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[QLD] Logitech X50 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $10 @ Computer Alliance (Free Pickup or PP)


CHEAPEST PRICE EVER!!! Computer Alliance have a cracking deal on this OzBargain favourite - the Logitech X50 portable Bluetooth speaker - for just $10 (save $29). Impressive sound from such a small speaker, proving once and for all that size doesn't matter ;-)

The only colour available is blue, and there is a limit of 1 per customer. You folk with multiple personality disorders can play this to your advantage (we're all envious of you).

Your should also be able to price beat by 5% at Officeworks (who currently have this for $29) bringing it down to the princely sum of $9.50

Pump up the jam!

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    These are great I bought one, next minute the rest of the family bought some, when they were on sale obviously :)

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    $16 postage to Sydney metro. Might drop into officeworks.

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      Hit that OW, Parker

    • I might have to join you… for that price "you can't go wrong" …. unless it is free.

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      Officeworks take into account shipping costs don't they?

      • Not if pick up is available.

        • +3

          Not if you can't actually pick it up from the same state.

        • many managers check the state/location and add the shipping costs to your matched price

        • no you are wrong, how can you go pickup somewhere in QLD and you locate at NSW?

        • +1

          @imahapyboy: If you live in Tweed Heads. Pretty easily!

    • yeah, then do it, don't complaint here

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        You sound unhappy

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          Don't you mean unhapy?

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    Just did this price match at Office Works Brisbane city. Spoke to a floor manager first and showed him the deal directly on the Computer Alliance site from my phone. He said it was a crazy price but they would match since it was still showing as in stock. I grabbed a black one, kids at the register didn't seem to want to go ahead and do it and mentioned it might only be for the blue one, I played dumb about the colour and pointed to the floor manager and said he said it was all good, he gave a thumbs up and then they ran the black one through at $9.50

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      Are you still there?

    • I thought it would be the other way around lol, where the manager would have an issue and desk staff would be fine with it, always a good feeling getting a bargain at officeworks!

    • The kids were right though. The colour of a product can change its value drastically. But your intention wasn’t to steal anything so. an’t fault that.

  • Anu better than the xiaomi mini spealer.?

    • -1

      This one doesn't spy on you

    • yes

      • How did you know that?

        I'm not entirely sure what an "Anu spealer" even is?!?!

        But it sounds like it should be in an 'after dark' deal

  • +2

    Great find OP! I found this during their Boxing Day specials but decided not to post due to the shipping prices to other states, great work posting up!

    If people can buy from CA, then it’s always good to so they keep running specials like these :) Their store is in Mt Gravatt, so if you can make it easy, please do so. Reward those who bring us these bargains if you can.

  • I have one of these. Great little speaker. I'm trying to think/justify why I want more tho….

    • Get a Samsung S8 and connect 2 to the phone at the same time for double the sound…I have 3 of them though :/
      Great little speakers BTW

      • TIL : The S8 can dual audio to two Bluetooth devices, cheers!!

  • Nice one! Reserved one at CA if i cant get the one at OW

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    Damn, Just bought it yesterday from Officeworks doing TGG price match $18.05.

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      Do a return and purchase it again with CA price match

      • I have opened the packaging.So, not sure if they accept the return

        • +4

          Purchase it and then refund using old receipt. Simples.

        • +1

          @hogwarts: meerkat squeek

    • I was better off doing this at Officeworks in Melbourne, as it only came to $18.05. Thanks :)

      Price matching CA would have incurred delivery, and would've come to $25~ (OW have it for $29)

  • Will this work with Office Works in WA?

    • U can get a receipt from OW QLD to post and pricematch

      • Can anyone post their ow receipts pl

    • +1

      Cockburn wanted to add the delivery fee

  • Bourne St Melb won't do it. Only with postage price they say.

  • I dropped my X50 into a bucket of water the other day.

    It still works!

  • The Good Guys have it on clearance for $19:


    Might be easier for the non QLD ppl

    • 19$ is a so so price for a bargain.

      • I called my local store they said Chatswood has 2, and Casula has 1 in NSW.

  • Not a bad little speaker for $10.

  • can confirm, just bought one in black for $9.50 from OfficeWorks Southport Qld

  • +1

    These are the same speakers I have seen little punks blasting at full volume on the public transport. My urge to squash these speakers has never been higher.

    • Get one and dedicate your time to Makin tracks that might attempt to noise cancel the tracks they play. Will be tricky

  • Ive got one of these but I find the function of a google home mini to be awesome and a good replacement for Bluetooth speakers like this.

    • …If you're connected to wifi, otherwise Google Home is pretty useless. This is more useful for in a park or something.
      Or strapped to your bag while you're rolling down the street on your razor scooter with your twelvie mates.

      • Yeah I hear you I got a Sony XRS 3 and Logitech X100 I just feel the X100 is underused and there are always new models :( and updates with better battery life.

      • -1

        I think you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker without connecting to WiFi.
        Pity it doesn't power from USB though (Google home)

  • Any x100 deal?

    • Which one is better?

      • got one x50 on/off button is so Grrrrrrrrrr so rekon X100 is better>

      • X50 sounds the same to me but is a quarter of the weight of the X100.

        • Weight:
          X100 159grams
          X50 140 grams

        • Sorry, I meant the X300, 335 gms. I also have the Bose Sound link mini, and I still prefer the X50 for the ease of moving it.

  • Can anyone scan and post Officeworks receipt please?

  • I tried to price match at a office works in Sydney. They wouldn't match the price as the store is in Queensland only, will only do 5% off $29.

  • +2

    I can confirm that I just price matched at the Box Hill Officeworks in Victoria. Manager said that as long as he can see the manufacturer's warranty it was all ok. He did ask for a location but that was it. Thanks to the OP!

    Plenty of stock in black and a few blue and purple ones.

    Link to a photo of the receipt below. Hope that helps!


    • You got lucky as they normally add postage to the cost before price matching.

  • Looks like it's expired, since it's coming up at $29 dollars.

  • Yep agree - now showing as $29. Must have got annoyed by all the OW price matches.

  • Anyone else seeing price as $29?
    Maybe it was a pricing error? Supposed to be priced at $29 instead of $29 off, and they've fixed it since

  • Thanks, price matched for the black at $9.50. Out of QLD to boot.

  • +1

    Thanks! I was able to price match it at OW, opened computer alliance page and leaved it there since morning without refresing :))

  • I tried OW in WA (Malaga) and they didn't want to price match to QLD store :(

  • Speaker looks like a blue waffle. Dont believe me? Google blue waffle and find out for yourself.