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Huawei Mate 10 Pro $879.20 Delivered @ amaysim eBay


Aus stock for the midnight blue, GST included. You could claim TRS if you want to.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

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  • This or the Note 8?

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      Depends how big you like your phones. I would get OP5T.

    • want to know as well.
      heard that battery of note8 is not lasting for one day.

      • You heard wrong. Many reviewers claim that battery life is just as great as the S8+'s despite the 100mAh difference.

      • It will get you through a day. It gets amazing SOT if you use it constantly too, beats most phones except OP5 etc.

        I think it's purely based on if you want samsung software features, or you are concerned about the size.

        After owning the Note 8, I am actually considering a smaller/cheaper phone for my next phone. Phones are all great these days, you can't really go wrong.

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    VAYA has faster delivery time and mocha brown colour, both Aus stock with GST (dispite they will be shipped from HK)

    • +1

      I doubted why Aussie stock will be shipped from HK. Although you can go for refund if it ends up not an Aussie stock, that gives you little bit of hassle

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    Huawei's warranty next to non existence, slow / no firmware update

    • +1

      I'm on 8.1 with a 6P. I have not experienced that problem at all.

      • +1

        6P is Google Nexus line, different OS support structure.

    • +3

      Mate 9 was the first device other than pixels to receive the oreo update. All other companies are struggling to update. No updates from Samsung, LG, htc, Sony etc.

      True warranty support is crap. But it's no worst than lg, htc and sony. Probably only Samsung and Apple is better in this regard.

      • I have a mate7, bought 3 years ago, only one update in 3 years time, go figure!!!

        • The mate 7 was released with Kit Kat (4.4.2) and got 2 major android updates to Lollipop (5.1) and Marshmallow (6.0). There's not many android phones that get 2 major updates.

          It says planned upgrade to 6.0 (Marshmallow), I did a google search and the update was released a while back.

        • @ko0l:

          Yes, you are correct but the upgrade to lollipop caused boot-loop and Huawei Australia have to rolled it back, only have to wait for 18 month for Marshmallow released to Mate 7 Australia,despite all other regions have more versions of firmware released, Australia have only one version update that actually works(firmware update locked by region/country) .

          Had an issue with the screen developed dark patches after 8 months, never have it repaired as Huawei's turn around time is close to 90 days, now the phone is used as music player. good luck with your purchase, but myself will stay away from this brand for good.

  • Bought one!!!

  • Bored with my s8+. Is this a worthy substitute or should I just get the note8?

    • +2

      If you're bored with ur S8, then Note 8 will not offer much difference. Unless you're using the note pen a lot. I would stick with your S8+ if I were you.

      • Note 8 camera should be a noticeablely better though?

    • Bored with the s8+ as well. Had a play around with a mate 10 pro in store. It isn't much better.

      Design feels outdated compared to s8+. Main advantages is probably the dual camera and bigger/ better fingerprint sensor.

  • This phone has tonnes of features and got a high DXO Mark (if you trust their reviews lol) one of the best Androids around

  • So the phone is Australia stock sent from Hong Kong. You receive a GST invoice for TRS Claim if you wish.

    Any warranty issues you deal with Huawei Australian Service Centres or amaysim?

    • this is what I was told through eBay's message.

      "The Australian stock which is the single sim version will be shipped locally and warranty is with the manufacturer."

  • +1

    Actually I purchased one when they did the "BOXING17" promotion (, I realised because of supply shortage, the next shipment will be in Mid Jan. I still not receive my phone or being update on my order status but now they are selling at a further discounted price (I bought at $967).

    I am not quite happy to this. Thinking on canceling my order. Any suggestion I can cancel it and get my money back easier (I paid by Paypal)? Thanks

  • anyone still waiting for their mate 10 pro from the last 20% off sale from same seller?

  • I was about to buy but the shipping says you will recieve between Feb 9 and 26.
    Reading that people still have not received their phone from the last sale has me worried placing
    an order as im going overseas in early feb.

    Messaging them through ebay they stick to the dates on ebay.

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