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AmEx Statement Credit: Institchu (Spend $600+, Get $150)



Spend $600 or more, get $150 back

Valid until 30/03/2018

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $600 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at InStitchu by 30/03/2018 to receive one $150 credit. Limited to the first 15,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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  • Has anyone purchased a suit from them before?

  • There suits are poor quality and the fit isnt as good as a proper made to measure suit. They are cheaply made in china most are made from chineese wool (low quality)

  • Will not go anywhere near this brand. I ordered a suit from them once (silly me). Not only did they not make it in the style I was after, when I called them up, they said that the style was not possible and so they went ahead and changed it up themselves. (it was a shawl lapel with pick stitching, not a standard design, but they offered it on their website design UI). They wouldn't offer a refund even though the product was not as described, the sizing was off (measured in their pop up) and would only offer a partial credit note. This was after I spent over $400 with them and they offered me a $200 credit note.

    Not to mention their higher quality fabric is absolute horrible quality anyway. Stay away.

  • Kind of relieved to read the above reviews and realise it wasn't me. Awful experience here, poorly fitting (despite going in to bricks and mortar location and being measured up), got them to redo the 3 x pants (apparently altered by a local tailor), picked up two weeks later (I had to phone to see if they were ready) and I'm 100% certain they benched them, did nothing. And yes, the fabric is woeful.

    Better off getting suits made when in HK, or there are HK tailors that do visits here.

  • Do not purchase.

    Terrible quality amd nothing like a tailor made suit.

    I was measured in the last saleentioned on OzB and it took over 12 weeks to make. Once I went in for my fitting the suit jacket was out of proportion and didnt fot right.

    Worst custom made shirt I've ever had. No room to move in pants. Refused to take it and researched into who the tailor was. Low and behold measurements are sent to China and likely mass produced with other suits for other companies.

    Over priced garbage. Nothing about it is tailor made or custom. Beware.

    Others have had better luck but for $1200 i expect tailor ade perfection.

  • Anyone bought a made-to-measure from their competitors 'George and King'? They have better Facebook and Google reviews. I'm interested in getting a business suit made.

    • I found George and King pretty good (bought from their small Brisbane showroom), suit seems of reasonable quality for the price (just under $1100 including shirt), fit well, and turn around was pretty quick too. The only thing I'll say is that you need to go in knowing what you want, although it may be a bit different at their main stores.

  • Thanks to the reviews above, this is one offer I'm not saving to my AMEX card…

  • Whatta shill

  • Save yourself $$$ and wait for a TM lewin sale, stay away from this mob.

  • We usually don't comment on these specifically (usually about ~30/month) but for those who commented above, there were a number of astroturfing going on by some commenters. Their accounts have been banned, Instichu banned, votes revoked as per our guidelines on sockpuppeting. For clarity, this has nothing to do with the poster of the deal.

  • Haha, so many members joining up to ozbargain within the last 2 hours. i love it.

  • Fake news!

  • Had a suit made there a few years ago. Was measured in-store, when the suit came back it was pretty good… but fit was not quite right. They had to send to the tailor to change the button positions which did not perfectly align the button-holes, and had to shorten sleeves significantly.

    After adjustments the buttons were better, but I still felt the sleeves were too long. I felt pressured to accept it at this stage by the saleswoman - I regret not pushing to get it altered again.

  • +1 vote

    Went to have a fitting 6 months ago in Melbourne. "Tailors" with extremely limited knowledge and unprofessional. Store was in a random temporary shared office type location - not to mention dirty.

    Didn't go through with the order as wasn't left with a feeling of confidence going through the measuring process.

    After reading other comments here, glad I didn't!

    • Pretty much the same experience in Brisbane - but I went through with the order. :-(

      Is was after an article (=advertorial) in the Brisbane News where they were profiled alongside other reputable (and much more expensive) tailors. Live and learn.

  • First time i have heard of the term Sockpuppeting…great people and moderation powers!

  • +2 votes

    Glad to read these reviews… I've been wondering about their quality and service. Guess I'll stick with my HK tailors.

    • Please can you share, im interested as i could do with a couple of new suits. Do i have to go to HK and roughtly how much are they

      • I've even had better suits made in Malaysia, Thailand (Koh Samui - Tailor next door to Melati Resort. Highly recommend) and Hong Kong. All were better quality (actual tailored) and could buy 3 for the same price.

      • Are we allowed to share here? I have a HK tailor who sets up for a couple of days in a hotel room in Melb/Syd/Bris, about twice a year. I would be happy to recommend them, but there are probably quite a number of them that do this.

        • Could you please share the details? Thanks!

        • Presumably they're entitled to work in Australia by either being a citizen or holding the appropriate visa? If not, then no, you should not be allowed to share.

      • +2 votes

        Prices really depend on what you're atter. For starters, made to measure is a lot cheaper than bespoke. Wool brands, type, and quality all vary as well. I do have a personal favourite in HK that I use and consider him to be quite good. i particularly remember my first appointment with him where I found him to be quite thorough with measurements and even picked out that my left arm was slightly shorter than my right - something I'd never known before then!

        As with travelling tailors, I've used one (also from HK) in Sydney and had success. I've however heard plenty of bad stories about the experience of others - including a mate of mine who'd used the same tailor but had dreadful results! The thing with travelling tailors is, unlike traditional brick and mortar tailors, you don't get the luxury of multiple fitting sessions before they disappear to put the whole construction together. This leaves plenty of margin for error… and when they do get it wrong, posting the suit back and forth is not a great experience.

        I won't post the names of the tailors here, but if you're interested in knowing feel free to PM me.

  • It's not an unusual occurrence. Loads of these tailors exist and then get them made to order in China. I've never known anyone to actually get a decent suit from one of them.