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Buy an Amaysim Unlimited 2.5GB SIM for $20 & Get $30 Cashback (Approved by Feb 28) @ Cashrewards


Similar to the very popular deal in June, Amaysim & Cashrewards are offering something new until January 21. Potentially a $10 profit and access to a 2.5GB SIM on the house. The main requirements are that you are a new Amaysim customer, activate prior to February 10, and you click out via the Cashrewards link in the post. Enjoy :)

Please read these important guidelines & T&Cs before proceeding:

  1. You MUST click out through this link or the Cashrewards link in this post (then select Shop Now).
  2. Once you've clicked Shop Now, DO NOT exit the Amaysim site until your purchase is complete.
  3. If you are an existing Amaysim customer, you will need to create a new account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer.
  4. Order the Unlimited 2.5GB SIM for $20.
  5. You must activate the SIM before 11:59pm AEDT Feb 10, 2018 to be eligible for cashback.
  6. If your SIM arrives pre-activated, contact Amaysim. They will reset the activation date so you get the full 28 days.
  7. Cashback will be APPROVED in your Cashrewards account no later than Feb 28, 2018.
  8. Offer applies only on the 2.5GB $20 SIM so ignore other T&Cs on Cashrewards for any other Amaysim plans.
  9. Only one cashback of $30 per Cashrewards account is permitted.
  10. Cannot be used with any other Amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  11. Cannot stack with Cashrewards Refer-a-Friend. Doing so will invalidate cashback & referral bonus.
  12. This cashback offer expires 11:59pm AEDT Jan 21, 2018 (final purchase date).
  13. Your CR tracking email may show an estimated approval date in March. Ignore this as approval will be as stated above.
  14. Remember that AdBlock may cause issues with tracking technology, so please disable before using Cashrewards.
  15. If for any reason your sale fails to track after 7 days, open a support ticket and the team will look into it for you.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4039)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • just to reconfirm you dont need to port a number in you can choose a new number? also the same person can sign up multiple accounts as long as they are different email addresses for each Cash rewards account and new amaysim account>?

    • -1

      To be eligible for the cash back you must choose a new number, and use an email address that does not have an active Amaysim account/SIM card.
      SIM cards can remain active for 6 months after the prepaid/postpaid plan has ended.

      • +3

        Nowhere in the terms does it mention that you can't port in a number from another provider. And that better be the case because otherwise I have wasted $20 and I will be pissed.

        • +1

          Oh yes sorry, don't know the reason why I wrote that?

          I'm definitely sure you'll get the cash back, if not pm TA about it.

    • From what I know about these offers; I am sure there will be issues with the backend affiliate provider. I suggest not doing this offer on any public wifi system or workplace, or at least getting a new ip address for each time you sign up for the offer.

      I'm not sure what information Amaysim will share with their affiliate partner, but if your name and address are shared, that would correlate to your ID. Which they could use to match people abusing the offer.

      Nevertheless, I don't see how you would be able to use so many sims, as they all expire within 28 days.

      Furthermore, when I signed up with Amaysim, there was no button asking if I had 5 or more prepaid sims like when you signup to telstra and can just click it even though you have several sims. I think Amaysim automatically match and flag you, which is probably a better system. (Can anyone confirm there is no button related to this?)

      • there was no button asking if I had 5 or more prepaid sims

        Can anyone confirm there is no button related to this?


  • +3

    Just received my tracking email.

    Thanks TA, Andrew and everyone else at CR for the incredible amount of work and time that went into making this deal come to life.

    Certainly has made a lot of OzB'ers have a great start to the new year.

    • +1

      Can't complain about free money!

      • +2

        You're giving me the food that my food eats!

  • Anyone know if this sim can be used for data with an iPad?

    • yes you can.

  • I previously had an amaysim account but had ported out to OVO. When I entered my email address, it says that I have an account. Do I need to use a new email address or just log in with my old account?

    • If you are an existing Amaysim customer, you will need to create a new account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer.

      • I don't think I am an 'existing' Amysim customer. But I will use a new email address just in case.

    • I had the same question. Since Amaysim recognised that you have an account with them, to avoid missing the cashback, I would use a new email address to create a new account which is what I did.

  • sweet. thank you very much. Can fund 2.5 coffee for me lol

  • Can I Purchase 2 Amaysim Sim's Through Cashreward Or will I need to use 2 Cashreward Accounts? There 2 different numbers.

  • how long does it take for this to deliver to your home in melbourne and also how long would it take to transfer from vaya to amaysim?

  • Is there a way to know if the cart is currently being tracked by cashrewards before making the payment?
    I disabled adblock, enabled all cookies, didn't opened extra pages and installed CR chrome's extension but there is no pending order in my history.

    Do I also need to enable location and popups?

  • Can you use the same credit card to pay for multiple separate accounts?
    Eg, a relative signs up but doesn't have a credit card

  • mine came today pre-activated. doesn't matter as i'll be porting back to kogan by the end of the month anyway :)

  • I received my sim today preactivated. I contacted Amaysim and they said they can't reset the activation

    • really ?

      i just received my SIM pre-activated today… am going to call Amaysim tomorrow… let's see.

    • Ouch, thanks for letting us know.

      I decided not to enter my license details for now, since they say they can't activate the SIM until they have verified those. Let's see if that works…

    • Amaysim isnt letting me reset activation too. only giving credit for next purchase?

    • Mine also arrived pre-activated.

      I emailed Amaysim asking them if they could deactivate it as I had intended to activate the SIM in early Feb.

      Got the following response:

      The reason why your SIM card is pre-activated, was due to the way that your SIM card was delivered. Please note that if you've purchased your SIM card online via standard delivery, your SIM will be active and ready to use right away.

      However to address your request, I now removed the UNLIMITED plan values off from your account, and processed $20 refund back to your credit card. The refund will be automatically completed in the next 3-5 business days.

      I intend to reactivate the UNLIMITED 2.5GB for $20 before 10 Feb as stipulated in conditions for cashback.

      Hope this refund process doesn't invalidate the cashback…

      Aside, pre-activating SIMs is super dodgy on Amaysim's part.

      I ordered on 11 Jan, received 15 Jan, even if I was ok with it being pre-activated they have robbed the user of 14% of the plan value before the SIM even arrived.

    • +2

      I had the same situation.

      Called Amaysim, and they changed my plan to PAYG, with an expiry one year ahead. Then also credited $20 back into my account, for me to switch to the same $20 unlimited 2.5GB plan, when I am ready to.

      I confirmed with the agent that I would still qualify for the Cashrewards promo, and he said I will. And because the SIM is technically still activated (has been activated since before shipping), it would qualify for the promotions T & Cs for activation by 10 Feb.

    • +2

      I think to ensure the SIM is not pre-activated, just do not verify the ID when the account is created. They'll still post the SIM, but it won't be activated until the ID is verified.

      • Exactly what I intend to do.

        I didn't even think to enter in my ID until activating!

    • +1

      If your SIM arrives pre-activated, contact Amaysim. They will reset the activation date so you get the full 28 days.

      Called Amaysim and was also denied them resetting the expiration period. Sim was activated on 12/01 but only received on 15 or 16/01. Bit crap but whatever

      • +1

        Me too, mwssage CS and given $5 credit which will be useless for me as i am not plan to renew.

  • -1

    How long until the cashback is ready? I've had many purchases last year and yet I can't claim them into my account.

    • -1

      Look at the Estimated Approval Date in your CR account.

  • +2

    Got my SIM, plugged it in, says not activated. Can't see button to activate it in the account as it says to use in the letter. Activating it from their main page doesn't work either, SIM number not recognised. My God Amaysim is trash. And why are some SIMs activated and some not? Do they magically activate themselves somehow? What kind of monkeys are running this company?

  • Auto-recharge switched on mine (paypal)
    Disabled under user settings in amaysim user settings, and deauthorised Amaysim in Paypal recurring payments.

    Also: preactivated (expires 9th of Feb) - 24 days. Won't bother attempting to contact amaysim about changing activation date

    • Hey auto-recharge from Paypal has been switched on for me as well. How did you turn it off. I cannot find that under settings and Payments. Thanks

      • Found it under Manage Plan, turned off Auto recharge

  • +1

    I just received the SIM today (when I returned home at 7 pm.) I tried to activate online, it said the ICCID number is invalid.
    Tried to call customer service 1300 number, it is closed.
    Tried to live chat, the button is not working.

    Tried to log in with the phone number no working.
    Login with email, said the sim will be delivered.

    Is my SIM pre-activated?
    Ordered on 11/1/18. Letter dated 12/1/18. Received the sim card today on 16/1/18.

    Not happy with all this.
    Any suggestion, apart from trying to call tomorrow during office hour?

  • I received the sim card with a little sticker on it saying "I'm Already active and good to go!". However I managed to log onto my account and activate it, well at least I think I did.

  • My sim came in and it says pre-activated but it's not. So I went online and logged in to activate. Then it asked for the sim number which I entered. It asked for which plan so I chose PAYG cause I'm not gonna load up another $20! Then it asked if I want to keep my number or get a new one. This part confused me so much that I thought I'd just get a new number and then the sim got activated… with PAYG and a different number now! So now I have two amaysim numbers with the $20 pre-loaded still not activated.

  • +2

    My Amaysim SIM came yesterday and it says "I'm already active and good to go" on a sticker attached to the card.
    When I go to the online Dashboard, and click Activate, it takes me to "Plan" tab section and says "Shipping soon. Your SIM card is packed and ready for delivery. We'll email you when it’s sent."

    Does it mean it has been activated or not?

    Also, Cashrewards does not seem to track anymore. Could be because I started using uBlock Origin Chrome Add-on.
    Does anyone have the same issue using this addon and Cashrewards?

    • +3

      As stated in the OP and repeated many times across different forums, AdBlock software/plugins/extensions are a no-go with Cashrewards (and any other cashback sites for that matter). Yes, uBlock can/will kill tracking cookies.

      • Yes, ok I just realised that. Thanks for reminding.

        Re: the SIM activation, is my SIM activated if I have that "I'm already active and good to go" on a sticker attached to the card?

        • +1

          From the comments, seems most are being shipped with that sticker. If you're unsure, I'd suggest contacting Amaysim and asking them just to make sure it's activated. The fact it says 'shipping soon' in your dashboard is a concern.

        • @tightarse: I'm in the same situation, although I disabled my ad block for CR and Amaysim. I already got the mail and the phone number matches with the one shown in the dashboard. I'll chat with Amaysim later and see what happens. What's the end goal? To make sure it's activated?

        • +1

          @BlazinPast: Hi there, yes. Must be activated prior to Feb 10 to be eligible for cashback. Do this, and you’ll be fine :)

  • +1

    Got mine a couple days ago, I will activate it today and see how it goes :)

    Guys, don't be silly, just turn off all ad blocks/add-ons.

  • +2

    Got mine the other day, didn't come activated, I had to go and activate. I ported my number so unlike most here I'll actually be using this account!

    • +1

      The people who added their ID got their's activated.

  • Thanks
    I just got email for tracking of cashback.
    This is a recurring payment of $20 every month.
    So, if you have paid using PayPal, go to Settings > Payments > Manage Automatic Payments and cancel the auto payment for amaysim.

  • +1

    I just login to the account and advised it will be expired 21 days ? So it is already activated !

  • +1

    When do we get our email. Completed the process yet no email yet…

  • I just did mine and paid by PayPal. I just realised until it was too late but I saw in the PayPal payment page it said something about authorising recurring payments.

    Dont want a duplicate charge instead months time.

    • You might want to turn off auto renew in my amaysim. It took a while for me to navigate your their website. quite invasive if you ask me

  • Porting from a prepaid telstra
    Received the sim yesterday
    Validated ID last night
    When I try to activate the sim from the dashboard, I am taken to a blank page
    Waiting for their live chat to come online
    Anybody else experience something similar ?

    • sorted via live chat
      transferred in 1 hour :)

  • Keeps getting error after the payment page when trying to purchase, anybody getting this?

    • Yep got that error.
      If you just select and try again without leaving the screen, it will eventually work.

      • I still get the error after trying on the same screen, and from replies below, seem that some people can still order it no problem. Any ideas? Tried different browsers.

        • I had the same issue but as Zippy7 suggested, simply clicking pay again would allow it to go through.

          Edit: actually are we talking about the same error? Something like "looks like it took too long to capture your payment details, let's try again" and it pretty much acts as a "refresh" on the payment page

        • @illumination:

          Hi illumination, no the error I got was:

          Whoops! We're really sorry about this, but it looks like something went wrong.The following error has occurred:
          If you've had this page open for 10 minutes or more, your page has timed out. Please go back and provide your details again.For all other enquiries, give us a call on 1300 808 300 and we'll process your transaction over the phone. Our operating hours are Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm and Public holidays 10am - 6pm (all AEST).Contact us so we can get things sorted out for you.

        • @wildstone: I repeatedly get the same error - have tried different credit cards. Just doesn't work. Giving up now.

  • Cheers TA, CR and Amaysim :)

  • Ok. Signed up with a different email address.
    Let's hope it goes better than last time.

  • Also, kept getting declined wiht the prepaid visa (from the coles flybuys deal).
    i note they managed to swipe $1 out of the account, but didnt take the $20.


  • I just checked my cashrewards account and I've got a second transaction recorded for $10 with a $2.50 cashback. I definitely didn't make this transaction and nothing shows up on my bank or PayPal (which is what I used for the original $20 purchase). Anyone else?

  • So when I activate, it wants me to choose a plan?

  • Did not get a tracking email, fingers crossed just activated my SIM.

    • Hi abetastic. If you've already received your SIM and are yet to receive a tracking email from CR, then the sale did not track (unless it's in junk mail - please check your CR acct to see if there's a pending amount for $30). If not, did you follow all the instructions in the OP re AdBlocks etc? Also, is there a click to Amaysim in your CR Click History at time of purchase? If yes to these, please submit a ticket as per the last note in the instructions and the CS team will take it from there. Thanks!

      • +1

        Thanks TA - always switch off adblock just for Cashrewards. Not sure why it didn't track this time.
        Thanks for your help

  • thanks but i cannot go near amaysim anymore because of the excess data charges they introduced last year.
    give it to a kid and they will blow another $20-30 on data add ons alone

    • You could always use amaysim prepaid?

      • yes but keeps my credit card on file

        • Turn off auto recharge.

  • +2

    Hi TA,

    I bought an Amaysim card, unfortunately it was activated when I put through the order, but sim was received 6 days after that. I went to the online chat, but Amaysim was unable to change/reset the activation date. They only credited $5.00 which is not much use… It is still a good deal, but I will definitely not stay with Amaysim.

    Point 6 should be deleted, cannot find the T&C anywhere official.

    1. If your SIM arrives pre-activated, contact Amaysim. They will reset the activation date so you get the full 28 days.
    • Yea same, mine came pre-activated but whatever, I don't actually have any use with the SIM card.

    • same. mine came preactivated. thank god i don't have any use for that sim either.

  • do we need to activate sim to qualify for the cash back offer? my id check failed after a few attempts now they want me to call up. note on the sim card it had a sticker saying its already activated but when i put it in the phone its not. upon account log on it states ID check needs to be completed first so it can be activated.

    • Hi coolsteps. Yes, Amaysim will only pay us (CR) on SIMs that are activated on or prior to Feb 10. If your SIM remains inactivate after Feb 10, the pending status of your cashback will eventually move to declined.

      • thanks TA i guess ill have to call them up and send them a copy of my passport if they require it. good thing i didnt sign up my dog lol.

        • u dont need passport to activate lol. just name and DOB

        • @jussie2000: you need a form of ID and passport is one of the accepted forms of ID. Otherwise most locals would just use a licence.

        • @illumination: for me, all they asked was name and DOB.

  • Purchased 13/01 and activated 18/01, should I have received a tracking email by now?

    • +1
      • +1

        I disabled adblock but it sill didn't track it.
        Have it in click history so will submit claim.
        Thanks TA

  • Great deal from TA(as always), but this was a bit of a fiasco from amaysim! Bought this on 11 Jan, didn't receive the sim until 18 Jan (I've usually received the sim from them in the past pretty much the next day after ordering but not this time). The sim card also came in pre-activated. I've already lost a big chunk of 28 days on this sim. I was planning to use it early Feb but not anymore. I emailed amaysim support about this straight away on Thursday but haven't received any reply. Upon checking again, I found out that my email query was automatically closed for some reason and no one even looked at it. I haven't even used this sim or popped it in any phone and now very reluctant to use this at all. I haven't got patience to wait on the phone queues with them for long time so I'm not going to bother calling them about this at all. I might try their live chat but that's as far as it will go. But overall, it feels amaysim dropped a ball on this one somehow.

    • The delivery time this time was explicitly stated as being 2-7 business days. I do recall they used to have next day delivery but it definitely seems like it's not offered anymore.

      So with that being said, 11 Jan to 18 Jan is ~5 business days, so it's within their stated time frame.

      • Yep, which seems fair but sending a pre-activated sim card isn't. Worst case scenario if it would have taken them exactly 7 business days to send the pre- activated sim card, customers would have lost a fair chunk of the allowed 28 days validity. Which is not acceptable to some extent.

        • Agree - but I wasn't commenting on that aspect. Was just responding to the delivery times part of your comment.

          I was thinking you could give live chat a shot?

        • @illumination: Yes, I'll try that. Cheers

  • Ordered mine 10/01/2018 but yet to receive the SIM unfortunately. Perth, WA. Can see the SIM has already been activated through my account though.

    • Found it! Kids hid the mail between the bench and dishwasher…

  • Hi OP,
    I believe your posting statement 6. If your SIM arrives pre-activated, contact Amaysim. They will reset the activation date so you get the full 28 days is not true as Amaysim is not able to reset the date and instead, they give $5 credit into your account which to be used towards future plan, which I personally do not want.

    I have the same experience in the past which I don't agree with Amaysim to preactivate the SIM and gave credit instead reset the date.

    • +1

      It's been pointed out several times above you.

      Would definitely be good to have the description edited to reflect what is actually happening, but don't forget at the end of the day, Cashrewards (or OP, in this case) is just the messenger. It is likely that this is what Amaysim advised CR which is why this was the information passed on to us.

      You don't agree with it, but unfortunately that is what they've done. In the future, my tip is don't verify your identity until your SIM arrives and you're actually ready to activate the service.

      • Bother, I don't intend to activate my sim until the last possible date of Feb 10, 2018. I also cannot recall whether I verified my ID already or not. Wonder what the best course of action is now….
        Just logged in and it's indeed activated. "17 days left Auto-renews 09 Feb 2018"

        @tightarse, as the store rep, do you have any suggestions to offer?

  • Live chatted them to get my expiry extended but no go, so I only have 21 instead of 28 days…
    got $10 credit instead which will get me another month on the lower plan…good enough
    (was offered $5 initially but I pushed for more and got offered another $5 or 1GB)

    • Haha interesting. How did you push for more..?

      • I was offered $7 credit for the days where my SIM was preactivated. I just asked if they could round it up to $10 so I could use the credit for their Unlimited 1GB plan. So I'll use my Unlimited 2.5GB SIM for now and when that runs out (sometime in February) it'll automatically switch to the Unlimited 1GB Plan and use the free credit they gave me.

      • I said "I'm not happy, please escalate to your manager"