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Piping Rock (US Natural Health & Pharma Products) - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on 100 Piping Rock Brand Items


These are great products, have tried them and provide excellent value for money. They ship express, typically from Europe or US and shipping costs are low.

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    Beware, I made an order with them 3 weeks ago - no item and they won't respond to my emails. Let's hope they aren't dodgy.

    • Good to know, thanks for pointing this out. I've placed three or four orders with them so far and I have been very happy.

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    this is a prescription item here

    • No one is going to do themselves any harm from melatonin. No known side effects or known LD50. There's no good reason why it's not over the counter here in Aus.

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        Maybe so, but from their website : "The following ingredients are not allowed to be shipped to Australia: 7-Keto, Banana, Bee Pollen, Camu Camu, Cordyceps, Dairy, DHEA, Egg Yolks, certain Enzyme products, Hemp Oil, Hoodia, hormone products, Kava, Melatonin, MSM, Pregnenolone, HGH"

        • I’ve never had an issue with melatonin.
          Customs have opened my package several times and cleared it.
          I normally buy from iHerb

        • Like @Sjfilly I've been ordering from iHerb for years (saves me a fortune compared to going to a compounding pharmacist with a prescription, I get twice the amount for a third of the price).

        • @kapone: yeah but you get no guarantee that you're getting an effective supplement… a lot of the time homeopathic drugs say because they actually compound was shown to have an effect that their item may work. when in reality they haven't assessed their formulation. Sometimes they don't even include enough of the active ingredient for it to have an effect.

          Proper pharmaceutical items go through very rigorous testing of delivery, efficacy and safety hence why it takes them so long to come to market. I'd put the extra money into a tested and effective product over one that says "may be effective" any day.

        • @BrainSand:
          Melatonin isn't homeopathy, not sure where you got that from. Homeopathy is a load of BS nonsense.

          I buy reputable brands and check what I buy on labdoor.com to ensure what I'm buying is what I'm getting. Just because it doesn't come from a local pharmacy doesn't mean it's not what it says on the label. And there's a big difference between spending $90 instead of less than $30 (and getting twice the amount).

        • @BrainSand:

          To clarify, the melatonin you purchase overseas contains active compounds unlike the OTC melatonin purchased here in Australia which are homeopathic formulas.
          Your statement around not having a guarantee because it isn’t pharma could be applied to any compound or supplement. Do you always buy Vitamin B12 via prescription? It’s easier to consume orally and OTC than injection/prescription unless you have a pre existing condition.
          I think you’re confusing the homeopathic formulas purchased OTC in Australia VS the active compounds in the US.
          Some supplements are not only tested by the manufacturer but also by independently by third parties.

      • It's probably important to point out that there are side effects, just relatively minor and that as of 2015 there have only been 2 studies assessing adverses effects of the drug on animals. Long term consequences of Melatonin have not been assessed in humans, and pharmaceutical preparations of melatonin are relatively new, hence why it's not OTC.

        You also need to consider the pharmacokinetic effects of it, as other drugs such as SSRIs can influence its action, if you're taking other drugs consult a doctor.

        An LD50 is yet to be established due to the nature of the compound and it seems relatively safe, but the answer is we can't say conclusively if is or not.

        I'm pretty sure you can buy melatonin containing food products or homeopathic formulas, but there's no guarantee of efficacy as they have not been studied.

        • Everyone's bodies create melatonin, this isn't introducing a chemical that's foreign to the body, it's supplementing a hormone that some people (such as my son) under produce naturally. He's given the minimal effective dose each night, which we've found to be lower than what he was initially prescribed (our Paediatrician advised that dosage varies widely between individuals and that we'd need to experiment with this anyway).

  • Never heard of pipingrock, from a quick google search there seems to be A LOT of negative experiences

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