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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming 15.6" i5-7300HQ FHD IPS 8GB 256GB SSD GTX1060 6GB $1499 Delivered @ Dell

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Hi fellow bargainers,

Was looking for a GTX1060 notebook and came across this.

Beats the previous deal by $200.

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/338187 <— Old Link

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  • I'm getting an error while adding to cart? Anyone else having issues?

    • same here

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      Try adding from this page.

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        it worked, thanks!

      • I wonder if when adding from so site I can use FN6$J54JHRQQWP code for 5%. Won't work with the link you gave.

        Edit: just tested it…doesnt work…off to look for more codes lol

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    looks like the same as this

    if so, cheaper on dell ebay with 20% off.

    • Yeah that's pretty damn cheap!!!

      • with the 20% off its AU $1,359.20. But is this included with the GST ? kinda confuses here as its from aussie store but ships from Malaysia.

        • +2

          Yep it has GST included so no import fees and is also TRS eligible. Good deal but I'll hold off for 8th Gen and hopefully bigger battery

        • Yeah. its so tempting with the price. sadly the item wont be arrived by next week for me to claim for TRS. Should i hold on and wait for 8th Gen with better deal ? :D

        • Dell's factory is in Malaysia so everything ships from there, including Aussie stock.

        • @Dezeption: I don't think the battery will get bigger as this has a smaller battery than the older 1050 ti version.

  • How does this laptop compare to the Lenovo E580 for $1,199?


    • This is better.

    • (Lenovo) AMD Radeon RX 550 2GB VS (Dell) GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

    • Well..it depends on what you want to do with the laptop. Gaming wise, a GTX 1060 even MAX-Q variant will trump over RX550. Check their reviews in notebook check.


      compared to a GTX 1060MAXQ


      If your just doing stuff like video editing, i imagine the 8th generation I7 will be excellent compared to the I5 in the dell. Both are quadcore though. So again, it boils down to your budget and your use. Personally, I'll go for the 1060..Its more….futureproof

    • AMD don't make any mobile GPUs worth a damn. If you want good GPU performance, avoid AMD cards in all laptops, including the MacBooks.

      If you mostly want CPU performance, the Lenovo is worth considering. The 8th generation Intel U CPUs are quite decent.

  • If I'm not mistaken this laptop utilises pwm which makes the screen flicker.

    • I've had this laptop for a while and haven't noticed any flicker. NotebookCheck.net also confirms that it doesn't use PWM https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-Inspiron-15-7000-7577-i5-…

      • Where did you find the model number. Notebook check also claim 7570 uses pwm at low rate of 980hz.

        I can't tell if it's 7570 or 7577

        • 7570 is a non gaming model. This model is the 7577 and the previous version was the 7567.

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    Note: Dell Inspiron laptops are known to have WIFI randomly stop working for a few minutes here and there, especially when trying to upload. Do a clean install or uninstall SmartByte. This program does software based QoS over WIFI except it basically stops all outbound traffic when it thinks there is too much and doesn't tell the user!

    • Acer has similar issue. Just disable power management on WiFi adapter and it will fix the WiFi issue. I am still yet to find out how to solve this on Asus. Their older laptops and tablets are well-known to have WiFi issue after windows updates, basically unusable.

  • guys you can also consider this using PRESENT20 coupon: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Acer-Nitro-5-Gaming-Laptop-i7-15…

    Acer nitro 5 @1329. it has i7 7700HQ, 128+1TB, IPS, 16GB

  • Anyone know how well Overwatch plays on one of these (or similar Inspiron with GTX1060)?

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      You're sure to get 60fps in 1080p at high settings.

      • Would the GTX 1050Ti also be capable of this?

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          You might have to dial down the settings a little bit.

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    Got this exact model for $1359.20 through an eBay sale. Excellent gaming laptop. Noisy fans though.

  • Is there any difference between this laptop


    $1360 after 20% off

    And this laptop


    $1400 after 20% off

    Apart from costing $50 different and having a difference of 7 in their model number I can't see it.

    Is it just the same model but rebadged somehow or repurposed like extra charge cable or something or am I going crazy over hear.

    • I think they're both the same laptops but originally designated to different markets.

      • Hmm could be like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and Xiaomi A1.. just want some further clarification.

    • the GL502VM-FY022T Is for the Australian market
      and the GL502VM-FY015T Is for the EU market

      Both are "Refurbished by Asus Australia." So both will come with new AU Plugs SO Pick the lesser priced option

      • Interesting cheers thanks btw where did you find out?

        I did the usual Google sleuthing but not too much after the first few pages of vs search terms.

        • Asked a mate that works at asus

  • On those models with SSD&HDD, are they separate devices (and can be upgraded separately) or an integrated device?

    • They're 2 separate devices - an M.2 SSD and a mechanical 2.5" HDD. They can be upgraded separately.

      • Awesome, good to know, thanks.

  • +1

    Curious if I should pick this up or just wait for a Intel 8th Gen and Volta to swing by. I'm not in a particular hurry other then this being a good deal. Hmm…Question is how often does a deal like this swing by? I've been on the lookout for a laptop replacement because my previous one died on me and I'm running a soup up desktop but if that fails i'm screwed.

    • Well pulled the trigger after a considerable long mulling on whether to purchase it or not. It's a good deal especially the Ebay one. $1359 for my 2nd Dell laptop. My First Dell laptop was in 2009 which is still running away happily with some repairs here and there. Hopefully this will keep me happy for the next 5 or 6 years.

  • Amazing laptop have it myself for a portable gaming desktop. Also installed a 2TB (2.5in) SSHD in it for those games !!

    • Is there space for a 2.5" disk in addition to the 256GB it ships with?

      • Yes there is. The disk must be no bigger than 7mm though.

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