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Anker Wireless Headphones, Soundbuds Curve Bluetooth $30.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


cheaper than previous deals from the Amazon US site!

Loud And Clear: Superior sound quality with aptX HD music and CVC noise cancellation technology for clear phone calls.
Tailored To You: Customizable EarTips for the perfect everyday fit and additional EarWings to keep your headphones in place during tough workouts.
Full Power: With 12.5 hours of music time you'll need to recharge long before your headphones do. A 10-minute charge keeps you going for one hour.
Brave The Elements: Water-resistant shell with internal hydrophobic nano-coating for ultimate protection against water and sweat.
What's In The Box: SoundBuds Curve, Multiple EarTips (silicone and memory foam), EarWings, Cord Management Clip, Shirt Clip, Micro USB cable, PU Leather Carrying Pouch with Aluminium Carabiner, and our worry-free 18 month warranty and friendly customer service.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Cue jv with his wireless Anker joke…

  • How do these compare to the QCY QY 19?

    • I have the QCY and don’t like them. Their battery is WAYYYY too short. Barely get a couple of hrs. These claim 12hrs

  • +2

    I have one which I bought from Amazon US - battery life is excellent

  • +6

    Bought these last time. Really happy with them. They actually stay on your ears while running and the battery life is great.
    I run to and from work 5 days a week and there is a ton of juice left at the end of 2 weeks.
    Sound quality isn't amazing but good bass levels. For 30 bucks, you'd be hard pressed to find better value.

  • +1

    Can someone who owns these comment on the operation of the buttons please Eg skipping & pausing songs.

    • +3

      Pausing is done by dongle press on the middle button. Long press on either volume button skips track in relevant direction.

      Some other call functions but the one time I tried taking a call while running and sweaty, it was a disaster. Following URL has details about usage: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/usermanual.wiki/Anker-Techno...

  • How longs the battery life?

    Edit: 12.5 hrs, very nice compared to the 3-4 and 2-3 I'm used to.

    • Pretty legit figure too. I have not run out of juice with them yet.

  • +8

    Got these the last time around, use them daily while commute running. I'd rack up about 6-8hrs per week and they've always got charge left on the weekend.

    Amazing for the price. The sound is fine, bass reasonable. A little on the quiet side perhaps. Not that much different than the Beats which are literally 10x the price.

    For $30 this is definitely worth it.

  • Work with Fitbit Ionic?

    • Yes! I have no problem using them with my Ionic.

  • +1

    do i need to push the earbuds deep into ear canal or its more like sit on design? dont like something gets in to my ear. itchy.

    • +1

      They're a canalphone design, supported by the ear hook, so they do sit in the canal, not just on the ear like basic earbuds.

      • good. i cant stand the feeling of having earbuds stucked deep. the feeling like in the outer space

        • +1

          Elon’s Starman on his way to Mars would feel your pain.

        • @bohdud: this is the proper term to describe my feeling..

          without pressurizing your ear canal (I hate that feeling).

        • @dragonindespair: i know what you mean. I also hate that you can’t hear traffic and other sounds around you with the plug type earphones

  • I am wearing these right now! I love them, great value, great for sport, really long battery life, pair quick and super stable.

    If I had to be picky the buttons are a bit plasticky and trickier to tell apart than apple earpods, and they are pretty bulky (thus the great battery life.)

    I'm thinking of getting another pair from Anker without the ear hooks for when I want to wear them under a helmet…

  • These or the surge?

  • there's so many Anker now, which one has the best sound?

  • Bought. Thanks OP

  • How does the sound quality compare to pistons?

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-Headphones-Earphones-Waterproof-Cancelling/dp/B0787XK9M6/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref=ya_aw_od_pi

    Was Gona buy your ones op but found these for same price with ipx7 and reviews I found said they sound pretty good.

  • Can anyone comment on the chunkiness of the actual piece itself? Hows does the weight affect sitting in ear?

    • +1

      It’s small. And doesnt look big on ear. I’m a small guy. LOL.

      • Thanks

  • -1

    Awesome just brought one thx op

  • Decent!

  • Ordered one my meizu 51 keeps coming off while working out at the gym and battery life sucks. Hopefully this solves both issues. Cheers

    • +1

      These are the first sport headphones I've had in a while that stay attached. The ear loop makes the difference

  • Ordered for the missus. If they’re as good as all the reviews I might get one myself to replace my old MPOW. Thanks!

  • The sound quality of this is good. Good bass and treble. 👌🏼

  • Thanks OP. Been sitting on $50 Amazon credit from a previous price error purchase and waiting for something decent to buy. These’ll do nicely. Still got $19 left over, yewww.

  • I have these. Fantastic for the price.

  • anyone know how these compare to their other, more lightweight ones, like these? https://www.amazon.com.au/Anker-Headphones-Lightweight-Conne...

    • Based on product specs, the ones woth ear hooks will stay on more securely for workouts and other active use, 7 vs 12 hour battery. Prob not much other than that.

  • Cheers for the post always seem to hear good reviews on Anker gear, finally get to try some out at an Awesome Price.

  • Out of stock at the moment. Can it be worn with a motorcycle helmet?

  • +1

    Can you usually get a reminder when an item is back in stock on Amazon.com?

  • Dang it. Missed out

  • +3

    Bought these for $25 from Amazon AU at the end of last year. Have found them to be excellent - long battery life, reliable and great sound quality. Can't quite believe they only cost $25 to be honest. Only minor issues I've had are that the Bluetooth connection loses signal as the battery empties - even having my iPhone in the pocket closest to the headset receiver can make a difference. But all things being equal this is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

    • I see ok thanks will wait for $25 again

    • +1

      Should've posted it as a deal.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one

  • Thanks OP.Brought one earlier, just writing to thank you

  • doh, missed out

  • Dammit, I needed a bluetooth earphone :(

    • +1

      everyone need one. thanks to apple and their stupid decision to remove that sweet hole

      • :-O

      • I'm an android user.

        • Makes no difference in some cases unfortunately. I have an Android phone with no 3.5mm audio socket :/

        • @sockmafia: oh wow, I'm still on my Samsung S6. Going to upgrade mine probably this year or next since my battery is getting a bit dodgy.

  • not cheap as previous deal but the US site selling it for $34.19 black an blue,green,red $36.19 deliver if anyone is interested


    • +1

      ah good colours finally - black is so boring dark sad unattractive.

      nope bad deal

      Items: AUD 39.84
      Shipping & handling: AUD 8.22
      Total before tax: AUD 48.06
      Estimated tax to be collected: AUD 0.00
      Order total: AUD 48.06

    • Does shipping take longer if purchased from the US site?

      dragonindespair says bad deal :(

    • Sorry forgot to convert to aus $45.41 for the black, the other colours $48.06

  • the link is showing 179.99??

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