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[REFURB] Dell Optiplex 990 Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz | 4GB Ram | 500GB | DVD | Win 10 - $120 Shipped @ ITEWASTE


Dell Optiplex 990 Intel Core i5-2400 3.1Ghz/4096M/500GB/DVD/Win 10


  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: Optiplex 990 SFF
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 3.1Ghz
  • Ram: 4GB
  • HDD: 500GB
  • Optical: DVD
  • OS: Windows 10


Seller Refurbished
Good condition
Keyboard and mouse not included
Power cord included
Light marks and scratches on casing

Use coupon "FREE01" to get free shipping

Good condition, good price, this is a great choice to those want a budget PC.

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  • "this is a great choice to who wants to have a new PC with less money"

    "New" aye?

    • +24 votes

      well yeah if you dont have it it's NEW to you.

    • +9 votes

      Its actually quite a decent performer. If you go to any retail outlet, you'll see basic dual core cpus, or even worse, weird low spec laptop cpus thrown in all their $500 boxes.

      This is a quad core i5 for $120. With an SSD for an additional $80 it would outperform everything this side of a $700 retail system.

      • I'm looking for a pc for my folks. I will be able to install a video card on this which has HDMI output??

        • I wouldn't be surprised if this had HDMI output onboard, or you can use a converter from DVI to HDMI (they're about $2 as they're just a plug converter).

          You could put a video card in this, but it will only take a low profile card - which will limit your options.

        • @macrocephalic: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe onboard graphics cannot carry sound to TV if using a DVI to HDMI converter. I only need a simple graphics card for HDMI output so my folks can link the PC to their TV

        • @HarveySpecter: That could be correct (edit: def correct with converter), it's not something I've ever tried TBH. Though, if you start dropping $100 on a video card then your $120 PC becomes a $220 PC - and you might be better finding something better.

          Edit: Actually, it looks like you can get a low profile card for about $40 from umart; I expected them to be harder to find.

        • @HarveySpecter: that is correct, DVI does not do sound. Putting in a HDMI card would be cheap and easy.

        • I just noticed that it has a display port. You might just be able to use a DP to HDMI converter.

        • @macrocephalic: Just double checking, does DP to HDMI carry sound to the TV???

        • +1 vote

          Yes, from nVidia and AMD cards.
          I've never done it from Intel onboard, but it almost certainly does the same. A DisplayPort to HDMI cable is like $10 so try before you commit to a graphics card…

        • @HarveySpecter:
          Yes, DP to HDMI is just pin conversion, there is no signal conversion involved.

      • JuSt bought a z77 mobo for $100 to replace the faulty one in my i5 desktop. Wish this would have been posted earlier. :-(

  • Looks like the DVD drive is not a writer, but I assume it's a normal DVD drive (and not some weird Dell propriety thing) that could be replaced with a writer like this?


  • will probably never get Spectre bios updates. I reckon there'll be a mass flood of old PCs hitting the market by the end of the year.

    • I'm inclined to agree. Everything I've read indicates that older generation CPUs will have the worst performance hit from the patches to fix the issue. Might not effect everyone's workload, but considering it still hasn't been resolved completely (all bios updates have been put on hold since they caused excessive reboots) I wouldn't buy old hardware until the dust settles.

      I'm not seeing this model mentioned this far.

  • is $120 a good price for window 10?

    • OEM license cannot be transferred to another machine, it is fixed to the motherboard.

      • Well it can, you are not meant to but it certainly can be. I don't see anything wrong with it myself.

        • Incorrect, the Windows installation can be installed onto a new machine and it will work but the License is not valid if it was an OEM licence. The likelihood of Microsoft checking is minimal.

          If you don't care about Microsoft's official stance on licensing, there are a lot cheaper ways of getting one from eBay. That is why it is not a good price.


        • @FabMan: OEM license can legally be transferred for a "repair". So buy the system, destroy the motherboard, transfer windows, sell everything else. All legit and legal.

        • @jkim: I got my information from Microsoft's website:

          What happens if I change my motherboard?

          As it pertains to the OEM licenses this will invalidate the Windows 10 upgrade license because it will no longer have a previous base qualifying license which is required for the free upgrade. You will then have to purchase a full retail Windows 10 license.

          However it does look like 'defective' motherboards can be replaced if same make/model:

          Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer—except the motherboard—and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty.

        • @FabMan: it certainly can be transferred. A razor under the sticker removes it just fine and you can reattach it no problem. The chance of it being an issue is zero for a home user.

        • @MikeKulls: Yeah I know, but the question was about whether Windows 10 is worth $120 and it isn't since you can get it cheaper. Transferring it is technically breaking the license, if you are happy to break a license, which works but is against the terms you agree too, why not buy a $20 off eBay that also works but breaks a license?

        • @FabMan: I never said anything about the price. I was just saying that for a home user reality is you can transfer it.

        • @MikeKulls: Not the license though, just a working installation.

        • @FabMan: I disagree. MS would have no way to tell you've transferred it so as far as I'm concerned it is 100% legit. For the purposes of a home users it is completely legit.

        • @MikeKulls: The licence is an agreement, like a contract. Just because your installation works doesn't make the license/contract valid. MS will definately not care though.

          If you successfully steal something and no-one knows you took it, doesn't make the acquisition legit, just means you got away with it.

        • @FabMan: right but you are not stealing it, you are transferring something you own from one PC to another. I doubt ms could do anything about it if they even cared.

        • @FabMan: remember, this is just what ms say you can do with their product. Rolls Royce tried to stop people modifying their vehicle with little success. It's not a law.

    • Yes, it's win 10 pro. You need to make sure you get the product key sticker to be legit.

      • Why the downvotes?? Wtf?

      • Moving a sticker key doesn't make it legit.

        • Reality is it does.

        • @MikeKulls: Your computer doesn't care if there is a sticker on it or not… you could put Ninja Turtle stickers on and it wouldn't realise that you are radical.

        • @FabMan: if ms come knocking on your door the sticker needs to be there. That is your licence. Ninja turtle stickers, while cool, won't help

        • @MikeKulls: The sticker isn't a license though, a key isn't a license. A license is the agreement and the OEM Windows license is different from the Retail Windows license.

          Purchase a Retail license and yes you can definitely transfer it to new hardware, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a lower cost license on conditions that it cannot be sold separately and only with hardware and that it only works on that original piece of equipment (motherboard) or a hardware replacement for a faulty motherboard.

          You can transfer an OEM Windows installation illegitimately, but the license is not valid, though Microsoft probably won't care about individuals doing it, just corporations.

        • @FabMan: you seem to think Microsoft make the laws. You pretty much ignored everything I said in that regard and repeated what you'd said before.

        • @MikeKulls: I never mentioned laws. Yes I've repeated myself because you've said nothing but 'I think it is legit', while you've given out incorrect information such as transfering a sticker makes something legit. It is okay to be wrong, as long as you learn from it, you haven't yet.

          Paying $120 for Windows 10 is a poor deal if you are happy to ignore the terms of the license, which is what the original question was about and why I tried to help them. Moving a sticker doesn't make up for the $100 lost buying this just for Windows 10.

        • @FabMan: well this is all about the law mate. You haven't responded to anything I've said in that regard except to repeat yourself. Usually a sign someone agrees with what I've said. If you want to be anal then don't transfer it, the rest of us can transfer it just fine.

          I agree $100 is a bad deal for win 10 but in this case you get a computer with it so it is a good deal.

        • @MikeKulls: It wasn't about the law till you changed it for some reason, which is weird. Unless you are suggesting moving the sticker changes owning Windows from illegal to legal. My computer doesn't have a sticker on it, Microsoft must be prepping to kick my door down right?

        • @FabMan: give it a rest

        • @MikeKulls: Same to you?

        • @FabMan: mate it's about the law. What else is it about?

    • If you don't care about having a correct licence, here is one for $20:


  • +1 vote

    Hi all,

    FYI were just trying to use our site rather than eBay for some of these deals.
    We listed the following last week which sold out pretty quickly.

    I understand some of the users here were lucky enough to grab one due to our pricing error which we have since honoured.

    Happy shopping!

    • oohhh..so that was a pricing error? I managed to grab one of those lappy and very happy with it :D


        If you work backwards eBay + paypal comms + shipping…

        I believe there was a buyer who relisted at $900 (good for him!)

        • Yes, I saw it relisted too for $950 however the seller ended the sale himself so he didn't resell.

          What was the price supposed to be sold at??


          I think its probably worth that much but we will be releasing more soon as they come in, but will be slightly more depending on how much we get them for this round.

          I assume he sold it, maybe off eBay….
          Goodluck to him :)

  • +8 votes

    For $10 more the HP they're selling is a better buy as it a newer generation CPU, and has USB3:


  • how long is shipping to metro melbourne rep?

  • Looks like windows is not activated as shown in the pictures.

  • Is it worth another $80 for an i5 4590, an extra 14gb of ram and usb 3.0

    • Definitely as it's a faster, cooler running CPU, more Ram, and USB3.

    • where?

      • in my house? I brought it in cash converters a month ago for $204. It also didn't cook my hand when i touched the cpu cooler it came with so running cool is a fact. It a HP Prodesk so it not that good in upgradability but the specs are decent. yay im stuck with a 1050ti until i buy a 4 channel ram motherboard, a new case and a new power supply.

        • if you want decent deals with some actual warranty, check you local cash converters. Sometimes they have 20% storewide because mine was originally $300. 2 weeks later $255. 1 week later, boxing day sale 20% off storewide Boom $204

        • HP motherboards often don't allow standard PSUs… check the connectors to see they are ATX standard and not HP proprietary. Dell are much better than HP because Dell use standard ATX m/b -> PSU connectors.

    • i5 4590 wont fit in the motherboard, wrong socket

    • Username checks out.

  • Would you offer a discount for having no hard drive?

  • looks like this will be sold out by the time I get home :(

  • Hmm.. what is the max I could spend for a supported graphics card as add-on for this, before I can start mining any kind of crypto currencies? Okay cool, this was meant to be a joke🤔

  • Had 2 in my cart, went to tell a mate. SOLD OUT. i should've been more selfish….


      Don't worry, I'm sure given the overwhelming traffic and how quick they went we will keep updating the site.

      Keep tuned!

  • and its gooonnnneee :(

  • Damn.. just paid $150 for a similar 3rd gen i5 with only a 250GB HDD. :(

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