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1 Gang Wi-Fi Wall Switch $145.00 @ Electronicwholesalersonline


Description from Website:

Wi-fi enabled switches are at heart of our home automation solution. These devices are available in one, two and three gangs. Our smart switches retrofit existing electrical points and connect directly to your home's wi-fi router. Once connected, these can be easily controlled by smart phone app.

Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa home automation integration.

Type: Wifi Light Switch
Panel: Tempered Crystal Glass
Rated Voltage: AC 100-250V 50/60Hz
Max Current: 10A
GSSS Std.: 802.1b/g
WiFi Security Mode: WEP, WPA/WPA2 (AES and TKIP for Personal)
Max Power: 2000W
Australian Approved and RCM

3 Years Warranty

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  • what makes it a deal? There are cheaper alternatives like broadlink switches + rm pro to achieve similar or even more.

    • +1

      This is "Australian Approved and RCM", where is the Broadlink one that is Australian Approved?

      • -2

        For the price tag, it doesn’t make it a deal. Australian approved doesn’t mean it has a better build quality nor it is cheaper than other products. What’s the original price?

        • +4

          It does for insurance, for something hardwired in the house

        • +1

          @asa79: still no deal if it is normal price and has no review or comparable product.

        • @allenhori: pretty sure I seen these or similar on Aliexpress

        • @klownvandamn: I’d expect they are a lot cheaper. No deal here once again.

        • @asa79: I've heard that concerns about insurance are an "old wive's tale". Could you please give us a link to an insurance policy from a major Australian insurer that would be affected and tell us the clause that says we wouldn't be covered?

        • @newdad:

          Whilst I tend to agree about it being an old wife's tale and I do not have any proof, it would not surprise me in the slightest that an insurance company would knock back a claim for an innocuous reason like this.

          Insurers never operate in specifics, but my insurance is up for renewal so have a pds in front of me, could easily fit under either of these clauses;

          1) you must take all reasonable steps to protect your buildings and your contents from loss or damage.

          2) If you keep any dangerous or hazardous goods or substances in your home … you must comply with all relevant laws, by-laws and statutory regulations. Should you not do these things and it prejudices our interests, we will reduce any benefit under the policy by the amount we have had to pay because you did not comply.

          Just saying they probably could deny a claim not that they will do or have in the past. There are enough loopholes/exclusions in their policies they can deny just about anything.

        • @newdad: Insurance companies would find anything to not cough up money

    • +1

      Also cheaper then Philips Hue Downlights if you have alot of downlights to replace

    • +3

      I don't know much about the price of this item but you're comparing a stand alone broadlink switch to a multigang in wall unit. Multi gang in wall switches are notoriously difficult to implement well and if this does the trick I don't know why you would be so quick to criticise? It's not for me but I can't understand why people neg so quickly?

      • -1


        perhaps the price tag will make more sense? yes it relies on RM Pro but you can achieve a lot more than switch on/off lights with RM Pro.

        • +1

          No it doesn't. To legally wire any switches you need it to be done by a qualified licensed electrician. See if any licensed electricians would be willing to install these and provide a legal receipt for the work.

          These may be cheaper but no so much if you also want to be compliant.

        • +1

          Not Australian certified

  • You kidding me!

  • Come back WeMo!!!!

    This is not a deal for a generic wifi switch

    • This is a replacement light switch not a stick on switch that looks out of place

      • WeMo light switch is a switch. You’re thinking of Philips

        • -1

          Thats only a single, this has 1/2/3 and dimmer versions

        • @asa79:
          So you’re wrong about WeMo being a stick on switch, I’m nice enough to simply suggest you’re thinking of something else and you further need to justify your poor deal with this being 1/2/3 and dimmer versions?

          Here’s a 1 gang at half the price.

          AU / NZ Standard Smart ZigBee 1 Gang Light Switch for Wireless Home Automation Google Home Alexa Voice Lighting Control https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B078M49TZ4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_S...

          They have 2 and 3 as well

          Amazon AU has others…..

        • @hatchy: I said that was a only a single, no 2 or 3 versions. I would need a few 2 and 3 around the house.

        • @hatchy: I'm happy to see others, i've been searching for a while, and most are American/UK or Chinese

        • @hatchy: How did the Zigbee one go for you?

        • @asa79:
          I have 3 WeMo’s at home. They have been bulletproof.

          Can’t speak for the amazon ones - just found them as a cheaper alternative

          WeMo has abandoned the AU market it seems

        • @hatchy: Does that mean they no longer available?

        • @asa79:
          You’ll be lucky if you find them - they never released their dimmer to the aus market or their mini Socket

  • I really like the idea, design looks better than the Sonoff ones but can't justify the cost of replacing 20+ switches at this price. If you can get your prices down you will sell a lot of these

    • I asked them for a promo code so will let you know if they come back with anything. I know what you mean, but still cheapest australian version around and the glass makes it look nicer then cheap plastic

      • glass panel? do I need wear glove every time I touch them to keep clean looking?

      • So the fact their rrp is cheaper than anything else makes this a deal how? Its still their rrp.

  • +2

    Gang? Shouldn’t that be “Group”?

    • In Melbourne, they're knowns as hoods and hooligans, not gangs.

      • I think your police commissioner, Fatty Ashton, refers to “groups”.
        I wonder if it will stick?

  • How is this a bargain? There is no discount.

  • looks exactly like a ctec brand one


    deal is for normal price - not a bargain

    • Thanks didnt see that one

      • also note that their SAA certification is only rated for 200W max load

        not 2000W as advertised

        • 2000W - for interrogation perhaps?

          Agree, it is just standard list price on may sites here is AU

  • Oh awesome an advertisement for a wifi switch thanks op. so wheres the part you actually post the deal?

  • not a deal, list price.

  • Not a deal

  • What is this for?

    • Wifi Light Switch control instead of replacing light bulbs

      • so one can install this item and never replace a light bulb again?

        • You use this instead of using philip hue or yeelight light bulbs. Especially since there is no yeelight downlight