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Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 (Blue/Large) - $49 + $4.95 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi (Factory Scoop)


Found this in the factory scoop Section of JB

Also available in Pink/Small for the same price


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  • Hot damn this is an awesome deal!

  • +1

    DAMN.. so tempting!

    edit 1… pulled the trigger :D

    edit 2. and bought a small pink for the mrs! Thanks OP

    • I didn't see the black and ordered the blue :(

        • +2

          @jayzorz: Hardly, Broden would have bought 100 !

        • +2

          Only couple thousand

    • Black and pink out of stock

  • Very nice price. Black, blue and purple available

    • that purple is pink

      • Thank you for clarifying

        • bought the Blue one for a change since everyone wearing black

  • ….Wow.
    Great watch at this price.

  • +1

    I've got one myself, and it's definitely worth it for $53.95 (and definitely NOT worth buying when it was around $200!). I ordered one for my son's birthday - perfect timing. Thanks OP!

    btw on one of the pages it said there is a limit of 1 per customer… but I don't know if that's for any colour or just 1 per colour.

    • +1

      I quickly set up a new account with delivery to my wife just incase

    • how long does the battery last?

      • For me with GPS on and WiFi off, it has about 25-40% left at end of the second day after charging.

        • oh good, i assume I can load music on it, & play it on bluetooth headphones? that's really what I want it for

        • @supabrudda:

          I haven't done it so don't know the effect on battery life. Poimandres said that feature works well - see below.

        • @supabrudda: Yes you can. An app on the phone loads music to it.

  • +1

    been using mine for the past almost 2 years, highly recommend for both andriod and ios

  • 2gb avail memory. can you add an micro sd card?

    • No, but still holds a decent amount of MP3's. Pair one with some Bluetooth headphones, and it's actually one of the best features imo.

    • Specs on Samsung's site say 4GB storage..

      • +1

        JB says 4GB internal memory (2GB available memory)

        anyway all gone

      • Half is gone for OS and app storage.

  • Works on iphone?

  • Thanks OP, bought a black one!

  • Amazing deal. Pity black is only in large, so will need to find a small black wristband somewhere for it.

    • +1

      Just drill some extra holes in the band - fixed ;)

    • +1

      Or buy one of the replacement bands off eBay - standard band is known to come off quite easily if bumped.

      • So can you just buy a large and then buy a small band and it's as if you bought a small in the first place?

        • how big is large ?

        • +1

          @Paligu: Google says: This Gear Fit2 is black and features a large band that fits wrist sizes between 6.1 and 8.2 inches

        • @sixnout: thank you for clarifying that

  • Screamer of a deal. Grabbed one. Many thanks.

  • will this work with a samsung s5 phone?

    • Should be fine

      • thanks just bought one

        just wondering is the steps, calorie burnt and sleep tracking is it accurate?

        also what is "Factory scoop"?

  • Thank you. I got birthday presents all sorted:)

  • Thanks OP, great bargain!

  • +6

    Awesome for this price! there are a lot of flaws with this fitness tracker. I got one through the G7 edge promotion. The GPS took ages on it to start tracking. Had to go through the entire rigmarole of disconnecting it from the phone , restarting it a couple of times just to get the GPS to lock on!The battery couldn't survive a 45 min run with BT on for music. Watchfaces were also a big battery drain and I misplaced the device because it didn't clip on properly(an issue which they have fixed now I believe). The heart rate monitor also showed ridiculous readings like 185 and sometimes 200 bpm on a leisurely jog!

    I would highly recommend buying a replacement strap like this one on ebay

    Having said all this, its a no brainer at this price!

    Edit: is this refurbished?

  • Thanks. bought 2 for the parents and saved a dollar or two with express shipping for some odd reason. standard shipping = 9.9 and express is less than 7

    • How much was the express shipping ?

      • $6.95, it's cheaper to use express shipping than standard shipping if you buy two

        • Yeah it seems like that, i got express shipping for 4.99 and the standard one for 4.95 its just 4 cents i thought it was a price mistake

  • This is a bargain! Thank you!

  • +8

    Bought one for no reason…

  • +1

    Didn't need it but brought it anyway, thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Hope this is not another stupid price mistake, i looked in ebay and everywhere its worth more than $200+

    • $167 cheapest online. let see what happens

  • +1

    Holy damn crap! That's cheap. Sold my Gear fit 2 and gear fit 2 pro and went for Apple watch. But still, such a good device at this price, just wow

  • Does it work with non-samsung phone?

  • +2

    Note not the same as the gear fit 2 pro which was the most recently released!

  • Thanks OP….really didn't need this….but I do :-)

  • About damn time a real bargain was posted on OzBargain.

  • Thanks OP! Have been looking for something like this for my parents :)

  • Thanks grabbed one to try out

  • Had a $30 gift card which I wanted to use for ages. it was an easy decision with this deal. Thanks, OP!

  • Black and pink gone

  • +1

    Was this a glitch/bug? Every time I add one to the cart - when I go to checkout they're not longer available and you cant search for them…

    • black one is out of stock

      • I think they all are, every time I get blue and go to checkout it comes up with 'error this item is no longer available' but the page is still there saying about 50% stock…

  • +1

    Would buy but I'm already bankrupt!!!

    • +3

      username doesn't check out :P

  • +1

    Screw you Ozbargain. I dont need one, have an apple watch, but now I feel like ive missed out…

    • +1

      I've got apple watch from last year JB deal, and Huawei watch from Telstra deal, now another Samsung watch

  • Damn. Snoozed and lost. Blue and Black seem to be out of stock now. :(

    • I might have got the last blue one.

      • I was on my way to the payment stage when it went out of stock. Ahh well. Next time!

  • All sold out :(

  • All gone :(

  • got 1 before all OOS. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Gone. No Stock left.

    • Go Blue

  • -1

    do you think it is better than this? i know it is a chinese brand,

    • +1

      Why would you bother testing something when you have proven facts for few less dollars

  • +1

    orderd black one got the confirmation email from jb hi fi then ordered blue one haven't received confirmation email. Anyone having same?

    • good pick up ;)

      • +1

        nice work OSA

  • -3

    Ahahhahahahha broadened suckers!!!

  • All sold out, including blue….bugger

  • sold out

  • This item is no longer available.
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  • Wonder if this is better than Xiaomi Mi Band 2? Battery life seems much worse but not sure if Xiaomi has GPS inbuilt?

    • Xiao mi has no GPS. Yes battery life is longer, last me for 3 weeks but if I turn on periodic syncing it goes down to 1 week.

      This one has alot more features so battery really doesn't last long.

      • Also this has internal memory for saving music, Xiaomi does not. I think I prefer this one. Glad I got one.

    • Way more features and stuff compared to xiaomi mi band 2.

    • sold out whilst you were wondering

      • +2

        Nah, I managed to get a black and a blue. Buy first, think later is the OzBargain way ;)

    • no, it's very basic, accelerometer and optical sensor (pulse)

  • +8

    How does three differente colours sell out in less than half hour, don’t you ppl have jobs??? Sit on ozbargain all day hitting refresh (yes I’m mad)

    • +2

      Says the guy who's on ozbargain.com.au in office hours..

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