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SanDisk Ultra 3D 1TB 2.5-Inch SSD US $255.43 (~AU $332.63) Delivered @ Amazon US

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SanDisk 1TB Ultra 3D NAND SATA III SSD - 2.5-inch Solid State Drive - SDSSDH3-1T00-G25

AUD 332.63 Delivered

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  • +1

    Good price considering local is $425 on special at Scorptec. Reviews indicate that it's slightly slower than a Samsung 850 which is to be expected.

    • +1

      I have a samsung EVO 850 and a couple of Crucial MX300s. I'm not sure under what circumstances you can tell the difference between a fast SSD and an average SSD but I honestly can't tell the difference. They're both fast.

      • I was talking purely benchmarks. You might notice the difference in file transfers, but either way… they're both fast!

  • -2

    hmm time to upgrade last laptop from 750gb SSD to 1 TB SSD …. the cost of a sata connector in a laptop is so precious.

    I'm sure this will be one of those deals where fanbois talk about evo 850 and then boom, none left.

    P.S I have Samsung 850 evo, crucial and sandsisk SSDs , so open minded, they all seem fast in real life.

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    Just be aware that i have had a sandisk ssd fail on me a month ago. Ive knly ever had 2 SSD failures, the early OCZ Vortex, and now this sandisk.

    Its still under warranry but i havent been able to find out how to claim that warranty yet. It was bought through eBay from mwave and mwave doesnt want to know about it. And sandisk website is terrible for rma.

    • Mention Fair Trading to Mwave.

      • I jsut checked again ant it was PC Byte not Mwave, sorry mwave. Yes I may have to contact fair trading if PC byte continue to ignore my emails.

    • +1

      warranty ….. that is like talking about obesity at McDonalds, or STD at a party.

      A retailer (Mwave) will send back to distributor but there is no legal / definite time frame to repair or replace.

      At least they can't say you dropped it and the heads landed on the platter.

      Nice how everybody was rejoicing Amazon coming to Australia, ticker tape parade, etc when the real deals are still Amazon US.

      • +1

        SSD does not either have heads, nor platter. STD might have :)

        • Umm - i'm pretty sure that was the point of "At least they cant say…" ;>

    • +1

      one fail doesn't mean much, but I can tell you Sandisk (ultra2+) has a lots of failing within 2 years times. And recently I even found a burned Sandisk ultra2+ killed the mainboard chipset, that's really bad.

      • "burned Sandisk ultra2+ killed the mainboard chipset" sounds like a warranty claim with no arguments from WD/Sandisk with visual evidence.

        But failure rates on these things should be in the order of 0.0001% or retailer wouldn't stock them if they get too many returns.

        Strange how we latch to a brand, We love WD, hate Seagate, hate Sandisk but they are the SSD division of WD and WD also resell with WD badge (other firmware though).

      • I thought I was just extremely unlucky. I had the same issue with the sandisk ultra's. My ultra plus and ultra 2 both died a few months after the warranty ran out… They died with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

        Worst part is, they weren't even my primary ssd. I only kept games on them, so would literally be using them only when I played games.

        My aging 7-8 y.o samsung 840 (non-evo) that I use for my system on the other hand, is still kicking. It's starting to wear down at this point so I'm looking for a replacement, it's certainly not going to be a sandisk that's for sure!

    • I've claimed warranty through Sandisk once for an SSD, had to go through putting in a ticket and all that. Had to ship it to them and once it was verified dead, they shipped a new SSD to me from the USA. Would've thought it was all handled locally but hey it's a fresh SSD I now have sitting in a drawer somewhere

    • I'm in the process of getting an SD card replaced.
      Bought from bhphoto.
      Sent a ticket on SanDisk site (just an email actually).
      Got a reply asking what the problem was and what steps I'd taken to see if it was faulty.

      A couple of emails alter after providing a photo and serial number of the card I had an RMA emailed.

      Just sent it off to mascott NSW.

      Also have had a Samsung SSD fail in the past and I dealt straight with Samsung.

      • Also have had a Samsung SSD fail in the past and I dealt straight with Samsung.

        I made that mistake… twice. First SSD took 2 months to arrive after several phone calls and promise of dispatch. Second was 8 months.

        • Really?
          Mine took no more than 3 weeks I reckon.
          I've had good and bad experiences with Samsung.

          I had a phone lost at their repair centre which took 6 months and a threat to ACCC before it was resolved.

          On a good note I had a plasma tv replaced 2 years out of warranty.

    • +1

      Had a 960gb Ultra II from amazon france (that deal was insane) fail last year. Went through sandisk's return site, and got the new drive about 3 weeks later.
      Although I think I did have to pay for a registered padded envelope (they needed tracking), it didn't cost too much.

  • +1

    Is this cheap? Dam SSDS are expensive. When are they going to come down in price.

    • +2

      Its 1 TB in size, that is very cheap price for the size

  • Thanks for that. Good price, ordered. I prefer to pay in USD as the converter is never in your favour - Paid USD 255.43

  • Presumably this price is due to old stock because WD has taken over Sandisk & WD labelled drives have been in the market for a while now.

  • +1

    Crucial mx300 1tb is $339 at msy - might be a good local alternative?

    • I have 2 of them. They're good.

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