This was posted 4 years 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sony X6700E 70" 4k UHD HDR LED for $1998 @ JB Hi-Fi


Similar to previously expired deal, it is now for the same price at JB.

Personally, I think I will wait for Hisense 65 or 75 N7.

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    Similar to previously expired deal

    Did you boo hoo when you missed out?

    • For those negging look at OP username. FFS

      • Won't happen, that takes some cognitive effort.

      • +1

        Wow, either a tough humourless crowd or completely missing the joke. The OP username is 'boohooimissout'= boo hoo I miss out. Scab commented 'did you boo hoo when you missed out?' Get it? It was an extension of the OP username…

        I really don't understand if the negs are serious or people just have a few negs spare today for comments….

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    1995 at Harvey Norman.

    • Bing Lee and Joyce Mayne too

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      I miss the 90s, such carefree days!

      • +13

        The 90's was a fully sick decade, best balance between technological convenience and politically incorrect carefreeness.

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          Could not agree more. Plus the music was awesome back then.

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          I'm still partying like it's 1995.

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    Great, $1 less than the official Sony price of $1999 at What an Oz bargain!

    • No Sony is cheaper, you get 2% cashrewards.

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        plus free delivery from sony?

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          Yes, free delivery. I don't think JB Hifi does, but perhaps they may throw in the usual 'extended warranty'.

        • @plmko: JB: Standard Delivery: $59.00

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    Realistically, how cheap could the 75N7 get? is it worth that extra ~$700?

    • -1

      The 65n7 is 1600 last time it was listed here.
      The 75n7 was 3000.

      But I heard the hisense is much better quality than the Sony here.

    • at least Hisense has the 5" advantage!

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    $1992 Delivered @ Videopro.. wait for one of them to list the price on eBay to save a further 5%.

    • That sounds like a good strategy

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    Don't forget you can get 6% off at JB Hi Fi if you are a RACQ member…

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      Hmm…didn't know that, thanks.

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        Sorry, to clarify, not off the price, but off e gift cards that you can then use to purchase the TV.

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      Do you need to pre purchase gift cards?

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        Yes, takes a few mins and you can do it to the exact amount of the TV, in maximum $500 lots.

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    Picture quality is pretty average on this model. Compare it with Sony's other higher series and you won't want to buy this.
    Hisense and TCL models look better… You can really tell this is Sony's budget conscious TV

    • Other one that u can recommended?for 4K similar size ?

      • Maybe wait for hisense 65n7, last time was 1600

      • Check out aldi this weekend for a 75" uhd for $1699.
        I doubt the quality would be any worse given the Sony was already pretty average to start with.

      • If you can get JB to pm myer this isnt a bad tv 65ex600a pana 4k 100hz and hdr 1000

    • I have this model and I am happy with the picture quality. I came from a Sony 55" Android TV and the picture seems better on this.

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    The refresh rate is only 50Hz :|

    • Should look nice on screen this size…not!

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    Wait for the Hisense 65N7 for $1600. Cheaper and better.

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      And smaller.

      • It's only 5 inch…

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          Might seem small but you actually lose 16% viewing area.

        • @interfreak: depends on your room configuration I suppose.

  • How does this compare with something like the x7000e series besides screen size,

    • Is it hdr?

  • what's the movie in the picture?

    • Probably Transformers? Not sure which one though.

  • I see alot of talk about the Hisense n7 models…. Are they really that good ?
    I want to get a 65 or 70" tv soon but only want to spend about 2000-500ish

    • The 65 was 1600, there are no 70

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      Better off waiting for the Sony X9000E to go on special. It's $3000 in Jbhifi now for the 65inch. As good as it gets really for this year's TV. Full Backlit with local dimming, high brightness, high contrast, wide colour gammat which means one of the best for HDR especially with its consistent brightness. Sony has the best upscaling too with its X1 processor chip. Almost all other TV's are edgelit which means light bleeding, inconsistent blacks and brightness. This is rated as basically the TV of the year - considering its price and flagship features. You won't be disappointed!

    • I got the 75INCH n7 still in box though, wall mounting it next week. I can let you know

  • JB also have the X6700E 60" here for $1296.
    Might as well add it to this deal

  • Got it @ JB for 1860, paid with Visa, so no amex surcharge,
    need to pick up from their warehouse though…to save the delivery fee.

    my personal observation is that this 70 inch model will drop to 17XX after few months, then will be sold out… and discontinued.

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