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Hi OzBs

We all love a good bargain on anything and everything but there are some things particularly in the fashion world that we don’t necessarily need but truly want. I recently purchased my first luxury handbag, and it did pain my to swipe the credit card and the ozbargainer in me died a little. Just wanted to find out what has been the most expensive fashion purchase, how much it cost and if you’ve had no regrets or buyers remorse. Also when does a fashion purchase (watch, bag, suit) price start to be ridiculous?

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  • Bought a Tuxedo. Used it so many times. Much better quality than hire.

  • My $140 pair of New Balance running shoes. Bought last week! Like running on a cloud.

    Edit: I only wear shirts from Kmart and jeans I've had since my parents bought me a pair when I was 21.

    • I hate having to spend more than $100 on shoes!! I think it’s the fact that they’ll end up smell, dirty and worn out quickly that really gets me. Cannot understand people that buy designer heels or shoes. They just get ruined!
      Also I don’t buy clothes at full price. Must be a minimum 30% discount before I consider buying them.

      • Cannot understand people that buy designer heels or shoes. They just get ruined!

        To many people, it's worth it because it gives them confidence boost. You can argue… "but that item could cost them $20 per wear". And you are right but it's part of the cost of going out. Some people can easily spend that much on one fancy drink. Others will rather wear designer shoes instead.

        Also I don’t buy clothes at full price. Must be a minimum 30% discount before I consider buying them.

        Except there are some pieces which are great and never go on sale because people just buy them at full price. At the end of the day, If you buy something for $100 or $70, it really doesn't matter if you end up wearing it many times. You will get value for money either way so discount doesn't matter.

        Buying something just because it's on sale and then wearing it once or twice is the true money waster. I've been on this site long enough to experience it first-hand and still suffer from it.

      • There are plenty of options of quality men's shoes that are worth the high price tag. Women's… Not so much.

      • I own 3 pairs of the same shoes, but they are very good and practical shoes. The first pair lasted over a year (I wear them every day to work and on weekends) before showing signs of any major wear. Luckily I had bought a second pair when they were on sale that I then started using. I must admit I get some strange looks because I wear the same shoes every day.

        • I’ve had hit and misses with buying multiple items! You either use it to death and regret not buying more or you buy two or three and regret it! This is what happened when I was younger. I’ve learnt now to only buy classic items in multiples if they are cheap.

      • I have a number of pairs of shoes / boots etc that were $200+, but it was due to quality rather than fashion. My last pair of boots lasted me 8 years, and for the last 2.5 I’ve been walking 12km a day. That pair of boots are still actually completely usable for normal use, they were just getting a bit sketchy on loose rocks etc when hiking. Sometimes spending more can save you quite a lot in the long run.

        • Boots I totally get! It’s the heels and loafers etc that just get ruined. There are some things worth spending on!

    • Asics vs New Balance - who wins?

      • New Balance

        • Having alternated between the two brands for the last 15 years, they're both really close.

          For me as someone with a wider foot, New Balance makes a sloghtly more comfortable and durable shoe.

  • Most expensive fashionable thing I've bought, just to treat myself for having found the first decent paying job straight outta uni was spurge on Myer — I went and bought a Country Road coat in black colour for a whopping $249, a Kenji jumper for $69, Levi jeans for $50, Human shoes for $70.

    For the next few months however all I could afford to eat was white rice, tuna and frozen veg. Good times.

    Since then I never buy clothing with a price tag over $70, with the exception of suits because suits aren't usually that cheap. And now that I work from home I can just wear cheap $10 Kmart clothing everyday and nobody gives a damn :)

    • Hahaha love that you remember how much you spent on items that “normally” people see as everyday spending. I’m the same. I hate spending over $50 on an item of clothing. I work in corporate so so have to dress some what presentable.

      • I buy work clothes from forcast and then claim price drops when they have the season clearance, have claimed on every shirt except one =D

        • Forcast has some nice designs but I always tend to skip the shop for some reason…

        • How do you claim the price drops? Is it a feature of your credit card or a standard offering of Forcast?

        • @virhlpool: it's the insurance on the Coles mastercard. 2 years to claim from date of purchase. Insurance costs nothing if you pay off your credit card before the statement comes out. Otherwise 1% of your balance on the statement.

        • @kawinuyo: Is it default or you need to subscribe to? I have Coles zero fees MasterCard. Wondering whether it's included or how I can take it.

          Also, does it honour online prices as well (e.g. Gearbest)?

          Will it continue even after Citibank takes over Coles credit card business in the next few months?

        • @virhlpool: you have to subscribe to it (and be diligent in paying it off before statement). I have the zero fees one as well.

          It only honours australian stores online included, so basically anything you pay GST on I guess.

          I am assuming it is continuing because it's underwritten by latitude (same as 28 degrees) so shouldn't be affected by the change… And I also couldn't find anything written about it changing.

          Edit: although it will be harder to monitor because not same day statement and 25 day cycle instead

  • $2000 armani suit for a wedding. I didn't pay for it. Rich uncle

    I only wear it to job interviews. lol

  • Alpha jocks from Kmart

  • $350 on RM Williams

    $500 or so a year on suits

    $200 or so on shirts and jumpers a year

    I find paying more for clothes is worth it.

  • My wedding outfit- dress, shoes, jewellery etc- was really, ridiculously expensive. But I still have them at home and they did bring me great joy… which is more than I can say for the (ex) husband!

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    $80,000 car, it's both an investment and a fashion statement. Win-win!

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    No $100 option? I buy new Swiss Made watches and I haven't exceeded that.

  • bought $100 wade's back when i was 8. cringe thinking about it to this day. not as bad as brother paying $200 for them. must've been drunk.

  • My wife

  • Iphone

  • Mine was a beautiful leather jacket in Florence. Unfortunately, it was stolen a couple of years later, along with any piece of clothing that had any 'overseas' markings on them…

  • Why ppl sux at polls here.
    Shouldn't it be;

    • You’re well come to change the options if they bother you too much

    • not really, the question was "Also when does a fashion purchase (watch, bag, suit) price start to be ridiculous?" so your idea seems unnecessary to me.

      • You don't get it, I said, poll is useless, for example, if I spend $700, should I tick $500 or $1k?

        • The poll says when does it start to become ridiculous, not what you have spent in the past. If you have spent $700 and you didn't think that was ridiculous, then you wouldn't select $500.

        • @Savas:
          So $500, $1k, some magic numbers OP came up with? Personally I think its ridiculous when I spend more than $39,999. lets get ridiculous:)

        • @boomramada: You are right, the poll needs to go higher.

  • Most expensive item I ever bought was a Mywalit handbag (around $250 on sale), but I had had my eye on it for about six months thinking about it so it was a very informed purchase. And I used it every day (my new laptop is annoyingly about 5mm too wide to fit so I don't use it as much anymore).

    • Lucky you got it at a discounted price!! Not many luxe designers have sales and even if they do it’s normally known to people who buy a lot from them.

  • Do cars come under as a fashion expense?

    • Depends what type but it would open up a whole new category. Things like a Ducati, Porsche etc they’re definitely a fashion statement.

      • Sometimes, sure, but I don't think that applies all the time. Many people buy Porsche because they want the last word in sportscars (outside of exotics).