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Dominos New Bigger Prawn Range Pizza for $7.95 Limited Time


Dominos new Bigger Prawn Range Pizza for only $7.95 (Limited time only)
No Coupon required (hopefully nationally)
Why pay extra money for Premium Pizza?

New Prawn Range Menu:
1. Garlic Prawn
2. Satay Prawn
3. Prawn, Feta and Alfredo
4. Prawn, Bacon and Feta

Also as usual deals available like: Value and Traditional Large Pizza for $6.95
Code is 76740 (expiry 17/12/2010)

Sorry if the attachment is not good enough - I will redo again

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    these pizzas are expensive! and the prawn ones are only really enjoyable on the thin crispy base.

    but if anyone has tried it, let me know what its like. I love the Szechuan Prawn from Crust.


    nah but they are real quality and worthwhile having occasionally. I use a buy 1 get 1 free voucher and get 2 pizzas for about $20. They are a bit bigger than dominos and much fresher.

    i still get dominos every now and then though when they have good vouchers, but i never really enjoy the pizza.


    garlic prawns pizza is nice.