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Sony X8500E 65" 4K UHD HDR TV $2,296 ($700 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like a good deal for the X85.

I'm personally waiting on a deal for the X90, but very tempted to take this one at this price.

Get giftcards for even cheaper price.

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  • We purchased the same tv from Costco Docklands for $2000.

    • When?

      • On Saturday. There was 1 box left

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    Wait for the x9000E. Better HDR experience due to higher peak brightness.

    • me too. was around 2400 once, went to a store recently and was 3000, ridiculous

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      Im waiting for the x9000e too. I would wait for a price drop over choosing this tv

  • I was looking at the 49" and 55" Sony TV's at JB, they have been reduced also. Are they any good?

  • Also in Myer and good guys for similar prices yesterday when I checked it out. Looks nice but not necessarily a bargain I don’t think.

    • I considered it a bargain because if you search this model on OzBargain, you'll see this is one of the cheapest prices for this TV.

  • I paid $2350 for the X9000 65”
    Would wait for a better deal

    • you are the lucky one. my wife still complaining that I didn't buy it then. how is the TV? in store, I find the contrast was not good and the black was not dark, perhaps due to the video content.

      • Only watch TV however it’s night and day compared to my older UHD Samsung, contrast is great

  • Just found this model on ebay, $2224 after applying PICK5 voucher (+1% Cashrewards), was $2229 + $40 delivery.


    Scratch that .. just checked out online reviews of Napf Electronics and they are mixed so DYOR - but putting it out there anyway for those here chasing best price.

  • Can confirm Costco is having a $200 off on a similar price which brings it down to $1,999 (Auburn,NSW). It was even cheaper on the Video Pro ebay store for $1,910.40 with code PRAWNS for 20% off- just finished yesterday. Pretty sure they can do it at around $2000 which is not the lowest but still decent price.

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    The Best Price in last NOV. with BingLee eBay Store. The price was $2298 (excluding delivery) with 20% code bring down the cost to $1838.40 and you can still get 1% cash rewards and bring the price down to $1821.

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    It's a +1 from me.

    I'm still shopping around for a new TV and time is not a factor - I just want the best deal!

    …so any decent TV deal is an invite to click and check the comments section :)

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    The Good Guys has it in their Ebay store for $2295
    use code PICK5 for an extra 5% 0ff plus 1% cashrewards

  • 55" model is $1398
    (Also $700 OFF so a better discount in terms of percentage).

  • Isn't it cheaper to buy from Sony store? 3.5% cash back from Cashrewards, plus free shipping, plus you can pay using AMEX, worked out to be around $2,225 delivered