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$40 SIM Starter Kit for $10 Delivered - Optus


$40 SIM Starter Kit for $10 - OPTUS ($30 Discount) - 28 Days

Free express shipping, online only

Activate on Prepaid Ultimate Plus, 15GB DATA With Unlimited Calls and text

ENDS 21/01/18 Limit 1 per customer

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  • Expiry?

    • i got mine yesterday and it expires november 2020

      • Does it have to be activated with 30 days?

        • No

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          If you want 15GB, you will need to activate by 4Feb, otherwise only 7GB.

          7GB + 8GB bonus on first recharge only by 04/02/18.

        • and if you have no issues to activate by 31/1 the Kogan deal is much better

        • @MrPants:

          The reason I was asking was Optus started putting the stickers on their new Sims saying it needed to be activated within a certain time frame despite what the expiry says.

          I think it was to stop people like me from boarding and porting.

          I'm about to run out of my year's supply of sims.

  • Can these be used for premium sms services? asking for a friend ;)

    • if you purely just want to use it for that, activate it on the prepaid long expiry. otherwise the prepaid ultimate plus will give you $10 on top of the data and phone call inclusions.

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    It's a new year. I'm going to put all of those Optus sim activation nightmares behind me and just upvote the deal.

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      Can I ask what happened?

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        Just Click These Links

        In a nutshell, it was basically a nightmare activating them because half the time the sims being sold in these sales were expired or unable to be activated. That required some long phone calls, visits to the Optus shop, new sims sent out etc etc.

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          Cheers. I bought many from coles when they are on sale. Only one had issue but after chatting online I removed and insert the card again and it worked. Seemed like many others had worse problems.

          Although seems like the problematic sim cards are those directly sold from Optus ?

        • @Jared17: I got 2 from previous half price deal, on different address, one said couldn't find the office address, while other colleagues got them, second one posted home and need to call them, end up with 1 month waiting for first one to refund and 2 x 1 hours call to rectify it, good lucky.

    • Same. I still have my "$30 sim" which isn't working and the $2 sim they made me re-buy and transfer over too.

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      Coincidence.. I tried to activate a PP sim purchased a while back that had data & calls credit. On activation no credit. Their chinglish online help says it has no credit, end of story.
      2 Cards paid for with credit going into the bin. :-( AVOID

  • Tempting. But I'm finding Optus signal goes missing inside some establishments/building in NSW (had no issue with Vodafone).

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    How come it shows $40 when I try to order?

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      Same here:(

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      It's a sign..don't do it to yourself. Go the Kogan or Amaysim deals.

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  • Does it have to be activated with 30 days? Now in the back of all optus sim pack showed "SIM contains no value until loaded on purchase, Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on a promotion"

    Has anybody lost the $40 credit if the sim card activates after 30 days?

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      Nah it doesn't expire until the date printed on the package

    • You can activate it before the expiry date of the sim. The sticker or the blurb that states it needs to be activate is quite misleading, obviously for them to make profit

  • I activated 8 of these late last year and they all worked so there is a good chance they will work

  • I bought a few $30 for $5 and $40 for $10 last year from OW, Oputs and WWS, I think only $30 pack comes with the sticker says "Need to activate within 30 days", all the $40 don't have that sticker, so expires the date print on the pack.

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    $10 SIM is $3 also with 15GB, 7 Day expiry though.

  • Anyone tried getting Officeworks to price-beat this?

  • $40 not unlimited calls and 7 days??? Is this Telstra in disguise…

  • Does anyone know if these are available in the optus shop?

    • Nope not at storefronts :)

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    No problems activating 4 of these over the past month and all sims marked expired in 2019 so shouldnt have a problem activating(note I did not do any porting. Also chose the $2-$4 per day plan so it doesnt autorecharge.. However Kogan is doing 23 GB for 30 days promo now so thats a much better deal(remember to tick the do not autorecharge box as well.)

    • Hi, just wondering for $2 per day,if you answer call or receive SMS, does it count a day? Cheers

      • yes if you use any of the services it will start the $2/day. If not the credit is valid like 180+ days.
        and in brisbane the day starts at 11pm due to sydney/melbs being already midnight
        so best activate it after 11pm to get a full days use.
        On the $2 per day plan you get about 500MB (warnings at 100mb and 25mb left). If you go past that then it will automatically go to $4 for that day. If you again use up the extra 500MB data, the data portion will just disconnect/stop working automatically.

        just sign up for the Kogan $4.90 for 23GB and unlimited call/text, sweet as plan on vodaphone network.

        I think NBN is dead in the water, with most phones able to LTE 4g or 4G+ speeds and offering up mountains of data allowance(flexible as well, you can bring your mobile hotspot with you to the cafe or beach or camping), I think more and more people will just move on to this platform for their internet connection.

  • hey guys, is it possible to transfer over to this service from vaya.

    and then survive off this by buying multiple packs?
    so if i buy 4 packs i can recharge over for 4 months?

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