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MyProtein Australia Day Sale - up to 70% off + 22.5% off Code


Just came across this with the email code which gives an extra 2.5% off compared to the standard "AUSDAY" code available onsite. If ordering 5KGS of WPI, the code brings it down to less than $27 per KG shipped. Pretty good value, haven't tried from this store yet though.

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    I think myprotein has fallen out of favour here.
    It used to be good value but they've increased their prices dramatically over the past few years.
    Used to be able to get WPC for ~$12-14 consistently using their promo codes.

    Now you may as well go local as the price is pretty much the same e.g. BulkNutrients.

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      Yeah pretty sick of them offering all these coupon codes but jacking up the base cost.

    • +1 vote

      And thats exactly what I did for my last order, got it locally, worked out much cheaper.

      I'm sure MyProtein will realise when their regular Oz based customers are no longer putting in orders, that they are no longer competitive enough on price.

      On top of all that their delivery is now $19.99 (use to be $14.99) and FREE delivery now kicks in after spending $175 (use to be $150)

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    You can get 5KG of WPI from Bulk Nutrients or VPA (both awesome BTW) for about the same price and you'd be supporting Australian businesses.


    25AUSDAY gives 25% off

    • +4 votes

      30AUSDAY gives 30% off


        Oh wow haha I thought you were joking. Ridiculous how many different codes they have going on at once.

        In that case, 10kg would be $160 then the 8.5% Cash Rewards cashback would bring it down to $146.40. Pretty good price if you were happy to buy 10kg at once


    is the code for 70% off?


    Holy shit, comparing to my previous order last year Nov, they jacked up the prices from $18 1Kg BCAA to $74… LMFAO.