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LG 55UJ634T 55" 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV - $943.35 C&C The Good Guys / $988.35 Delivered Videopro Online @ eBay


Came across this earlier today, TGG offers free C&C but if you want it delivered videopro offers cheaper shipping.

Over $50 cheaper than this deal

TGG charges $50.14 shipping, making the total cost from TGG $995.39. I found the shipping cost from TGG was different in Firefox and the eBay app, and shipping cost may be different across Australia, so ymmv.

Seems like a really good TV for the price, has HDR10 and 3 HDMI ports.

Talked to LG earlier today and they said it's a new model released December, but it's impossible to find any more info than that.

I just had mine arrive today, it's surprisingly good quality for a cheap TV. After adjusting the colour etc it looks amazing! Fair warning though, it appears to use RGBW, so the 'true' resolution you'll get is 2.8K not 4k.

Pilmarion pointed out below that Videopro_online uses TNT shipping, which can be crap, and states "I can't recommend Videopro unless you have big enough car to pick up from the shop or TNT depot."

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  • Spec:

    It's cheaper here for delivered:
    $949.05 (Apply code) + Free express delivery

    • Do you know if you have to call them afterwards to arrange delivery or is it automatic?

      "Once you have completed your purchase our system will process your order and confirm your delivery date. In the unfortunate event we have to change it, we'll be in touch to confirm a new date." Haven't gotten anything to confirm a delivery date tomorrow, my order was well before the midnight cutoff.

  • Would people recommend this or a Samsung 55" Mu6100?

    This would be cheaper than the sammy by about $250-300.

    In the market for a 55" 4k and would like to see if its justifiable to spend a bit more on the samsung

    • Had both of those in consideration actually, but at the price I paid ($949 inc delivery) the LG one was a no brainer. It has HDR10 + local dimming support which the Samsung does not, even at a $300 premium over the LG. Also had plenty of good experiences with LG-built displays from my 5K and 4K iMac, so that may have biased me a little. Not sure if LG's webOS really lives up to the hype it gets but I guess I'll find out tomorrow, it certainly looks easy to use and well designed from videos.

    • Whirlpool said it "does not have HDR1000 and is 8bit + FRC" so the LG would have better colour depth.

      The MU7000 is better than this, but at that price I'd seriously consider paying the little extra to get the LG OLED55B75 which is better than the MU7000.

      Out of all the TV's I looked at, this one seems to be the best bang for buck, but if I had the money to spare I'd get the LG OLED instead.


    Fyi if u cc make sure details match ebay, they r a pain in the ass to deal with doesn't matter if paypal transaction has your same address the want matching names also

    • Yeah, and I'm pretty sure that if you have a warranty claim you can't do it in store, it has to be with their ebay store.

      I ended up paying $1045 for next day delivery from my local store. I thought that if I get a dead pixel or whatever it should be easier to deal with locally.

  • I can't recommend Videopro unless you have big enough car to pick up from the shop or TNT depot.

    My TNT delivery has been delayed for a week, still haven't got the item which suppose to be delivered last Friday, and each morning they call me and say "we will delivery it tomorrow" - meaning I have to organise someone stay at home another day.

    TNT customer service rep. is nothing but a joke. Throwing tantrums to me for asking for reason of delay and dropping phone receiver when I'm talking and pick up again when it become silent. Sounds horrible enough huh?

    • Sounds really shitty, sorry you had that trouble.

      Not sure why you're negging the deal though, as the deal is also for TGG and you can get it delivered through them for an extra $7.

      • Thought the deal is about buying from Videopro instead if TGG C&C is not doable? Hence the title. Of course Im not negging TGG deal here.

        • TGG was charging more for delivery when I posted the deal, and Videopro_online is still cheaper, and you're meant to post the cheapest, so that's what I did.

          I'll amend the post with your message and say that TGG offers delivery.

  • Anyone who bought this TV, how do you guys find it?

    • I find it to be surprisingly good for the price. The quality exceeded my expectations, but if you have the extra budget, you're probably better off getting an OLED instead, as this is RGBW, and an OLED is superior in many ways.

      If you don't want to spend around 2k or more on a TV though, I think this one is a good choice.

      • Thanks mate, not gonna jump on the OLED bandwagon right now, will do the next time I upgrade, probably in the 65-70" range, can't afford it right now haha