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Baccarat ID3 Arashi Knife Block 7 Piece White $149.99 (RRP $699.99) Delivered @ House


First post…here we go!

$149.99 for this knife set with free shipping after discount code FRIENDS25 used (25% off). Better offer than the current ebay offering of 20% off.

You can also get the matching Baccarat iD3 3 Step Knife Sharpener for $29.99 after discount code FRIENDS25 is applied which too is cheaper than the current ebay offering.

I contacted house today asking for an end date of the discount code FRIENDS25, however as of this moment they do not have one.

The item comes in black also (colour of the block). RRP for both black and white Baccarat ID3 Arashi Knife Block 7 Piece sets is $699.99.

I can't confirm if this is a comfy knife to use (as I just made my online purchase), however does seem like a bargain.

Features (sourced from House website):

Inspired by high-performance knives used by Japanese chefs
Designed for precise performance without bruising or tearing delicate foods
Angled to reduce pressure to the muscles and joints of the hand
Stylish block will be the focal point in your kitchen
Premium quality Japanese steel
Includes paring knife, utility knife, chef knife x2, santoku knife and bread knife

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Original 25% off House

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  • +15 votes

    Dammit just got this $699!
    Said no one ever.

  • IDK, looks pretty ugly TBH. Isn't Baccarat more of a cheap-middle brand anyway?

    • Honestly not sure…but apparently it cuts really well based on product review.

      • i bought these at this price about a 2-3 weeks ago, house online service is rubbish so expect to follow up with them if your order sits there "processing for a week" … an email gave them a kick in the pants and magically the knife set was posted day after i put in a "wtf is going on request" … the knife block is crap but the knives are as per reviews on the product review site … they are very good for the price and we are happy with them.

    • Yep. They're one of those cheap brands that they sell at certain chef stores that list their RRP as $699 when in reality it usually sells for $199. So this is $50 off which isn't too bad for relatively average steel knives.

    • No, it's an upmarket brand started by Burt.

    • if baccarat is middle brand. What's top of the range in knives?

  • such a bargain!!! don't push me to buy the third set! there will be some many different choices for my wife to kill me!

  • made in china?

  • House, one of the leading companies in bullsh*t RRPs for their own in house Baccarat brand.

  • RRP's inflated by more than 20% over everyday street price should be illegal. In fact, aren't they? Misleading conduct or something?

    I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'd like to know..

    • you are going to make all the persian rug stores close down (not that they arent perpetually in 'closing down sale' mode anyway)

  • They're now selling for roughly their worth

  • That's a sharp deal

  • Needed some knives. Bought some knives. Cheers OP!