This was posted 4 years ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Blu Ray and DVDs @ JB Hi-Fi


Just randomly checked their website and JBHIFI seems to be having a sneaky 20% off Blu Ray and DVD sale. Great time to use up those extra 20% off STACK coupons.

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  • Its in their catalogue, lasts until the 29th Jan :)

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      Email says it ends Sunday 28th Jan.

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    Good deal OP! Just remember that theguyrules mentioned last deal that you can apply as many codes as you want to all the DVD’s in your cart, so if you’re ordering more than one, make multiple STACK accounts to get multiple coupons.

    • Woo!

    • so I can potentially get more than 40% off if I put down 2 or 3 email addresses?

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        It would be 36% for each movie when combining each with a STACK code, can also use discounted gift cards to get a further % off.

        • So I assume it won't let you say, enter 3 different emails to get 3 STACK codes? Surely it is one STACK code per transaction?

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          It lets you! It just applies 1 to each item, not 1 per transaction. 3 codes via stack would apply to 3 DVD’s separately.

          Check this pic.

          But for STACK, just put 3 different emails in the form, and it will send different codes to all 3.

  • What are the other coupons we can stack?

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      I certainly don't buy DVDs!

      4K blurays are worth it over streaming differences

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    Do yourself a favour and pick up Blade Runner if you didn't see it at the cinemas. Best film of last year that I saw.

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      And try to see it on the best audio-visual setup you have access to! It's visually and auditorily brilliant.

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      I fell asleep about an hour in after a big weekend. Maybe I should try again.

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      $25.35 delivered… Done!

      • Good one :)

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      Can't select click and collect if you choose the JB exclusive version with the bonus disc. Stuff you JB!

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        It's only $1.69 extra for delivery. I'm sure the extra disc is worth that? And you don't have to go and get it!

  • If you're an RACQ member, you can get an extra 6% off by purchasing JB gift cards through the RACQ:

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      And 6.5% if you have a Youi insurance policy.

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        I've been with Youi for five years and I didn't know anything about Youi rewards until I read your comment. Annoyed that I'm only learning about this now but I'm glad I did. Thanks mate!

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    20% of DVD's and blu rays at jb hi Fi? Must be a Wednesday.

  • I timed that poorly….. I picked up Blade Runner and a number of other Blu Ray titles from JB yesterday, only a few hours before this sale was announced.

    Will JB refund the difference or provide an instore credit if I take in the receipt?

    • Yes, I've done it twice in the past. No hassles at all

      • Thanks, will do that today

  • Little side-ways off topic, but where can I find a good cheap Blu-ray player 4K All Regions?

    • 4k blu rays don't have region coding so any 4k player is all g

      • oh right, can you recommend a good 4K player?

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      Xbox One S would be my first recommendation. For $200 you can find a 500gb unit second-hand, and you can run Kodi/play games through it too!

  • Any good TV series to recommend?
    I need something new.

    I love shows like
    GOT, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, The Wire, True Detective S01 only… 2 was a piece of sh!t.
    Homeland, Californication, Entourage, Dexter, Better Call Saul.
    Up to date on all those.

    Couldn't get into
    Boardwalk Empire

    Just started on Mindhunter and Lucifer. Mindhunter is great so far, would recommend.

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      Vikings, Legion, Preacher, Narcos, The Expanse, American Gods, Fargo

      • Thanks for the reminder on Vikings and Fargo!
        Started the expanse but gave up. Narco's i kept falling asleep.
        Might look into the others.

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      Have you tried The Leftovers? We have similar tastes so you would probably enjoy it. It’s a bit slow to start with (and confusing) but once you hit episode 3 it really kicks off. Season 2 is probably one of the best seasons of tv I’ve ever seen. They’re currently part of the buy 2 get 1 free tv shows at JB right now so you can get all 3 seasons for about $35.

      • Awesome thanks, I love cold pizza the next day so will check this out.
        Looked it up, sounds alright actually.
        Westworld was alright too.

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      If you have Netflix AU: Black Mirror, Ozark (Breaking Bad theme mixed with GoT plot twists - very highly recommended), Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The Crown, Star Trek Discovery, Making a Murderer, Archer.

      Others I recommend but not available on Netflix AU: Genius (starring Geoffrey Rush as Einstein! Each season will be about a different genius), Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Robot (another one that I highly recommend), The Man in the High Castle, The Orville, Supernatural (13 seasons!), Star Wars Rebels.

      I also second these shows that others have already mentioned: Preacher, The Expanse, American Gods, Westworld.

      I had no idea I watched so many shows until I listed them out… geez life is good!

      • Forgot to mention Ozark, really liked it and can't wait for the next season!
        Black Mirror is one I've heard, I'll be on to that. Also started Mr Robot.
        I know what you mean, I left quite a few out after realising how much of a series geek I am! Nothing like smashing out a season in a couple of days.
        Thanks for ideas!

  • I confirm using this 20% sale together with the STACK magazine 20% coupon works.

    Just picked up Game of Thrones season 7 (Blu-Ray RRP $49.98) the 20% sale now brought it to $39.98, and then the STACK 20% coupon brought it down to $31.98.

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    say you have an email

    [email protected]

    sign up to stack with it

    now sign up same email but add a + and a word

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    it works :P

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    in case anyone is after stack codes for further 20% off:


    • Used 92CHB7PHLTDQP1, thanks chief!

      Grabbed the Nolan 4K collection for $120 :D

    • Thanks! Used 92C7VY517DRQZ8

    • Seems like all codes have been used.
      I need a couple of codes, anyone has spares? I subscribed to Stack a few times but no codes received only welcome emails.

      Never mind, figured out how to get the Stack codes.

  • So frustrating that studios like Sony Pictures, Universal and Disney are stuck on Ultraviolet which is nigh on useless in Australia. Would much prefer to support other studios who actually give you a choice in how you would like to redeem your digital code - iTunes or Google Play Movies. I'm mainly interested in racking up iTunes codes as for $20 you essentially get it on 4K Bluray plus a UHD digital copy with HDR/Dolby Vision version on iTunes which I can then use an Apple TV to playback. Anyone know whether Blade Runner is Ultraviolet only as on JB's site it lists two 4K Blurays one as UV and the other as 'digital HD' on the cover?

    • Hopeful that Google Play gets DV at some point, but I highly doubt it

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        Yeah I initially claimed all my digital copies from the 4K Blu-rays through Google Play Movies thinking that it would get 4K and HDR/DV support in the near future. So far only iTunes offers HDR/DV for 4K digital movies - definitely backed the wrong horse on that one!

  • Are you able to still split multiple items for delivery and click & collect?

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