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DeWalt Drill Hammer Kit - 18/54V 6AH Flexvolt Battery - Brushless - $179 Delivered @ Blackwoods


Update: Their Xpress site has run out of stock but still available at their non-Xpress site. Link now updated to reflect this.

Free delivery for metro Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane - for others, try their other site.

Subscribe to their mailing list to get a voucher to bring it down to $159. Thanks to doweyy.

$10 or $30 cheaper (with email sign up) than this deal back in November for those who missed out.

Don't forget 7% CR cashback.


  • Brushless Motor Technology
  • Two speed all metal transmission
  • Drill Driver and Hammer feature
  • 15 position adjustable torque control
  • 3 Position LED torch, High/Medium/Low settings
  • Battery chemistry XR Li-Ion
  • Voltage 18 V
  • Battery Capacity 6Ah
  • Max Torque (Hard) 70 Nm
  • Max Torque (Soft) 27 Nm
  • Chuck Capacity 1.5-13 mm

Kit Includes - confirmed with Blackwoods as description is vague

  • (DCD796N-XE XR) Brushless 2 Speed Hammer Drill
  • (DCB115-XE) Multi Voltage Charger
  • (DCB546-XE)18/54V XR 6.0ah FLEXVOLT Battery

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  • Real bang for your buck

  • Seems like you can also get a $20 off $100 voucher for signing up to their email list, not 100% sure if it works on this though, need to wait for the code to come through.

    • Doesn't include power tools presumably. I never got that voucher though, even though I kept requesting it.

      • Yeah thought that might be the case and that you'd know about it lol, oh well! Great find.

        • I wonder if you included a $20 item to this order and added the voucher if it would it work. Anyway, good to let ppl know there is such a voucher for reference.

      • Actually it works! Got mine in the email and it applied successfully, down to $159!

        My code is: DOT-XY8-YTC-K9N if anyone wants to use it.

  • $20 cheaper than the AEG 6Ah kit and useable as a 54V battery … noice!
    (no idea if it's any good in practice or just a "paper advantage", but still)

  • Thanks

  • On the front page of catalogue - https://www.blackwoodsxpress.com.au/back-to-work

    Starts Mon, 22 Jan. 2018 - Ends Fri, 02 Mar. 2018

    Also see page 8&9 for other Dewalt

  • So this can't be used as a screwdriver?

    • -2 votes

      nope, just as a hammer

      • Thanks, in the market for a nice screwdriver, those Ikea flat packs aren't going to sort themselves out!

        • You can use it as a driver. For some applications it's actually better than an impact driver because it has a torque setting.
          But switching bits isn't as nice as with an impact driver, and obviously lacks the 'impact' feature.

          If all you're doing is flat packs get the little bosch driver that's been listed here a few times in the past few days.

    • Of course you can. I use mine predominantly for driving in screws from small ones in a computer to roofing jobs. The versatility of this type of drill is fantastic.

  • Excellent price with that battery. My only comment is that having tried one in a store I find these batteries are getting to be a bit heavy compared to the 4A DeWalt? Can't beat that price though!

    The battery would be great for my angle grinder skin as those eat batteries in just a few minutes under heavy work.

    Tempted but have too many drill skins already…

  • Get free delivery on most orders $150 or more in value to metro Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

    Just found out at the last step of checkout no Adelaide - Delivery is $40 :(

  • Damn charger and battery is worth around $220 itself. Nice find!

  • Been using this since the previous deal to do all my various drilling around my new place (timber, metal and masonry) and it hasn't skipped a beat. Very very happy!

  • getting ozbargained.. cant subscribe

  • Sorry just reading here this cannot be used with the screwdriver bit it is a hammer drill only? Also seems like I cannot get into the site keeps saying page broken

  • 502 Bad Gateway - site is gone!

  • Literally the best drill I've ever used. Great for driving in screws and drilling wood and stainless steel alike. Haven't used the hammer function on stone yet, but looks feels pretty beefy just by testing the hammer setting.

    Bought two of these pre-Christmas just for the 6ah flexvolt batteries and used the batteries with the cordless table saw. Good value seeing as the 6ah flexvolts are 130 odd, charger ?60ish.

  • Ordered one thanks!!

    Checked prices on Bunnings website, they quote $470 for all 3 items

  • Finally got the website to work. Code worked as well. $159 delivered.

  • Seems I am not receiving my email list voucher…. it arrived slowly.

  • Got one! Took about 10 minutes for my newsletter voucher to come through after subscribing. Thanks OP!

  • My missus will get annoyed lol she thinks I dont need more drills and she is right…

  • This is exactly why I like OzBargain! I needed a drill because my battery in my current drill can no longer hold a charge. I have looked a few times at bunnings ect but didn't buy one because of indecision. Come to ozbargain I have a single page that tells me this drill is a great product at a fantastic price. After a few mins of fact checking I am convinced and I buy it! Thanks very much for posting.

  • any deal for impact driver?

  • Think they have stopped sending out coupons… been waiting for over 30 minutes.

    • Yeah I have been waiting awhile also. Maybe someone has to manually send them out?

  • Thanks Op - purchased for $159 plus $9.99 expected from Cash Rewards
    Great deal :-)

  • Pricepal cashback is higher than cashrewards IF it stacks with the user specific coupon

    WHITE 8.75%
    GOLD 9.63%
    DIAMOND 10.94%
    BLACK 13.13%
    FOUNDERS 15.75% (some of us will have this via ozbargain).

    If I understand correctly, pricepal automatically pays out each month, no minimum withdrawal of $50 like cashrewards

    I guess if coupon and cashback stacking is a problem with pricepal then cashrewards has the same problem anyway?

    • I used Pricepal too because Im a Founder member, but the tracking confirmation they sent through afterwards only reflected around $14 cashback.. did you get the same?

      I was expecting with 15.75% it should be up around $25

  • Still definitely coming through. I subbed went and ate dinner and it was in my junk mail.

    Just ordered. Thanks.

  • Got one, code arrived after about 20 mins.

  • Hate to say it but dewalt is just another crappy stanley/black and decker subsidiary. Dont get sucked in like I did. They're guarantees are as good as they offer on sidchrome (another SBD company) zero.

    • Lol. Sister company doesn't mean same quality. Just ownership is the same. Different products. Different quality.

      Dewalt is my 2nd fav. Milwaukee is the bomb though.

      • Can tell you have zero experience with their warranties. I too am a Milwaukee man only cos they are the best of the affordable stuff but many would disagree

        • Yeah I've never had any warranty claims with Dewalt.

          Sorry forgot Hilti. Now thats the ultimate. Used to always get great discounts and freebies from a Rep for Hilti. Shame he moved on to another company.

  • Anyone knows if this kit come with a carry bag or storage box?

  • Anybody know who they use for delivery? Is it auspost/startrack or a private courier? Trying to save the $20 postage by getting it sent to a post office near work.

  • I got the deal from Bunnings back in November but I'm still looking for a decent case to fit it. Can anyone recommend a deal on a case?

  • Hi, what’s a good drill head kit to go with this?

  • For those that are confused about the drill:
    - a hammer drill is a drill with 'hammer' function. it's not a dedicated rotary hammer (SDS) drill.
    - it usually has three modes, hammer, drill (full torque), and driving (with torque settings)
    - it is best at drilling, pretty good at driving screws and OK at hammer drilling

    This drill in particular is actually very good in concrete (for its class), but you wouldn't ask it to do >10mm holes, 5-8mm is perfect.

    The value of this kit is ridiculous. The only bummer is that the size and weight of that battery are so overkill for what is usually an extremely compact and light drill.

    This drill also has a VERY good 3-setting LED light that puts out ~60 Lumens (from memory)

    • this is dewalts mid range … and yes the value is excellent… im just getting it for the battery really to get into this 54V stuff in case something good comes out. i'll probably sell of the drill and an old battery for the same price lol

      • it's only 'mid-range' in the sense that it's a compact drill, and not the in the larger, more powerful 'premium' class.

        Dewalt have several different compact drills, and this is the latest and greatest in that class. It is an update to the also very good brushless DCD791. It is substantially better than the brushed DCD785, which is substantially better than the Bunnings-special, DCD776.

        • yes for sure… great drill … i have the 995 brushless .. more powa!! .. so no need for drill … just want the battery system.

    • Good job on the video reviews 👍

  • Had trouble getting the code email using my Microsoft email, nothing after 3hours. Tried my google email and got the code straight away.

  • Can I use this to drill into my wall and hang stuff? Do I need to buy anything extra?

  • Got one, good deal. Cheers

  • thanks so much OP, been looking for a great drill deal for ages. code works all, took 20mins for mine

  • Hi all. I’m also interested in an impact driver. Has anyone got any thoughts on the price of the $329 Hammer Drill/driver combo?

    I can’t find any comparable prices of sets to see if this combo is a good deal. The impact driver looks to be $200 alone so it’s $129 for a hammer Drill (not a hammer Drill/driver - which I already have)

  • I have a promo code but I cannot use it on the alternative website www.blackwoods.com.au does anyone know where I can add it?

    Edit: nevermind just read can only use the code for blackwoods express not normal site. Shame I dont live in those Metro areas and get charged the $40 postage.