USD with shipping. Not as good as last time but still good.

The 20000 mah is also available for $26.99 USD plus shipping.

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  • hmmm $6 or so shipping. What's the all time lowest price for this?

  • Not a deal, just normal pricing

  • Ive bought 2 x 20000 mah QC 3.0 ones. Both failed within 3 months. Going to get a Blitzwolf one to test. Not impressed at all.

    The 1st one stopped working in 2nd month. When I contacted for warrenty. The company made me pay plus $10 USD to exchange. so the warranty isnt worth shit..
    2nd one failed last week. I havent contacted them yet..

    • Wow, how did it fail? I find that mine will only activate QC3.0 and QC2.0 if there is only 1 micro USB cable plugged in. If there are two cables plugged in, it will revert to 2.4A charge, eventhough there is nothing on the end of the second cable!

      • Yeah, quickcharge on these only work when there is only one device plugged in

    • Also interested to know how it failed - I've had one for about a month too and just noticed last week that when I tried to charge it I'm not getting the white lights blinking but 4 very faint lights showing and it won't charge up. Basically a brick now and also not impressed!

      • Have you tried using a different USB power adapter? I use the Samsung adaptive quick charge power adapter that came with my S6.

    • even just the cost to send stuff back based on australia post rates makes warranty claims on cheaper items from china unpractical off these sites for warranty claims.

      At least with ebay if it’s a DOA sellers just send another one rather than wear return postage.

  • It was purchased from banggood. After looking I had to pay Plus $15 for the replacement. Hoping ill get a similar deal when I make a new video on the 2nd fail.
    I was hoping to make a more favourable review on our channel. But it is what it is. I also included my charging bench test on a note 5. Just a quick knock up video since some asked. 1st half was the video I made to prove the fail to banggood.

    • After checking records, 1st one failed in 6 weeks (didnt submit claim until mth 3 but I did notify them on 6 weeks), 2nd one failed in 2 mths and 1 week when replaced.

    • banggood is a market portal ….. you need to target xiaomi with the videos ….. otherwise it’s like targeting ebay when your breville toaster dies …… or jb because breville hasn’t fixed your coffee machine yet which was sent back for repair.

      problem seems to be xiaomi had a dud product , not gearbest or bangggod fault, they just sell the stuff and probabaly don’t even know what it is or does, need to publicly shame xiaomi.

      you send to a seller at banggood, the seller needs to make a warranty claim with xiaomi or suck it up from their own stock, and then send one back to you ……. painful process at least with ebay and paypal they want customers to get a good experience.

      • Or they're fakes?

      • Ive only made 1 other bad review, I sent it to the company and 1 hr later they contacted me with something that was well in my favour (Well beyond fixing the actual problem). So I took down the video down because of what was agreed. However in the long term, the negative reviews are actually more value to me and I feel I sold out. Only accepted as it was a local ish manufacturer that are growing.

        I do have another negative that I haven't made yet. But doubt they will care,

        The problem on this is Banggood warranty processing, Not really Xiaomi. Thats obviously the risk of buying online. However I shouldn't have to pay for a 6 week dead product. Thats BS.
        But 2 from 2 in worrying and seems a few above are feeling the same. So may be a full product problem. Not sure. if so ill upgrade the video. for now I put on as few asked what the problem is and I had on my drive ready ish.

  • xiaomi's quality is based on lucky. Heard a lot of failure of phone, and also some good reviews. I don't trust them on phones and only tried some small parts. USB fan: started noisy after 2 weeks( less than 10 hours use). USB LED light: fail in 3rd time using when bending it. As an EE, I disassembled it and found the wire broke. After replaced a wire, it works.

    • somehow we seem to apply australian consumer laws and quality expectation onto chinese sites and the associated chinese consumer laws and expectations …. china has very few consumer laws ……..it’s why people pay a huge premium for apple in china as they get apple service standards not chinese service standards.

      companies like huawei, hisesne etc are willing to setup an office in australia and take on the associated consumer laws and expectations…. xiaomi. isn’t.

      i’f i buy. laptops in australia and it’s fails i expect and RMA and free postage to their depot ( some even send the box for you to send the laptop back in) … if i buy a laptop from china i don’t ……

  • Wow, I am surprised to hear of all these fails you guys have been experiencing. I have loved my xiaomi powerbanks so much I've become a real fan, and I can't think of any other brand I've been a fan of since Red Hot Chili Peppers. Laugh.