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AMD 6-Core Ryzen 5 1600 3.6GHz 1TB GTX 1080ti Gaming Computer Desktop $1,631 | GTX 1080 $1407 I GTX1060 $1111 @ PC Byte eBay


Found these gaming desktops delivered at decent price .. and many options to customise in the middle of the product page with some extra $$( like HDD to SSD, CPU, RAM,Case etc etc..) if you want..
Use code at checkout to get 20% OFF.

If you find cheaper option then pls let me know i will update the post.

Original Valentine's Day 20% off Select Stores at eBay Deal Post

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  • +5

    Is it cheaper these days to buy a pre built or build it myself :(

    • +10

      I'd say for the 1080 and 1080ti a pre-built might be better right now, but RAM and SSDs are incredibly overpriced right now (hence why such an expensive PC only has 8 GB of RAM).

      If I'm spending over $1200, I wouldn't want to come away with only 8 GB of RAM and a lowish mid-range CPU.

      UPDATE: PC Byte have upgrade options for RAM and CPU, which work out to be $200 for a Ryzen 1700 with 16 GB of RAM.

      • +2

        Considering 1080ti's are going for 1200-1500 I'd say a full system with a 1080 for 1600 is an absolute steal, considering you could just plop an extra 8gb stick in there anyway

      • +1

        how come ssd and ram are overpriced now? i thought only GPUs were being used for mining?

        • +1

          There's a global NAND flash shortage as major producers are focusing on next gen 3D NAND flash. Unfortunately they probably slowed down production too soon, because the next gen stuff isn't ready for mainstream market yet…

        • @Kurohayabusa:
          I see.
          I was considering getting a new PC but I guess I'll wait another 6 months for prices to stabilise again.

    • +1

      I'd say for convenience purposes prebuilt is probably better. It's much cheaper to build yourself. Went looking through Umart after that Inspiron deal was put up. Have a play and see what pricing you come up with!

      • +8

        Not for all deals. The latest offer on Dell Full sized tower is cheaper than all parts combined. I'm currently tossing building vs outright purchase, but Gfx cards and RAM prices currently are ridiculous that it makes it viable to buy prebuilts too!

      • It's often a pretty close match between pre-built and DIY once you factor everything in.

        However, there's a lot more flexibility in DIY, and you can reuse old parts. For example, I recently built a near-silent, small form factor midrange gaming PC. That's not something you can find as a pre-built option very easily, and I saved a fair amount by reusing the SSDs from a previous computer.

        • Which small form factor case did you use? and can it fit a full size graphics card?

        • @Homr:

          I used the Silverstone RVZ02. It's ridiculously slim, and can fit full-sized components just fine. You just need a low-profile CPU fan.

        • @marlor: Wow, i would classify that as Ultra SFF case

  • +1

    Cheaper to get a 1080ti than the dell with the 1070?

  • +1

    Note that OS is not included

    • +15

      With 550w not only will the PSU be able to power the system, it will be able to overclock both and still have heaps of headroom.

      You might want to check out just how many watts a Ryzen 5 CPU and 1080ti actually require.

      • But will the cooling and motherboard be able to handle the overclock? Also I've heard Ryzen likes very fast RAM but this is stuck with 2133MHz does that affect performance vs say 3200MHz RAM?

        • +2

          Yes, the RAM will limit it a bit.
          I would want at least DDR4 2933 to get full use out of Ryzen.

          Light overclocking should not really be a problem, and the Wraith Spire cooler is said to not be too bad.

        • I think 3200 might be too high to be recommended. But you should be aiming for at least 3000.

          "We've limited it to DDR4-2800 and DDR4-3000 as Ryzen CPUs scale well with higher frequency memory. At the current time, using memory rated over 3000mhz is not advised without doing extra research as DIMM support can be hit or miss. AMD is working on releasing additional BIOS updates to add better compatibility for higher frequency memory."

          Source: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/guide/2f48TW/excellent-amd-gamin...

  • +4

    Wow, these are actually decent deals. Nice find.

  • Cheapest 1080ti on staticice is $1120

    • Cheapest 1060 3gb is about $300

      Cheapest 1060 6gb is about $400

      On staticice. Ozbargain deals are different.

  • No SSD in any of the systems I believe. RAM is sufficient for most games. Closing background apps would also help

    • +1

      What is the point of having a 6+ core system with a beast GPU if not to allow for modern multi-tasking?

      • Because you just want to play games! But you have a valid point. If anyone's just playing video games and not going heavy on chrome tabs any of these would be decent

        • Having a 2nd screen (for multi-tasking) and taking video capture is a more mainstream part of gaming now, so a decent gaming rig should have upwards of 12 GB of RAM to keep things in check.

          No doubt the VRAM on the 1080 and the 1080ti gives a decent amount of system RAM headroom under those circumstances, but 16GB simply ensures this for 95% of people.

  • -3

    How about a basic Less than $500 system guys?

    • +1

      Look at the refurbished options that have been popping up lately. $170 gets you a good non gaming PC

  • +15

    The GPU in the 1080Ti setup has more RAM than the system itself!

    • +1

      Gotta power those minesweeper games somehow.

  • I got the 1600x on this deal

    Was supposed to get a 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply but ended up with a Corsair vs650. Guess they ran out of parts.

    Had to chase them up for delivery but been delighted with the build and performance.

    I would say this one is a steal -$1,111.20 - AMD 6Core Ryzen 5 1600 3.6G 8GB 1TB 240GB GTX1060 6GB Gaming Computer Desktop PC

    Drop a OS on it and you are away

    I did a comparison with everything we got on Part Picker

    With peripherals we ended up spending $1416.09 against $2065.20 if we had build our own. Think you will get a similar result with these

    • Another 8GB RAM stick would be strongly recommended.

  • Amazing deal, cheaper that what you can put together yourself and the upgrade options are pretty good as well.

  • +4

    A GTX 1080Ti system for that price is insane considering that the card itself goes for ~$1100 in the current climate

  • +1

    This is a really good price.

    GTX 1060 laptops go for about this with 16gb of ram and a slower cpu by about 5-15% roughly.

    Definitely making me reconsider a desktop over a laptop.

    • if ur a medium gamer, id strongly recommend going desktop if you dont need the portability of a laptop. source: laptop gamer

      • +1

        What's a medium gamer?

        • +6

          in between a filthy casual and a heavy gamer

        • +5

          Someone who games mediumly haha

  • +2

    I bought one PC Bytes top systems last sale and its bloody fantastic. Awesome cable management. Absolute beast of a machine and got it at an incredible price, sadly they've bumped the price up now.

  • How would you let them know which brand you want for specific parts?I.e an Asus branded mother board over the other options

    And could I pass over the window upgrade option since i could get them from Uni free of charge?

    Great price btw been looking for a gaming desktop for a while

    • +1

      You just send them a message through eBay on the specific brands you want . Alternatively, they can also tell you what brands they have in stock and to use in your build.

      Source: I too purchased a higher end (8600k) PC build from the last sale.

      • Awesome thanks! How is it going so far? Is the pc build great? Did you go with the win upgrade btw?

        • Yep, been awesome so far - plays my games (e.g witcher 3) in ultra settings by default! The build I had (which was an intel 8600k) had windows 10 included so didn't need to upgrade. I mulled over the AMD 1600 GTX1080 build but then went with this build instead as it worked out to similiar price ($1649) I felt you get a better motherboard, SSD, Windows 10. But the trade off was that you get a GTX1070 instead of 1080 (ti in this case)

  • +5

    RAM speed has a big impact on Ryzen performance. 2133 MHz RAM is too slow - you should be aiming for 3k.

    Aside from that, pretty decent pricing.

    "We've limited it to DDR4-2800 and DDR4-3000 as Ryzen CPUs scale well with higher frequency memory. At the current time, using memory rated over 3000mhz is not advised without doing extra research as DIMM support can be hit or miss. AMD is working on releasing additional BIOS updates to add better compatibility for higher frequency memory."

    Source: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/guide/2f48TW/excellent-amd-gamin...

    • Can confirm. Have a Ryzan 5 1600X @ 3.9Ghz and 3200Mhz RAM. Considerable framerate jumps in games when I was able to flash my BIOS and run the RAM @ full speed.

      I bought 16GB of Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 RAM, Corsair make these with Hynix and Samsung modules, I lucked out and got Samsung ones which have better success with Ryzen.

  • +1

    Why would they use that heinous looking case in their thumbnail when, in reality, you get a pretty understated (though, also mediocre) case???

  • +2

    Wow good price on the 1080ti. You're pretty much getting a free cpu, mobo, ram, hdd!

  • +7

    I would highly recommend NOT purchasing from this store.
    Last time they had 20% off, around November i believe, i bought a computer rig for $2k, and thought i had a bargain when the price dropped to $1600. The expected delivery day according to eBay was a modest 5 day wait at the very most since it was located 30km from my place! On the third day (not including weekend) since the purchase, i checked to see if everything is going to plan and they never game me a certain answer, just saying they appreciate my patience and hope to have it with me soon. Long story short, i sent them a few messages over the course of 1.5 weeks, they constantly gave me excuse after excuse, and so i requested a full refund. A few days later they finally gave me the refund. Took TWO whole weeks to just waste my time. I searched for reviews on them on Google and there are heaps of NEGATIVE feedback for this store, just have a read of it yourself. The extra 20% wasnt worth the run around and no customer service.

    If you aren't in a rush and are willing to wait a week or more then try them out.
    If you want good customer service then dont even bother with these guys.
    This is of course my experience so take it as you wish.

    • +1

      That's not the experience i had last month during another 20% off eBay sale! I found their communication great, I was able to select the specific brands for each of the parts (based on what the store advised me that they had in stock). Like you I was about 30kms from their store and I went in one day during the sale and they bent over backwards to ensure I got what I wanted! YMMV

      • +2

        Im glad you had a good experience, like i said it was just my experience with them. Anyone thinking of purchasing from these guys i invite you to look at reviews on Google or ProductReview you will see that im not the only one with problems with this place.

  • Ummm, how goes does this compare to the Intel 8700? Like the one in the dell xps tower that was around 1700 ish. They're both 6 core but??? Someone tell me? That thing has a 1070 in it, this has 1080. So I mean, it's defs worth it, just curious

    • Compete in what essentially. For gaming this would beat the Dell XPS with 1070 by at least 20% margin with the 1080 model, and like 60% margin with the 1080 Ti model. In workload it really depends on task as both Intel and AMD have their own pro and con, with the number of core/thread and boost clock being almost equal. In theory the i7-8700 should win most workload due to slightly higher IPC and Intel's own advantage in some instruction.

      The draw back is this is barebone without an OS and very likely poor customer service.

  • +1

    Very tempted to buy this, but after reading the -ve comments on eBay, I'm a bit hesitant….

    • -4


      Christ, really?

  • +2

    The system is worth it even for the 1080Ti alone! +1

  • If I didn't buy the Ryzen Dell box for 1200 last year, I'd buy this instantly for the 1080TI!

    • GPU in this deal is much better.

      • Everything else on the Dell is much better. If one is looking to upgrade, this is a really really good deal while if one is only interested as is the Dell is better. This is because HDD is almost THE bottleneck in any modern system and this doesn't have any SSD, not to mention more RAM and better customer service.

        Buy this if you are looking to build, it's going to be a monster. Buy Dell if you are scared to touch your own PC or don't want to spend a cent more.

        • Check that Dell delivery time, it's absurd. I don't think anyone is going to be happy forking out ~2k and potentially waiting until April to see their new system

    • +1

      If you're getting the 1080ti version, just add another 8gb of ram for $119, and pick up a SSD from this deal:

      Total of $1840, but will destroy the Dell in gaming at high resolutions (1440p, 4k).

  • 1080Ti 11Gb!!! (profanity) me!

  • Gee my video card appreciated in value. Thanks miners.

  • Simply seems too cheap for a 1080ti and that makes me dubious. They won’t sell a 1080ti seperately cheap either.

    Grey import with no local warranty? Used/refurbished? How are they selling a full system for just $250 more than the card on its own?

    Almost feels like the Weber deals that were getting around a short while ago

    • they are selling it at $2039, it's the 20% off that brings it down. I believe ebay cops the 20% discount don't they?

    • I had the same concern.
      It's a fantastic price, but my gut tells me if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

      I hope they prove me wrong.

      • Please let me know how you go if you did put in an order. I went with the 1070 Dell. Good luck!

        • I went with the 1070 Dell.

          Me too! :)

        • Bought one (the Ryzen 1600 & 1080 Ti) for $1631.20. Added another stick of 8gb ram and an SSD.

          Arrived within the week. All set up and running beautifully now.

          Unfortunately they've raised the price of this system from $2039 to $2339 now. Perhaps it was too cheap at the initial price? I do agree it was extremely cheap, considering 1080 Ti's by themselves go for $1200+

  • mmmmmm Tempting. Wonder if I took out the 1080 ti and replaced with a Sapphire 2gb that I have here, What I could resell for?? Any idea

    • I've got $6.53 in my pocket, any good?

  • Its a really good deal. Is PC Byte supporting the move to encourage people to buy prebuilt gaming rigs instead of building them, to deter bitcoin mining?
    PC World
    US Gamer

  • +1

    This one appears to be best deal for heavy gaming

    what do you think?
    Just needs a little more ram.

    • $1735.20.

      So $104 extra to go to an Intel platform with significantly faster single threaded operations but slower multi threaded operations.

      Yeah it is better right now for most gaming operations and the slower RAM doesn't impact the system as much as it does the Ryzen 1600 in this deal.

      • Yea, seems to be a better setup for those who want to make the most of the 1080Ti
        Still looking around to see if there is anything else that is a better buy for gaming.

        Going to cash out my Acorns before it loses any more. My Acorns was just my PC saving fund anyway.
        I can't see there being any other releases that are coming out in the next 6 month that will be any better.

        • I did miss that the Ryzen has an SSD while the Intel doesn't, they cost about $119.

          $223 difference in total.

        • @FabMan:

          Good point,
          I guess the question is, how much a frame difference will the 1600 vs 7700k make at high res?

  • Going to give paying for Ebay giftcards with Woolies wish cards (5% off through CR) a crack. Adds a little bit of a sweetener to the pie! And confirmed with ebay that you can use up to 8 gift cards per one transaction while still being able to use the 20% off voucher.

  • I really want to buy this system but scared due to negative review of PCByte and i am saving for almost 6 month to buy a decent gaming desktop.
    Anyone bought this system !?

    • Maybe call them and get a feel for the shop before engaging.

    • +2

      I bought it, arrived within the week. I was pleasantly surprised with the build quality - they did a good job in tidying up the cabling to make it neat.

      The default case is pretty cheap and nasty though. PSU was a 650W ThermalTake.

      • Thanks mate, it Looks more promising

        • No worries. Unfortunately they've now raised the price of the 1080 Ti system by $300 (to $2339).

          I actually wanted to buy another for a mate so I emailed them, however they wouldn't budge on the price hike.

          The 1080 (vanilla) and 1060 systems remain the same price.

        • @Haters.Inc:
          This is unfortunate. I was waiting for this to come up again, and of course they raised the price. Oh well.

        • @Haters.Inc: if u r not in rush this deal will come back soon. What goes around comes around ☺