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Xiaomi Sling Bag - Deep Gray / Light Gray USD $10.99 ($13.82 AUD) @ GearBest


For those who missed out last time, another opportunity awaits.
Its a dollar more pricier this time, sorry could not get it for $9.99 :(
However did manage a larger quantity this time = 100 pcs :)

Original Xiaomi Sling Bag - DEEP GRAY / LIGHT GRAY
Coupon code: AU24IVYE / AU17TDBA

Limited to first 100 orders, Only once per account - shipped to AU, NZ, MY, SG, BD, LK only!

Thanks to GearBest Rep for providing this deal :)

Checked and found quantity below 50 for Dark Grey but plenty available in Light Grey.

As stated by RoughMetaphors in the earlier deal - great bag to carry “your personal effects like keys, wallet, smartphone, power bank, cables, small water bottle, wet wipes, etc. It's compact and lightweight - very good for travelling on crowded public transport, especially on holidays”.

Cannot recommend enough; money well spent! Good luck.

Edit (26/1): Code AU17TDBA replaced by AU24MIBAG (credit to xev)

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  • Thanks very much OP but it says code doesn't exist? Is the deal live yet?

    Edit: Working now thanks again.

    • +1

      Deal is live, just bought one again. You need to be signed in to your GearBest account for the code to apply and it only applies once per account on a single bag purchase. Thanks

  • Anyone have one of these? Reckon I could fit a 13" laptop inside?

    • +2

      Not it won’t fit a 13” laptop - it’s a tiny bag meant for personal effects.

      • So it's smaller than it looks? Looks like a backpack.

        • It's an inbetween for a bag and a fannypack used to store mainly a wallet/tablet/phablet/phone and water.

    • In the Customers Q & A, when asked whether a 10.1" can go in

      No, sorry that it can just hold 7 inch tablet PC in interlayer pocket

      So I guess 13inch would be no go either.

  • Could have bought TWO with the full price I paid last time because of their stupid system glitch.. damn it..

  • Anyone else has a problem when Subtotal shows full price though coupon has been applied successfully?

  • FYI this thing is tiny

    • What's are the dimensions

    • -1

      I'll just say it: fanny pack.

      • You mean bumbag?

        • +1

          it cant be a bum bag, its more vertical than horizontal.

  • got one.

  • Got one thanks OP

  • +1

    This should be called Xiao Ling…
    I'll see myself out now

  • All gone it seems

  • +1

    Code expired

  • +1

    on the video there, the asian chick is sticking an A4 book in there, so when it arrives let's see how small it is

    • +1

      You could probably squeeze an A5 book. Haven't watched the video, but if they're squeezing an A4 in, it's a magic trick.

      • I believe I can fit in my latest DSLR (with a pancake lens on). that'll make my day

  • Nevermind.. expired.

  • +2

    I guess I'm just not supposed to have one…

    • +1

      Yeah same :( I look away for a couple of mins and boom, expired :(

  • +1

    I think this video gives a good indication of the bag's capacity.

    • Lol the video has smoke at the Beginning

    • It's all in Russian. My mind can't convert Russian images to English images

  • Missed again. Will get something cheap from Kmart now.

  • +1

    damn, off ozb for an hour and this happens!!!

  • jeeze that went fast! missed out again

  • +1

    damn missed out!

    GearBest rep, can we have some more? (dark grey please!) :)

  • Aww this is bullshit.

  • +2

    GearBest/Xiaomi deals are more volatile than bitcoins~~

  • damn it, expired again come on

  • +3

    Have you guys received anything from gearbest ? I recieve nothing since last December

  • received mine today.

    • That was surprisingly fast for you. Did you purchase their more expensive shipping options?

      • Nope. Free shipping. It said it was shipped the day after I ordered.

  • Will GB accept Bitcoins?

  • OP, any chances of getting this deal? Was an amazing deal :(

  • +1

    Unlikely but I’ll try

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