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ZhiyunTech Smooth Q Professional 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Black $107.74 Delivered Express (HK) @ eGlobal Digital Camera


I found this great deal while browsing eGlobal. for the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q Professional 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone - Jet Black.
Best price so far if I'm not mistaken. Its $87 + 20.74 for Insured Economy express shipping.

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  • Very good price!

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    you can buy locally for $130……

    • link please tuzii

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          Plus $12 shipping.

          So really, you're saying you can buy it locally for $151 ($44 more than than the OP's price)

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          $139 + Free pickup, or $11.95 shipping (total over $150) vs $108 delivered.

          Are these gimbals likely to have issues that you'd prefer to pay 30% more to get local stock?

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          $129.20 Delivered Here for AU Stock with PICK5.

          Can't see why AU stock is necessary though considering the price difference.

          Actually, found it even cheaper @ Allphones eBay for $124.80 Delivered with PARCEL20, think that's actually worth going for AU Stock then at that price.

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          i picked mine up so its only $30 more for peace of mind

        • @doweyy: thanks for the link, got one from here due to local stock.

        • @doweyy:

          Nice! defo willing to pay$20 more for local store :) Thanks for the link!

  • I was thinking of buying this with my pixel 2 xl + moment lenses.

    So tempting :(

    • Just a heads up, you will need a counter weight for Pixel 2 XL with a moment lens (at least the wide angle) otherwise it is too heavy to balance. Moondog make one but they are not the cheapest.

      • I'm going to DIY a counterbalance using velcro and metal discs.

        Hope its gonna work out!

  • This should become the new standard price since Zhiyun has lowered the retail price to $99 USD. Probably in response to DJI Osmo Mobile 2

  • I had mine replaced DOA. Went into the mobiciti shop at Para and got it replaced.

    Price $117 delivered.

  • I ordered this 8 days ago and they tell me it could be a month or more and suggested I could cancell the order.
    I am prepared to wait but it would have been nice to have for an upcoming trip

    • youre not alone. i paid for a drone only to be told theres none and a check a week later still have the items on the site with at least 100 in stock.

      i dont know what happened but something is fishy

  • Does the android app still suck?

    • I wouldn't say it is perfect but still usable.

  • Got one of these on a previous Gearbest offer for $152 - I suspect these new prices are the result of DJI's new Osmo Mobile 2 pricepoint. It's a very good gimbal that I've used to shoot many travel blogs. The apps are not great however and chew through my iPhone 7+ battery in a very short space of time (about 45 minutes from fully charged in fact). So I just use the default iPhone camera app to record video instead - downside of that is that you can't use the on-gimbal control buttons, but that's not a big deal really. If I was buying a gimbal now and it was for basic recreational video recording I'd still get a Smooth Q, but if I was buying for vlogging or work or if the gimbal was going to see a lot of use, I'd definitely pay the extra and get the Osmo Mobile 2 as it has better battery life and far superior software.

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    Bought one months ago…..it's somewhere at the back of the wardrobe.

    • you should really use it mate, it's awesome. video is so much more watchable if it's stabilised, I cant really go back to not having it. Unless of cos it's an off-the-cuff moment recording something…

      • I just feel that it's terrible to control. It has a mind of its own and I end up just getting pissed-off with it.

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    Detective John Gimble!

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      I'm a cop you idiot!

  • Good price, just bought one for $109 with PICK5 on eBay 2 days ago.

  • Great gimbal, especially for the price. Ditto, Mine got used for a day then stowed. Mainly due to bulk and the funny looks I got when using it. Android app still sucks (why is this the case with most Android apps!)

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    Got one in December last year. It's a fantastic piece of equipment. I really recommend getting one if you like taking videos because the videos are so much nicer to watch when they are stable. I use an android phone and do not have an iPhone so I cannot make a comparison about the software. I didn't have much trouble with the Zhiyun software itself. Took a few tries to get used to it but I got there in the end. I took a few videos while walking, running, and as a passenger in the car. The videos were smooth as. Took a few panoramas and some timelapses. I charge my phone via a portable battery after each use so I don't experience a shutdown mid-shoot. So, at this price point, go get one :)

  • Got one in a previous deal and its good. The only annoying thing is that if you have a big phone and have to do the slider adjustment to balance it, the gimbal won't go back in its case unless you return the slider back to its original position.

  • What makes it professional?

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      Matt Black Paint

  • Couldn't care less the funny looks I get from people. I used this when we were at
    The Rocks in the cbd. Plenty of people. My videos are that much more enjoyable to watch now.

  • This or DJI Osmo Mobile 2?

  • Price gone up tp $91.00 now

  • I too bought one in December. 8 days door-to-door shipping. A fun gadget to dik around with, and also sometimes take videos with

  • I bought one yesterday at dcxpert ebay store. They had it for $149 minus 20% (using PRESENT20):$119.20 delivered.
    Stock level: last one (as 9.19AM). Hope this helps for someone who doesn't want to pay nearly double for Osmo Mobile 2.

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